Classic Audio Clips

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V31BB had his own way of generating interest on the bands. Operating from Belize, he attracted qso's as if he were in some rare DX country. The following audio clips contain some of his classic remarks on everything from MFJ to QRM. I hope you enjoy listening to them. V31BB is now a silent key. He will be missed on the bands but his wit and humor will live on.

V31BB Decoder Ring now available (329K)
V31BB and the QRP'er (213K)
V31BB and the Babies (130K)
V31BB and Babies vs Real Men (91K)
V31BB and the Airheads (56K )
V31BB and the DX Police (122K)
V31BB wardrobe at Dayton (88K)
V31BB and the MFJ Tuner (126K)
V31BB Official Observer Report (long) (506K)
V31BB in rapid fire (114K)
V31BB handles the QRM (100K)
V31BB and the equipment report (68K)
V31BB Pileup Analysis (126K)

You will undoubtedly recognize the familiar voice of W2NQ/7 checking propagation. Although he is usually launching his signal to the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific and Africa, this time he is looking for contacts closer to home.

W2NQ/7 checks propagation (145K)

You might remember the "Dawg" as in WA4D:

WA4D looking for contacts (106K)

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