OPDX Bulletin 1069.2 July 13, 2012

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 1069.2
BID: $OPDX.1069.2
July 13, 2012
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, Ohio)

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters Network, 9A6AA, LU8ADX, N4GN, VU2PTT and various sources for the following DX information.

This is a special bulletin to accommodate the late IARU HF World Championship announcements. Also, we wanted to provide the readers with a consolidated listing of the IARU HF World Championship participants. Here are the following stations to be active in the IARU HF World Championship this weekend:

 Contest          DXCC            QSL             Comments
Callsign         Entity           Route
5B/RT9T     Cyprus                RT9T
6D0LM       Mexico                             FMRE HQ station
8N1HQ       Japan        AUTOMATIC VIA BUREAU  160m/CW, 40m/CW/SSB,
                                               15m/SSB and 10m/CW;
                                               JARL HQ station
8N3HQ       Japan        AUTOMATIC VIA BUREAU  15m/CW; JARL HQ station
8N4HQ       Japan        AUTOMATIC VIA BUREAU  80m/CW, 75m/SSB and
                                               10m/SSB; JARL HQ station
8N8HQ       Japan        AUTOMATIC VIA BUREAU  20m/SSB; JARL HQ station
8P6AW       Barbados              see QRZ.com  ARSB HQ station
9A20HQ      Croatia               9A3JB        QSL Auto by Bureau
9K9HQ       Kuwait                TBA or possibly 9K2CQ
9M2/SQ9UM   West Malaysia         SQ9UM
9Y4HQ       Trinidad And Tobago   DF2RG (d/B)  TTARS HQ station
9Y4X        Trinidad And Tobago   see QRZ.com  R2 station
A47RS       Oman                  (d)          ROARS HQ station
AT1HQ       India                 VU2PTT       ARSI HQ station
BW2/KU1CW   Taiwan                LoTW
CO8LY       Cuba                  EA7ADH (d)
CX1AA       Uruguay               W3HNK/LoTW
DA0HQ       Germany               (B)          DARC HQ station
E51YNB      South Cook Islands    N6NB         Rarotonga Island (OC-013)
E51TAI      South Cook Islands    N6NB         Rarotonga Island (OC-013)
E70ARA      Bosnia-Herzeovina     see QRZ.com  ARABiH Hq station
EF1HQ       Spain                 EA4URE       URE HQ station
EF2HQ       Spain                 EA4URE       URE HQ station
EF5HQ       Spain                 EA4URE       URE HQ station
EF7HQ       Spain                 EA4URE       URE HQ station
EI/WJ2O/m   Ireland               WJ2O         Single-Op/Mixed-Mode
EI80IRTS    Ireland               EI4GXB       IRTS HQ station
FP/KV1J     St. Pierre & Miquelon (d/B/L/e)
GO2HQ       England               M0OXO        RSGB HQ station
HB9JOE      Switzerland           (d/B/L)      IARU Region I Treasurer
HB0HQ       Liechtenstein         Bureau       AFVL HQ station
HC2GRC      Ecuador                            GRC HQ station
HK3LR       Colombia              see QRZ.com  LCRA
HL0HQ       South Korea           DS2AGH (d/B) KARL HQ station
HS0AC       Thailand              HS0ZFZ       RAST HQ station
IO1HQ       Italy                 (B)          ARI HQ station - 80m/CW,
                                               40m/CW and 20m/SSB
IO2HQ       Italy                 (B)          ARI HQ station - 20m/CW
IO4HQ       Italy                 (B)          ARI HQ station - 160m/SSB
                                               and 80m/SSB
IO5HQ       Italy                 (B)          ARI HQ station - 40m/SSB
IO8HQ       Italy                 (B)          ARI HQ station - 15m/SSB
IO9HQ       Italy                 (B)          ARI HQ station - 15m/CW,
                                               10m/SSB and 10m/CW
JA1CJP      Japan                 (B)          IARU Region III Secretary              
K0QB        United States         see QRZ.com  R2
LN2HQ       Norway                LA Bureau    NRRL HQ station
LR5F        Argentina             (B)(d LU4AA) 20m/CW  
LR5H        Argentina             (B)(d LU4AA) 80/15m/SSB and 40m/CW
LR7D        Argentina             (B)(d LU4AA) 20m/SSB
LR7F        Argentina             (B)(d LU4AA) 40/10m/SSB and 80m/CW
LR7H        Argentina             (B)(d LU4AA) 160/10m/CW and 160m/SSB
LX75HQ      Luxembourg            LX2A         RL HQ station
LY0HQ       Lithuania             LY8O         LRMD HQ station
NQ2A        United States         NP3O         or via LoTW
NU1AW/9     United States         see QRZ.com  IARU HQ station in WI
OA4O        Peru                  (B/d)        RCP station
OD5IARU     Lebanon               EA5BYP
OH0HQ       Aland Island          (B)          HQ station; QSL direct to:
                                               or SRAL, P.O.Box 44, 00441,
                                               Helsinki, Finland
OH0X        Aland Island          OH2TA
OP0HQ       Belgium               (B)          UBA HQ station
OZ1HQ       Denmark               IZ1HQ (d)    Bureau to OZ1ACB; EDR HQ stn
PI4HQ       Netherlands           PA3CAL       VERON
PT2ADM      Brazil                see QRZ.com  R2 station
R3HQ        Russia                (B)
SK9HQ       Sweden                SM6JSM       HQ station
SN0HQ       Poland                SP7DQR (B)   PZK HQ station
SX0HQ       Greece                SV (B)       RAAG HQ station
T6MO        Afghanistan           K9GY
TC50HQ      Turkey                see QRZ.com  TRAC HQ station
TG9AGD      Guatemala             see QRZ.com
TG0AA       Guatemala             see QRZ.com  CRAG station
TI0RC       Costa Rica            see QRZ.com
TM0HQ       France                (B)          REF HQ station
VA3RAC      Canada                see QRZ.com
VE6SH       Canada                VE6SH        IARU President
VP9/WA4PGM  Bermuda               WA4PGM
VU2GMN      India                 VU2GMN       IARU Region 3 Director
YR0HQ       Romania               (L/B)
VR2HK       Hong Kong             see QRZ.com  HARTS HQ station
YT0HQ       Serbia                YU1SRS       SRS HQ station
VY2RAC      Canada                see QRZ.com  Prince Edward Island (NA-029)
W1AW/7      United States                      ARRL HQ station
XE1KK       Mexico                (L)          AC HQ station
XR3HQ       Chile                 Bureau
YE0HQ       Indonesia             see QRZ.com  ORARI HQ station
YL4HQ       Latvia                (L & e)      LRAL HQ station
YR0HQ       Romania                            FRR HQ station
YS1MS       El Salvador           see QRZ.com
YS1YS       El Salvador           see QRZ.com  CRAS HQ station
YT0HQ       Serbia                YU1SRS       SRS HQ station
YV5AM       Venezuela             see QRZ.com  R2
Z30HQ       Macedonia             Z33F
ZF1A        Cayman Islands        K6AM (d/B/L) CARS HQ station
ZM1A        New Zealand           ZL3CW        NZRT CW station
ZL2AZ       New Zealand           see QRZ.com  IARU Director of Region 3
ZL6HQ       New Zealand           (B)          NZART SSB station
ZS4BS       South Africa          see QRZ.com  Cllr of the SARL R1
ZS9HQ       South Africa                       SARL HQ station
ZZ7HQ       Brazil                             LABRE HQ station R2

        (e) eQSL  (d) direct only  (B) Bureau only  (L) LoTW
Complete details and rules on the "IARU HF World Championship" are available at: http://www.arrl.org/iaru-hf-championship ADDED NOTE: Special multipliers are given out for working IARU regional officials such as AC, R1, R2 and R3, plus country headquarters stations.


Members of the ARSI (Amateur Radio Society of India) will be active as AT1HQ, the HQ callsign of the ARSI, for the IARU HF World Championship (July 14-15th) Contest this weekend on all bands. This will be run by multipler stations across India running the same callsign. The stations and operators making this possible include Aravind/ VU2ABS, Kumar/VU2BGS, Nand/VU2NKS, Pai/VU2PAI, Prasad/VU2PTT, Chandra/ VU2RCT, Ganesh/VU2TS, Raman/VU3DJQ, Deepak/VU2CDP and Mur/VU2MTT. QSL via VU2PTT. ADDED NOTE: Also, look for Gopal, VU2GMN, on SSB to be giving out the R3 multiplier as the IARU Region 3 Director.

Members of Radio Clubs "Karlovac" (Karlovac), "Duga Resa" (Duga Resa) and "Croatian Flora Fauna" (Zagreb) are expected to activate the Special Forest Reserve "Javornik - Tisov vrh" (9AFF-061), on July 14th, located within a mined area of Plješevica mountain. They used the special callsign 9A22MINE, remembering that some areas in Croatia have remained affected by landmines for 22 years. QSL via 9A1MB. All other details are available on (QRZ.com).

Operators Aves/DS2AGH, Sungki/HL1IWD, Harry/WX8C and Jussi-Pekka/OH6RX will be active as HL0HQ from the KARL HQ club station in Seoul during the IARU HF World Championship (July 14-15th). QSL via DS2AGH direct or by the Bureau.

Members of the Radio Club Argentino (LU4AA) will be active during the IARU HF World Championship (July 14-15th), giving the multiplier RCA. Look for the following stations to be on the air:

LR5H - 80/15m SSB and 40m/CW; Operators LU2NI, LU3HY, LU5DX, LU5HM, LW5HR, LU7HE and LU8ADX
LR7D - 20m/SSB; Operators LU1DK, LU4DX and LU7DR
LR5F - 20m/CW; Operator LU5FF
LR7H - 160/10m/CW and 160m/SSB; Operator LU7HF and LU7HN
LR7F - 40/10m/SSB, 80/15m/CW; Operators LU4FPZ, LU3FMD, LU6FEC, LU9FEL, LU7FTS and LU6FN
QSL via the Bureau or direct to LU4AA.
Martti, OH2BH, reports the following [edited]:
"In a departure from the traditional HQ pattern in Finland, the Finnish Amateur Radio League (SRAL), Contest Club Finland (CCF) and Radio Sporting Team (OH0Z) are organizing the activation of HQ station from the western Aland Islands at the OH0Z contest site (JP90xi).

The team will put a minimum of five (5) stations on the air, challenging the midnight sun of the Finnish Summer which never sets.

Now you have an excellent opportunity to work The Finnish HQ station from Aland Island (IOTA-002).

The operator roster is as follows: Bob/K3EST (guest) together with Juha/OH1JT, Pekka/OH2TA, Tomi/OH6EI, Martti/OH2BH, Kari/OH2XX, Juha/ OH6XX, Harry/OH6VM and Timo/OG9X.

QSL cards via bureau or SRAL, P.O.Box 44, 00441, Helsinki, Finland

In the same IARU HF World Championship Contest OH2UA and OH6KZP will be running multi-single as OH0X from Brando, eastern Aland Islands. QSL via OH2TA."

This year the TRAC Radio and Community of Radio Amateurs will participate in IARU HF World Championship (July 14-15th) using the special callsign TC50HQ. Activity will be on all six bands and both modes.

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