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DX Bulletin No. 1130.1
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September 27, 2013
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, Ohio)

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters Network, IK8YFU, VE1RGB and WA4DAN for the following DX information.

CY0, SABLE ISLAND (Update/Dates)
The following was posted September 26th [edited]:

"As of today, 26th September, a potential 'show-stopper' regarding total DXpedition costs nearly halted the group in its tracks, one of them (Murray) being at the top of a 2,000 foot tower at the time. Fortunately, through the cooperation of a couple of Canadian government agencies (Environment Canada and Parks Canada), a very suitable arrangement was been made that resolved the financial barriers to going to Sable on 30th September. The only change to the trip now is its duration. Rather than returning on 11th October, for a number of safety (wx) and cost consider- ations, the return date will be on either 7th, 8th, or 9th October.

All required gear has been mustered except for the personal hand luggage that Murray and Rick, who are making their ways separately from NC and NM, respectively, will be bringing. Early weight estimates show us to be roughly 50-75 pounds below the 1,400 pound safety limit.

All freight for the Britten-Norman-Island will be transported to the departure point by Rick and me, weighed, then loaded on the aircraft on Sunday night in time for an early departure on Monday morning.

Operation will be on 160M ­ 10M on CW and SSB. Unfortunately, due to equipment limitations, there will be no RTTY operation.

On a lighter note, Rick, AI5P, was making threatening noises about staying home if I could not locate Dr. Pepper soda for him to have on Sable. The XYL here, Bev, finally found a case on sale for $3 and change, a near give-away because Canadians won’t drink the wretched stuff.

A note only to small station owners (little pistols). Please do not ignore trying to work us just because propagation conditions seem to provide discouraging numbers. We conducted a “test” with a station nearly identical to one of the ones going to CY0P, using 100 CW and wires, during a ten-day period in September. We chose the calendar period that represented what we should see 27 days later in October on Sable. Playing in the CQ Marathon competition but being only moderately active, the test station worked 45 countries in 24 CQ Zones. Contacts were made from Halifax to all points of the globe. The largest quantity and most impressive contacts were on 17M and included ASIA, and PAC. Since listening conditions should be better on CY0 in all respects than where the test was conducted, this empirical data suggests that if you can hear us, then you should try to work CY0P no matter how weak you think your signal may be. One of the CY0P CW operators is a small-station operator himself and has a distinct fondness for his 100W and wire counterparts elsewhere in the world, and he will try very hard to work the deserving typical small-time operator with limited station resources. He also likes the QRP copy challenge.

Our long wait and much planning is almost over. Wish us good weather and safety in our flight from the mainland of Canada to Sable Island. If all goes well, we should be QRV, late Monday in the early evening.
73, Gary, VE1RGB"

IOTA NEWS (Update)
Members of the Calabria DX Team will be active as ID9Y from Salina Island (IIA E-015, MIA MI-083, WLOTA 1005, WWFF IFF-677), Eolie Islands (EU-017), between October 3-6th. They will also activate the following lighthouses: Capo Faro (WAIL SI-035, ARLHS ITA-020, WW Loc. JM78KN) and Punta Lingua (WAIL SI-040, ARLHS ITA-250, WW Loc. JM78KM). Activity will be on all HF bands, plus 6 and 2 meters. Operators mentioned are Alex/IK8YFU, Domenico/IW8RAO, Sal/IZ8CZR, Maurizio/IZ8JSJA and Nicola/ IZ8SKO. QSL via IK8YFI direct. QSL via the Bureau to HB9FHZ. Also, QSL via LoTW or eQSL. Visit their Web page at:

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