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DX Bulletin No. 1144.2
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January 9, 2014
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, Ohio)

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters Network K3LR and OH2BH for the following DX information.

TOPBAND DINNER (Press Release) [edited]

"Continuing the great Top Band dinner tradition that George/K8GG and George/W8UVZ started, I am proud to announce the 25th Annual Dayton TopBand dinner. Dinner reservations and Tickets are now available.

Friday evening May 16, 2014 at the Crowne Plaza in the Presidential Ballroom - downtown Dayton, Ohio. Top Band Social hour is at 6:15 PM and Dinner starts at 7:15 PM. Come and have dinner with the guys you work on 160 meters!

The excellent Top Band program is being assembled - I will update the website soon.

Dinner reservations are available on line with credit cards and PayPal. Use the contact us information from the web site if you need to make other arrangements.

The 2014 Dayton Top Band Dinner details are here:

Scroll down to make your reservations.

Four nights of great Top Band, DX and Contesting hospitality are also at the Crowne Plaza Contest Super Suite. Details are here:

Slots are filling up fast at Dayton Contest University:
If you enjoy making QSOs on the 160 meter band, the 25th Annual Top Band Dinner is for you!

Hope to see you at the 2014 Dayton TopBand Dinner

73, Tim K3LR
Dayton Top Band Dinner Chairman"


2014 CTU (Press Release) [edited]:

"I am pleased to announce that student registration is now open for 2014 Dayton ConTest University ('CTU') to be held all day on Thursday May 15, 2014, at the Crowne Plaza in Dayton, Ohio.

Seven different countries have hosted CTUs over the years. USA, Australia, Germany, Italy, England, Brazil and Finland. Over 3000 students have attended CTUs with more than 70 CTU Professors sharing their contesting experiences.

2014 will be the eighth year in a row for CTU Dayton. To give you an idea of the quality of the CTU content, the 2013 CTU topics are listed on the CTU web site:


The 2014 CTU Professor line up will be outstanding. Check the CTU website often for the 2014 Professor updates.

Details and registration information is on the CTU web site:


Important - as we did last year - if you want to sign up for CTU 2014 Dayton and you have given (or will give one by Dayton 2014) a talk about Amateur Radio Contesting to any club, hamfest or group since May 17, 2013 - you qualify for a $10.00 registration fee discount. Please choose the "Registration w/Discount" option to get the $10.00 discount. Spreading the word about contesting is lots of fun and can save you money at CTU!

Thanks to all of the CTU sponsors Icom America, Superbertha.com, DX Engineering, CQ Magazine and INRAD for making CTU possible. Thanks to W9PA and K1SO for all of their help with CTU. Special thanks to Scott, KA9FOX from QTH.com for hosting and constructing the CTU web site.

CU at CTU and 73, Tim K3LR - Contest University Chairman"


OG0, ALAND ISLANDS (Press Release)
Martti, OH2BH, sent the following on January 9th:

History is in the making as Aland Islands are now active in the world of Virtual Amateur Radio along with regular Amateur Radio frequencies. This is the first time a DXpedition is organized simultaneously in both worlds. When OG0A fired up yesterday in Hamsphere, hundreds of stations were on frequency and a list operation had to be conducted. Randy, K7RAN, was the List Master calmly but firmly handling the multitudes, and soon all continents were in the log for instant QSLing. Randy himself has 160 countries worked.

Hamsphere www.hamsphere.com is probably the most advanced virtual platform where thousands of licensed hams along with those with a system callsign meet to make QSOs. An awards program (DXHC) is also available with a listed country total of close to 200. Aland Islands are there operating in DXpedition mode, with extremely well behaving pileups experienced last night. On the always challenging 6M band, OG0A showed up on 50.130 MHz and should be there during the remainder of the week.

The operators at OG0A are eager to see who will be the first ones to contact OG0A in both worlds, and the listing will appear on QRZ.com www.qrz.com/db/OG0A

Virtual Amateur Radio is a welcome option for those who cannot hoist large antennas or invest in real radio equipment but still want to get the feel of talking to the world. It's also an attractive alternative for young people who want to experience the thrill of Amateur Radio before taking an actual ham radio license exam.

But with the click of a switch, OG0A is back on the real low bands - 160/80M - and others to hand out those elusive shortwave QSOs that we are all born with. The team of Martti/OH2BH, Pertti/OH2PM and Kim/OH6KZP are on the island to serve you in both worlds until next Monday.

Is this news item real or virtual or maybe remote? Jump on the band- wagon since we can rarely stop the progress of technology that ham radio is very proud of. This operating event is organized by the folks at Radio Arcala, OH8X.

QSL both worlds via OH2BH."

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