OPDX Bulletin 1274 July 18, 2016

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 1274
BID: $OPDX.1274
July 18, 2016
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, Ohio)

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters Network, K1XN & GoList, NJ1Q & W1AW, W2VU, NG3K & ADXO, W3UR & The Daily DX, N4AA & QRZ DX, K5GS, KK6EK, WB6RSE, K8GI, K8YSE, W8GEX & 60m DX News, W9ILY, CO2AME, DL1SBF, DL7UXG & The DX News Letter, DxCoffee.com, DXNews.com, DX-World.Net, ES1CW, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, I1JQJ/IK1ADH & 425 DX News, I2MQP & DX Italia News, OH2BH, OZ6OM & 50 MHz DX News, RSGB IOTA Web Site, Sixitalia Weekly, TA3J, VA3RJ & ICPO, and VHF-DX-Portal (MMMonVHF) for the following DX information.

According to the AR-Cluster Network for the week of Monday, 11th/July, through Monday, 18th/July there were 199 countries active. Countries available: 3A, 3B8, 3B9, 3D2, 3DA, 3W, 4J, 4L, 4O, 4S, 4U1I, 4X, 5A, 5B, 5R, 5T, 5W, 6Y, 7X, 8P, 8R, 9A, 9H, 9J, 9K, 9M2, 9M6, 9V, 9Y, A3, A4, A6, A7, A9, AP, BV, BY, C3, C9, CE, CE0Y, CE9, CM, CN, CP, CT, CT3, CU, CX, D2, D4, D6, DL, DU, E5/s, E6, E7, EA, EA6, EA8, EA9, EI, EK, EL, EP, ER, ES, ET, EU, EX, EY, F, FG, FJ, FK, FM, FP, FR, FS, FW, FY, G, GD, GI, GM, GU, GW, H4, HA, HB, HB0, HC, HC8, HH, HI, HK, HK0/a, HL, HP, HR, HS, HV, HZ, I, IS, J6, J7, JA, JD/o, JT, JW, JY, K, KG4, KH6, KL, KP2, KP4, LA, LU, LX, LY, LZ, OA, OD, OE, OH, OH0, OK, OM, ON, OX, OY, OZ, P2, P4, PA, PJ2, PJ4, PY, R1FJ, S0, S2, S5, S7, SM, SP, ST, SU, SV, SV5, SV9, T7, TA, TF, TG, TI, TK, TR, TU, UA, UA2, UA9, UK, UN, UR, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6, V7, V8, VE, VK, VP2E, VP8, VP9, VR, VU, XE, XW, YB, YI, YJ, YL, YN, YO, YU, YV, Z3, ZA, ZB, ZD7, ZD8, ZF, ZL, ZP, ZS

* PLEASE NOTE: The report "could" contain "Pirate/SLIM" operations or more likely a "BUSTED CALLSIGN". As always, you never know - "Work First Worry Later".

3DA0, SWAZILAND (Reminder). Braam, ZS6AYE, will once again be active as
3DA0AY from Bulembu, Swaziland. He informed OPDX a few weeks ago, "I am
in and out of Swaziland, and I live 35 km from the border and work in
Swaziland. I'm in the business of communications. I am getting everything
ready for a DXpeditions that will start on July 18th to the 25th." Activity
is on 40-10 meters using mainly the Digital modes (RTTY, JT65, PSK31). The
radio is a Kenwood using 40-200 watts into vertical antennas. For mode and
band requests, E-mails are welcome  at <3da0ay@gmail.com>. QSL via ZS6AYE
or ClubLog's OQRS.

5N, NIGERIA. Martin, LW9DTR, will be active as 5N/LW9DTR from Ilobu town,
south of Osogbo, in the Osun State, between August 7-8th. Activity will
be on 20/15/10 meters using SSB and JT65. QSL via his home callsign direct.

8Q, MALDIVES (Update). A group of Polish operators will be active as
8Q7SP from Dhiffushi Island (AS-013) between November 20th and December
3rd. Operators mentioned are Ryszard/SP6FXY, Kris/SP6JIU, Roman/SP9FOW,
Wlodek/SP6EQZ, Jan/SP3CYY and SP3FZN. Activity will be on various HF
bands. QSL via SP6FXY, by the Bureau, LoTW or ClubLog's OQRS. For more
details and updates, visit their Web page (still under construction) at:

CE0X, SAN FELIX. Felipe, CE5WQO, announced that there will be a DXpedition
to San Felix Island (SA-013) next year, April 2017. He states, "What began
as a 3 man effort earlier this summer has now become a 10 man effort, and
all the operators are experienced DXpedition operators." Activity will be
on 160/80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6 meters using CW, SSB and the Digital modes.
This will also include 6m EME. Look for more info to be forthcoming.

CQ NEWS.................
  * (Press Release - Scott Rought, KA8SMA, Named CQ Magazine QRP Editor).
    Dated July 13th -- CQ magazine today announced the appointment of R.
    Scott Rought, KA8SMA, as the magazine's new QRP (low-power) Editor,
    effective with the August 2016 issue. Rought succeeds Dennis Lazar,
    W4DNN, who took the position on an interim basis a year ago.
      A low-power devotee for more than 25 years, Rought has been a ham
    since 1983 and holds an Extra Class license (along with his original
    call sign!). He has operated almost exclusively QRP, on both phone
    and CW, since 2000, and describes the antennas at his Traverse City,
    Michigan home as "a spider web of wire strung between trees" as well
    as a roof-mounted homebrew 2-element beam for 20 meters. He previously
    wrote about his "QRP Superstation" in the April, 2012 issue of CQ.
      Professionally, Rought is a project manager with an environmental
    consulting company in northern Michigan. He says, "I'm looking forward
    to providing a column that fellow hams will enjoy reading and that will
    entice QRO (high power) operators to give QRP a try." Rought's inaugural
    column in the August issue of CQ includes a "QRP guarantee" for high-
    power operators, including contesters, DXers and casual operators. The
    QRP column appears bi-monthly in CQ.
      The August issue of CQ should be in print subscribers' mailboxes by
    the end of July and available to digital subscribers as of August 1.

  * (Press Release -- New CQ World Wide DX Contest Director Restructures
    Contest Leadership). Dated July 16th -- Newly-appointed CQ World Wide
    DX Contest Director Doug Zwiebel, KR2Q, has announced a restructuring
    of the contest committee's leadership as his first formal act. Zwiebel
    is changing the director's position to a "triumverate," with Scott
    Robbins, W4PA, joining the committee and Bob Naumann, W5OV, re-joining
    the committee as co-directors. The change has the full support of CQ
      "We will all share the various tasks of 'Director' and we all will
    provide backup or contingency coverage for each other for most, if not
    all, aspects of CQWW Committee leadership," explained Zwiebel, adding,
    "We are all equals."
       Robbins and Naumann are both veteran contesters and are well-known
    in the amateur radio community. Robbins was Ten-Tec's Amateur Radio
    Product Manager for 12 years before purchasing the Vibroplex Company
    in 2009. Naumann - who previously served on the CQWW Contest Committee
    for 20 years - is Sales Manager of DX Engineering and worked previously
    for Array Solutions.
      For additional details, see Zwiebel's complete announcement on the
    CQWW DX Contest blog at 

DL30, GERMANY (Special Event). Members of the European DX Foundation are
activating the special event callsign, DL30EUDXF, to celebrates their
30th anniversary through December 31st. QSL via DJ6SI. For more details,
see:                           http://www.eudxf.de

EA6, BALEARIC ISLANDS. Alex, IN3BYZ, is now active as EA6/IN3BYZ from
Menorca Islands (EU-004) until July 29th. Activity will be on 20/17/10/6
meters. QSL via his home callsign, direct or by the Bureau.

FO, FRENCH POLYNESIA. Heinz, DF1YP, will once again be active as FO/DF1YP
from Moorea Island (OC-046, ARLHS FRP 004, WLOTA 0465, WWFF FFF-178)
between October 10th and November 2nd. Activity will be holiday style on
various HF bands. QSL via his home callsign, direct or by the Bureau

IOTA NEWS..............
  AF-019.  Emilio, IZ1GAR, will once again be active as IH9/IZ1GAR from
           Pantelleria Island (IIA TP-001, WLOTA 0041) between November
           24-28th. In the CQWW DX CW Contest (November 26-27th), Emilio
           will be active as IH9R and as a Single-Op/Single Band (80m)/
           High-Power entry. Pantelleria counts as Multiplier Zone 33
           Africa Italy for the CQWW DX rule (islands are located over
           the African continent platform). QSL via IZ1GAR, direct or by
           the Bureau.

  AS-036.  Kenji, JA4GXS, will be active as JA4GXS/6 from Iki Island
           between November 12-13th. Activity will be on 40/30/20/17/15
           meters using CW and SSB. QSL via his home callsign, direct
           or by the Bureau.

  AS-066.  Vlad, UA0LCZ, will once again be active as R66IOTA from Popov
           Island between July 26-31st. Activity will be on 80-10 meters
           using CW. He will also be in the RSGB IOTA Contest (July
           30-31st) as a Single-Op/Mixed-Mode entry. QSL via his home

  AS-117.  Kenji, JA4GXS, will be active as JA4GXS/4 from Kasado Island
           on August 27th, between 0900-2200z. Activity will be on 40/20/
           17/15/6 meters using CW and SSB. QSL via his home callsign,
           direct or by the Bureau.

  AS-135.  Members of the Jiangsu DX Club will be active as B4R from
           Qinshan Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 30-31st).
           Operators mentioned are Li/BA4WR, Zeng/BG4WOM, Mingzhong/
           BH4RNX, Jian/BI4VIP, BI4TKW and BI4TKL. QSL via BA4WR.

  EU-031.  Tony, IC8FBU, will be active from Capri Island during the RSGB
           IOTA Contest (July 30-31st) as a Single-Op/CW-Mode/Low-Power/
           12-HRS (Saturday 2000 UTC to Sunday 0800 UTC) entry. QSL via
           his home callsign, by the Bureau or direct.

  EU-076.  Operators Ian/G3WVG and Nigel/G3TXF will be active as LA/G0AAA
           from Vęrųy in the Lofoten Islands, Norway, during the RSGB IOTA
           Contest (July 30-31st) as a Multi-2  entry. QSL via G3TXF. For
           more details, see:

  EU-132.  Adam, DJ0IF, will be active as SN0RX from Wolin Island during
           the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 30-31st). QSL via SP8BXL.

  EU-136.  Janez, S53V, will be active as 9A8CV from Krk Island from
           between July 24th and August 3rd. Activity will be CW only
           on various HF bands. He will also participate in the RSGB
           IOTA Contest (July 30-31st). QSL via eQSL only.

  EU-146.  Peter, ON4TO, will be active as PA/OQ4T from Schouwen Duiveland
           during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 30-31st) as a Single-Op/SSB-
           Mode/24-Hrs/High-Power entry. QSL via ON4TO, by the Bureau or
           LoTW after the activation.

  EU-165.  Massimo, I0PNM, will once again be active as IM0/I0PNM from
           San Pietro Island (IIA CI-007, MIA MIS-050, WLOTA 2989),
           Sardinia. His activity will take place during the RSGB IOTA
           Contest (July 30-31st) as a Single-Op/DXpedition/SSB-Mode/
           Unassisted/24HRS entry. QSL via his home callsign direct only.

  EU-172.  Paul, DL5CW, will be active as OZ/DL5CW from Hjarno Island
           during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 30-31st) as a Single-Op/
           Low-Power entry. QSL via his home callsign.

  EU-174.  Laci, HA0NAR/HG0R, will be active as SV8/HG0R from Thassos
           Island between July 26th and August 2nd. Activity will be on
           160-2 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. His activity will include
           the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 30-31st). QSL via HA0NAR.

  NA-008.   Pierre, VE3KTB, will be active as VY0ERC, when time permits
            from the Eureka Amateur Radio Club on Ellesmere Island between
            July 22nd and August 6th. He may participate in the RSGB IOTA
            Contest (July 30-31st). See QRZ.com for more details.

  OC-150.  Adi, YB9GV, will be active from Lombok Island during the RSGB
           IOTA Island (July 30-31st) as a Single-Op/Single-Band (15m)/
           Mode-SSB/Low-Power entry. QSL via eQSL or LoTW.

JT, MONGOLIA. David, OK1DBS, will be active from two different locations
in Mongolia between August 30th and September 24th. Look for him to sign
JT1DBS during his first week from Ulaanbaatar. The next two weeks he will
be in Batshireet signing JT1DBS/3. Activity will be on various HF bands
using an IC-7400 and IC-718, with IC-GU-43 500w amp into Cushcraft A3S
yagi, R7 Vertical and a Diamond Inv. V-Dipole. QSL via his home callsign.

 Jul/17th AN      Jul/20th  HN     Jul/22nd  AN
 Jul/18th AN      Jul/21st  HN     Jul/23rd  HN
 Jul/19th HN

    NORMALITY               GEOMAG       K Values    Alpha
   -----------------        ------       --------    ------
   AN  - Above Normal       Quiet        K=0-1       0-7
   HN  - High Normal        Unsettled    K=2         8-15
   LN  - Low Normal         Active       K=3         16-29
   BN  - Below Normal       Minor Storm  K=4         30-49
   DIS - Disturbed          Major Storm  K=5         50-99
   VRY DIS - Very Disturbed Severe Storm K=6-9       100-400

  The purpose of this experimental Web site is to provide 24-7-365 actual
  (REALTIME) band condition information to CW QRPp, QRPe and CW/SSB for
  Contesters interested in increasing their scores. It can also be of
  benefit to other Radio Amateurs to determine band conditions for Nets
  and casual QSO's. This information is NOT based on any software pre-
  dictions or any kind of satellite based readings. It is based on a
  new Ionospheric sounding method called "HF Ionospheric Interferometry"
  which operates very similarly to the PolSAR system used by NASA.

  Also, check out the VOACAP predication Web page at:

QSL INFO AND NEWS.....................
  QSL-INFO from DB0SDX (July 17th) 
  4L/DL7ZM via DO1CO     EM25LIU via UT2LY         OE150LISSA via OE6NFK
  8N8KCJ via JO3OMA      FM5FJ via KU9C & (L)      SV0XCA/5 via SV0XCA (d)
  8P6MM via KE1B         HG1Z via HA1XY            SW8YA via HA1YA
  CO4SM via EA7FTR (d)   HH2AA via HH2AA           TI3/W7RI via W3HNK
  CR5J via CT1EHX        IQ0MX via IZ0MAS          TM1LH via F4FET
  DP4E via DL9LD      IS0BSR/IM0 via IS0BSR (d/L)  ZY8M via PT7BI
  DQ0X via DF7IS         J68HS via WB4WXE
  E7TESLA via E77E       JT5FW via RZ3FW
    (e) eQSL only  (d) direct only   (B) Bureau only  (*-B) DX's- Bureau
    (O) OQRS only  (C) ClubLog only  (L) LoTW only

  FT4JA QSL STATUS. Press Release as of July 14th -- "Many of you are
  wondering about the QSL, especially when they read that some other
  stations get them already. What's going on exactly?". Read the whole
  press release at:  http://www.juandenovadx.com/en/qsl-card-july-14th

  TX3X 2015 CHESTERFIELD DXPEDITION (QSL/LoTW Status) -- Final Press
  Release -- dated July 12th, 2016 [edited] -- OQRS direct confirmation
  requests are processed weekly. Requests received by mail are processed
  immediately and queued for mailing in the next weekly cycle. At this
  time there are no pending direct card requests. All busted callsigns
  and Not in Log requests have been researched and answered. The complete
  log was uploaded to LoTW on April 16, 2016. OQRS Bureau requests and
  cards received via the bureau system were processed and bulk mailed
  from the United Kingdom to the worldwide QSL bureaus on July 11, 2016.
  We will continue to process OQRS, direct, Bureau requests and research
  busted callsign / Not in Log requests as they are received. If you
  requested a direct card via OQRS or mailed a direct request and have
  not received your card(s) please email  with the details
  of your QSO(s)..... 73, TX3X Team   


  CN2CO, E44QX, EP2A, ET7L, FM/DL7VOG, FT4JA, J68GU, RP71NF, S59A,

  J79WTA and JD1BMH

ST0, SUDAN. Magdi, ST2M, is now active as ST0A from Sudan until the end
of July. Activity is on 40/20/17/15/12/10 meters using SSB. QSL via his
home callsign.

SV, GREECE. Berkin, TA3J, will visit Molyvos (Lesvos-Greece) between
July 21-24th, and will be operating as SV8/TA3J (EU-049). Activity will
be on 160-6 meters using SSB and FM. QSL via TA3J.

T42, CUBA (Lighthouse Op). Members of the DX Group Cuba (GDXC), Havana
Contest Group (HCG) and a eastern RC of Havana will activate T42R from
the lighthouse castle of the Morro Havana (CU-002), Cuba (NA-015), during
the 2016 International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend (August 20-21st).
Operators mentioned are CO2JD, CO2XK, CO2II, CO2AME,CO2WDB, CM2KL, CM2YV,

TF, ICELAND. Wolfgang, DH2IW, will be active as TF/DH2IW from Iceland
(EU-021) until July 28th. Activity will be on 20-10 meters using SSB,
PSK31, PSK63, MFSK, RTTY and SSTV. QSL via his home callsign.

TK2, CORSICA. Operators Pascale/F4HLR, Lionel/F5HNQ, Jean-Louis/F5TJC and
Pascal/F8CGL will be active as TK2A from Corsica (EU-014) between October
28th and November 10th.  Activity will be on various HF bands including
an entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th). QSL via F5HNQ,
direct, by the Bureau or LoTW.

V3, BELIZE. Victor, WB0TEV, will be active as V31VP from Blackman Eddy
Village (west of Belmopan)  between August 19-23rd. Activity will be on 
various HF bands including entries in the North American SSB QSO Party
and SARTG RTTY Contest. He will use 100 watts and wire antennas. QSL
via his home callsign, direct or by the Bureau.

V6, MICRONESIA. Michael, DF8AN, will be active as V63AJ from Yap Island
(OC-012) between November 6-20th. Activity will be on various HF bands
using CW, RTTY and PSK. QSL via DF8AN, direct or by the Bureau. No eQSL
or LoTW.

VK0EK DXPEDITION NEWS (Heard Island Expedition Newsletter Vol. 2 No. 6).
  The current Heard Island Expedition Newsletter (Vol. 2, No. 6) is now
available at: 
  This Newsletter is dated July 1, 2016.  Individuals may have already
received this because they subscribed to it, or they made a donation to
the expedition, or they are a team member or a corporate sponsor, or Bob,
KK6EK, just happens to know you and think you would like to have it. This
issue goes to 7050 different people.
  Bob also informs [edited], "There is no charge or obligation for this
­ we just want to help you make a QSO with VK0EK, or to collaborate in
the scientific work.... We plan to issue more Newsletters, to tell you
of the experience and results of the expedition."
  PLEASE NOTE: Recommended way to view this Newsletter:
    1. Download the PDF file to your browser.
    2. Save the PDF file from your browser to your desktop or to a folder.
    3. Open the PDF file (typically by double-clicking)
    4. On the main menu of your PDF viewer:
        a. Select View/Page Display/
        b. Select Two-page scrolling
        c. Select Show Cover Page in Two-Page View
     Now you can view it full-screen using the Page Up and Page Down keys.
  If you missed a previous Newsletter and would like to have a copy, you
can find a link on p. 4 
to download the back issue.

YB71, INDONESIA (Special Event). ?Look for YB71RI to be active to com-
memorate the 71st Independence Day of The Republic of Indonesia that
falls on Augut 17, 2016. Members of the Organisasi Amatir Radio Indonesia
(ORARI) will activate this special event station on all bands and modes
from every Indonesian Call Areas from 0 to 9. QSL via the Bureau.

YJ8, VANUATU. Rod, YJ8RN, will once again be active as YJ8RN/P from Loh
Island (OC-110), Torres Islands, between July 25th and August 20th.
Activity will be on various HF bands using SSB. QSL via NZ4DX.

YN3, NICARAGUA. Gerhard, OE3GEA, is now active as YN3GEA from Nicaragua
until July 20th. Activity will be on 30 and 20 meters using CW. QSL via
his home callsign, direct or by the Bureau.

OH6KZP, reports: This was the very first IARU contest for Kosovo's
national radio amateur association "Shoqata e Radioamatorėve tė Kosovės"
(SHRAK) as an IARU member society. The occasion called for celebration,
and so local amateurs teamed up with an international group to generate
an exciting first HQ station operation.
  Three station sites in and around the capital Prishtina were used,
including the University of Prishtina's Electrical Engineering Faculty
club station Z64EEF, close to the heart of the city. We managed to keep
3-5 stations on the air at all times, with one site also extending its
single tribander to several high bands simultaneously through triplexer
  Band conditions were poorer than hoped for, thus partially turning the
contest into a European QSO Party. We enjoyed high rates nonetheless,
and 10m and 15m provided nice ES openings. General activity levels also
seemed pretty high, which is encouraging when faced with an approaching
solar minimum.
  On behalf of the non-Kosovar members of the team, I'd like to thank
our Z6 hosts for all of their tireless efforts in making the Z60A HQ
operation a success, and particularly for their warm hospitality. On a
personal note, I'm very happy to have made so many new friends in a
fascinating culture on my very first visit.
  Also, thanks to all for the QSOs and for warmly welcoming a new IARU
society to the international contesting scene! SHRAK will be back.
  IARU HF World Championship

  Call: Z60A
  Operator(s): OG2M OH2BH OH2TA OH6KZP OZ1IKY PB2T S56A Z61AS Z61DX
               Z61FF Z61VB Z62FB Z63DBB Z63ESC Z63ESD
  Station: Z60A

  Class: Headquarters HP
  QTH: Prishtina
  Operating Time (hrs): 24
  Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:     0      0     0        0
  80:   271    220    15       34
  40:   628    249    24       38
  20:  1030   1034    40       45
  15:   791    975    30       38
  10:   547    330    15       33
  Total:  3267   2808   124      188  Total Score = 4,612,920

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