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OPDX 473 August 7, 2000

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The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 473
BID: $OPDX.473
August 7, 2000
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, WB2YQH/WB2RAJ & THE 59(9) DX Report, N4VA, W5KAU, K8AV, K8YSE, W9XF, 4X6UO, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, DJ7AA, DL5MO, EA5XX, EI4GK, EI6HB, G3SWH, G3TBK, G0PSE, HA0HW, IK2XDE, IK7JWX, JH6RTO, JI3DST, OK2BMT, RA0FF, RK1PWA, SU1HM, SV2CWY, UA9OJG, VA3QSL, VU2JOS and YO4AUL for the following DX information.

There will "NOT" be an OPDX bulletin for August 14th and 21st. I know, you heard this before, but it is true this time. My wife (chief proof-reader) and I will be going to Las Vegas (without the young adults) for our 25th wedding anniversary (How did she put up with me all these years?) and to visit my dad. I can really use the break! However, PLEASE continue to send your DX info to me.

Jeff, VA3QSL, will be visiting Europe during August and will be operating occasionally from Monaco (3A) between August 8-13th. His callsign will be 3A/VA3QSL/M under his CEPT licence. He will likely be on the 40, 20 and 15 meter bands using 100 watts into a mobile hamstick antenna. QSL direct to homecall or bureau.

The "DX News Letter" reports that Mirko, DL8ABO, will sign 4X/DL8ABO/p while he is on a business trip to Tel Aviv and Haifa from now until August 19th. He will be active on SSB with 100 watts into a wire antenna. QSL via bureau to DL8ABO or to his CBA.

Jose Jacob, VU2JOS, reports that from August 1st through December 31st, 2000, Indian Amateurs (VU) have been given permission to use 10.100 to 10.150 MHz and the spot frequencies of 50.350 and 50.55 MHz.

Hossam, SU1HM, is now active as SU1HM/D2 from Luanda, the capital of Angola. He can be found every evening on 14160 khz (+/- QRM) on SSB. Hossam starts around 2300z. QSL direct via his home callsign address (OK in callbook) at: Hossam El Shenawy, 16 El Daher Square, Cairo 11271, Egypt.
Also, look for D2EB on 15 meters SSB around 21290 after 1830z.

Guenter, OE1GZA, was expected to operate this past Saturday as E4/OE1GZA on 20/15 meters and 17/10 meters if propagation was good. However, it looks like it did not happen. There were no QSNs reported. Arie, 4X6UO, informed OPDX that 6 meters is definitely not allowed in Palestine at the moment (The question was asked and very kindly refused). Arie also mentioned that in a little while Guenter will operate RTTY. The equipment is in hand; it is just a question of what software to use.

The Lyon DX Group is still active as FR/F6KDF/T until August 16th. Many have been asking, "Is there online logs?" The team has indicated that online logs will be available after the DXpedition is over. For more information, check out their Web site at:


Operators Wil/DJ7AA, Manfred/DK1BT and Tina/DL6MYL will be active as HO1A from September 16th through October 1st. The principal purpose for their DXpedition is the participation in the CQWW DX RTTY Contest. They plan to be active before and after the contest on all HF bands. However, Panama is actually not a rare country. The team wants to be active on the WARC and low bands as well as CW and RTTY which are still very much in demand. For this reason, they will concentrate mainly on these modes and bands. They will pay special attention par- ticularly on the low bands to Europe and Asia. The time around the equinox is surely ideal for connections with this continent. For more details and information, check their Web site at:


HR, HONDURAS (Update, Please refer to OPDX.472)
A group from Spain will be active from here September 17-25th, transmitting on all HF bands, SSB, CW and RTTY operation while installing 9 new digipeaters. The Spanish team will consist of 6 OM and 1 YL and work together with the "Radio Club de Tegucigalpa". This is more than a simple DXpedition. The operators are very experienced DXpeditioners, but also have the knowledge to work with TNCs, antennas, Tranceivers, Eproms , etc. They are going to operate from two HF stations, 24 hours a day, but currently the callsign is not known. The team has asked for HQ1R, and they are waiting for the authority's answer. More details are forthcoming.

Members of the Wicklow Wireless Society will operate EI9KLH from the Lighthouse on the Old Head of Kinsale on the south coast of Ireland during the International Lighthouse/Lightship weekend August 19-20th. QSL via bureau or direct to EI9HQ.

AS-041. Look for Takeshi "TAKE", JI3DST, to be active as JI3DST/4 from Oki Archipelago (Nakano-shima Oki-gun Shimane) now through 0200z August 15th. Activity will be on 40/17/15/ 12/10/6 meters SSB. QSL via the JARL Bureau or diect to: Takeshi Funaki, 2-18-26 Hannan-cho Abeno-ku Osaka-city, OSAKA 545-0021 JAPAN

AS-089. Andy, UA1PBP/9 will operate from Marresal'sky Koshi Island for 5-7 days beginning around August 5-7th. He will be using 100 watts into a dipole antennas on 40-10 meters including the WARC bands. QSL via RK1PWA.

EU-011. Three members of the Western DX Cluster Group, G3WNI/Bill, G0PSE/Tom and G0WMW/Doug will be activating St. Mary's (Isles of Scilly) using the special event callsign GB0SM. They will be active from September 30th through October 7th, on 160-10 meters and possibly 6 meters. The modes will be CW, SSB and probably RTTY. QSL via the Bureau, direct to G3WNI or via E-mail to: g0pse@qsl.net

EU-052. Laci, HA0HW, will spend his holiday with his family on Korfu (Kerkira) again and will be active as SV8/HA0HW/p now through August 19th. Activity will be on all bands (including the WARCs) CW/SSB and maybe RTTY. The low band activity will depend on the local area to hang up some long wires. On the other bands Laci will use mono verticals on fishing rods like he did in the last few years. He states this is a vacation, but he will try to be on the bands during the local early mornings and later evenings while family members are in bed.

EU-183. Corneliu, YO4AUL, informs OPDX that the complete story about Sacalinu Mare Island (EU-183) can be found on the Web page:


IOTA OOOPPPSS DEPARTMENT. In last week's bulletin, two items apparently were mixed together. Not sure how it happened (it may have happened during the power outage), but the following should have read as follows: EU-052. Look for Gerard, F2VX, to sign SV8/F2VX from Keflonia Island now through August 13th.

EU-057. After the IOTA contest, look for the DL0KWH team to be active on HF CW/SSB with their individual callsigns (DH7NO, DL2RTK, DL2SWW, DL2VFR). Pictures from last year and logs after the contest will be available at:


Dave, G3TBK, is now active as J3/G3TBK and he told your editor Sunday morning that he is currently working there for about the next 6 to 8 weeks. He will be active on all bands but will concentrate on the WARC bands. Dave was spotted this past weekend on 20 meters CW/SSB (14020 and 14195 kHz after 0130z), 17 meters SSB (18145 kHz after 1230z) and 12 meters on 24900 kHz around 1615z. He states that he will be active 75% on CW. QSL via CBA.

Jarda, OK2PBM, will be active as JW/OK2PBM from Longyearbyen (IOTA EU-026) from August 9-16th. Activity will be on CW, SSB, RTTY and (possibly) PSK31 on 160-10 meters. He is planning to operate on CW 35 kHz +/- QRM up from band edge, on SSB 10 kHz below DX windows, RTTY and PSK31 on the usual frequencies. QSL via OK2PBM, Jaroslav Rohleder, Karla Capka 2348, 697 01 Kyjov, Czech Republic.

Barry, N0KV (M0CQS), currently living in the UK, informs OPDX that he just received confirmation from the Jersey Amateur Radio Society for the use of their club station for the CQWW SSB Contest (October 28-29th) and associated operation beginning October 22nd. He will use the callsign MJ/N0KV from LaMoye, Jersey, Channel Islands, UK, from Zone 14 and operate as a Single Op or Multi/Single. Operators will be N0KV and possibly others. Station 1 consists of: IC-756, Alpha amp (400W), A3 tri-bander, R7000(WARC) and bandpass filter. Station 2 consists of: FT-100, club tri-bander, 40/80M dipoles and bandpass filter. Operation outside the contest will be on both CW and SSB starting Sunday, October 22nd, and ending after the contest. Activity will be largely day/evening hours (local) before the contest. Jersey is IOTA EU-013. Barry plans to be back in the US after the contest. QSL via N0KV: Barry Mitchell, 12200 Boothill Dr., Parker, CO 80138 USA

Information last week under "HU4, EL SALVADOR" was received/translated wrong by sender. This operation took place last year, so please disregard.

Phil, G3SWH, is pleased to announce that he has now answered all the direct QSL requests for the Wasini Island, 5Z4WI, operation as received to date. If you sent a direct card but enclosed anything other than 1 USD or a valid IRC, then your reply will have been sent via the RSGB Bureau. Phil states, "Please note that 1000 lire and other small denomination banknotes of other currencies are valueless in UK."

Steve, W9XF, received an E-mail from Abubaker, 5A1A, and in the message he mentions that Libya does not recognize IRCs and asked that any QSL requests should include green stamps and be sent via registered mail. So far, it appears he's been footing the postage bill for QSLs he receives unless they contain green stamps.

The QSL Manager for EJ7M from EU-121 during the IOTA Contest should be sent to: Denis O' Flynn EI6HB Ladysbridge P.O., Castlemartyr, Co. Cork. Ireland. QSLs can also be sent via the IRTS Bureau.

A group of Sakhalin Island Radio Amateurs activated the new IOTA AS-149 from Moneron Island (RR-16-01 for Russian Robinson Award) for 8 days beginning at the end of July and at the beginning of August as RK0FWL/p. Operators were RA0FF, RA0FU, RA0FW, RA0FN and RA0FY. They made about 8000 QSOs, including 800 QSOs in the IOTA contest. QSL via RK0FWL (not RA0ZD) to his callbook address: P.O.BOX 79, Yu-Sakhalinsk, 693010, RUSSIA (or via the bureau).

IK7JWX/7, active from Grande Island (EU-091) during the IOTA Contest, is to be QSLed via the bureau, or direct to: P.O. Box 218, 73100 Lecce, Italy.

Chris, SV2CWY, informs OPDX that SY2T counts for DXCC as Greece and to QSL via SV2CWY at: PO Box 40130, Salonica 56000, Greece (or via the Bureau).

The complete logs of "Arctic 2000 Dxpedition" from Svalbard Island (EU-026 ) from July 6-13th, 2000, are now available at:


Larry, N4VA, reports that he has a bunch of IRCs available (for USA addresses only). He states, "They are piling up from my QSL chores for S21AM and S21R. 75 cents each, any quantity. All have a postal mark of some sort in the left corner and all are the airmail variety." If interested, they should E-mail him at " N4VA@yahoo.com " to request/reserve a quantity.

Seiji, JH6RTO, will be active as M0RAA/VP9 from September 21-26th. His activity will be on 40-6 meters. QSL via JH6VLF through the JARL Bureau or CBA. Seiji also states that he will stop his QSLing until next February when he returns from England to Japan. This includes his AH0R (/AH2/VP9), KC6FS/T88FS, S79SF, etc... operations. Please note that Masanori, JH6VLF does not have the logs and QSLs for these operations.

One thing amateur radio operators are very fearful about is lightning strikes. Check out the Web page at:


Barrie, ZD7MY, was active this past weekend on 15 meters SSB (21310 kHz) between 1900 and 2130z. He uses a three element beam with 90 watts. QSL via CBA.

Look for Alex/RA0WA and RA0WAC to operate respectively as RK0YWA/P from Tuva (Zone 23, WAZ). This expedition will take place in the Sayanskij Mountain. No dates were provided (we will try to find out), but they will operate on all bands including the WARCs. QSL via RA0WA


OPDX WORLD-WIDE WEB HOME (provided by John, K8YSE):


Excerpts and distribution of The OPDX Bulletin are granted as long as KB8NW/OPDX/BARF80 receive credit. To contribute DX info, call BARF-80 BBS online at 440-237-8208 28.8k/14400/9600/2400/1200 and leave a message with the Sysop or send via InterNet Mail to:

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Additional Bulletins for OPDX InterNet Subscribers

From: "Neville Cheadle" {g3nug@btinternet.com}
To: "OPDX Bulletin" {kb8nw@barf80.nshore.org}
Subject: RSGB IOTA Millennium Programme - IOTA 2000
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 21:07:27 +0100
Message-ID: {01bffa61$c8a520e0$LocalHost@default}
MIME-Version: 1.0

Regularly activated islands counting for premium points in August and September 2000 are listed below.

The CDXC web pages (www.cdxc.org.uk) contain the full IOTA 2000 rules, island listings and an FAQ page. These web pages also contain conversion tables between the new IOTAs arising as a result of the publication of the IOTA Directory 2000 and the old IOTAs that qualify for the IOTA 2000 Programme.

Version 3 of the SM6DEC record system can now be downloaded. There was a bug in earlier versions which prevented the printing of records. This has now been fixed. Existing records can be imported to the new version.


In September there are numerous counters for premium points. Look for island groups in the US, the Caribbean and South America.

Remember there are no charges for the IOTA 2000 awards and QSL cards are not required.

Enjoy IOTA 2000.

Neville Cheadle, G3NUG
Chairman - CDXC (Chiltern DX Club), The UK DX Foundation

(CDXC are managing the IOTA 2000 Programme on behalf of the RSGB IOTA Committee)

Path: barf80!news
From: Garry & Yelena {ni6t@intuitive.com}
Subject: Kingman Reef/Palmyra DX Group Update, 6 August, 2000
Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2000 00:22:07 -0700

The KR2000 DXpedition to Kingman Reef is still on track for October.

Mike, KH6ND/KH5 has been increasingly QRV from Palmyra Atoll. Mike is active on CW, and looks for Europe on the higher bands. He has been posted frequently in the 12-14Z time slot.

Mike is now monitoring six meters, as well. After several weeks of listening, he caught an opening on 5 August and logged 3 KH6 stations on Big Island, as well as 45 JA's. He monitors Hawaiian beacon frequencies and transmits on 50.110 MHz

Mike is also QRV on the low bands. Despite summer conditions, he logged several hundred North American stations on 80m last week. He has also erected a 160 meter antenna, which was tested successfuly in a QSO with NI6T on 6 August. Operators needing Palmyra on those bands should arrange a sked with Mike when he is encountered on the higher bands.

For the KR/PDXG

Garry Shapiro, NI6T

Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 13:52:15 -0400
From: Mike Dalrymple {GM4SUC@compuserve.com}
Subject: International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend 2000
To: Blind.Copy.Receiver@compuserve.com
MIME-Version: 1.0

Last year 218 amateur radio stations were established at lighthouses and lightships in 39 countries on 6 continents for the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend 1999. So far 241 stations are planned in 43 countries for this year's event which will take place from 0001 UTC on Saturday 19 August until 2359 UTC on Sunday 20 August 2000. A full list of stations can be found at www.waterw.com/~weidner/LH-day-table.htm
or e-mail Mike GM4SUC gm4suc@compuserve.com

Next year's event will be from 0001UTC on Saturday 18 August until 2359 UTC Sunday 19 August 2001.

73 Mike GM4SUC

This was received after last week's bulletin was sent out

From: G3PSM@cs.com
Received: from G3PSM@cs.com
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 14:37:38 EDT
Subject: HFC2000 Addendum
To: kb8nw@barf80.nshore.org,
MIME-Version: 1.0

In my haste to get yesterdays Convention latest out I inadvertantly transferred Wayne N7NG to the Green family. I meant of course Wayne Mills N7NG.

My apologies Wayne and I owe you a pint at HFC2000.


Colin G3PSM

RSGB HF Manager,
Chairman RSGB HF Committee,
HFC2000 HF Convention Chairman

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