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OPDX 476 September 11, 2000

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The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 476
BID: $OPDX.476
September 11, 2000
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, WF1N, KF2TI, WB2YQH/WB2RAJ & The 59(9) DX Report, W3UR & The Daily DX, N4AA & QRZ DX, NH6YK, NI6T, K7BV, WC7N, K8YSE, 9M2TO, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, DJ7ZG, DK9IP, G3NOM, G3VMW, G3XTT, G4ZVJ, JF1OCQ, JH8KYU, LU1BCE, PA5ET, PB7CW, PY2YP, SP3GTS, T93Y, VK4AAR, VK8NSB and 9A4NA for the following DX information.

"The 59(9) DX Report" states to look for Willi, DJ7RJ, to be active from October 1-20th, as 3A/DJ7RJ. Activity will include Topband operations (1832 kHz). QSL via homecall.

Hans/DF2UU and Win/DK9IP were operating from the club station 3V8BB over the past weekend to participate in the Worked All Europe SSB Contest (WAE). Reportedly their operation started on September 6th and is to last until September 13th (early morning UTC). Look for them on the following suggested frequncies: 28443, 21243, 14243, 7043 and 3743 kHz. They plan to concentrate on CW/RTTY/PSK31 and 12m/17m/160m after the contest. IMPORTANT: QSL only for QSOs on September 6th through September 13th (2000) via DK9IP (Bureau is preferred!!!). All QSOs will be confirmed via bureau after their return. For direct QSL request use DK9IP's new address: Winfried Kriegl, Schoellbronner Str. 72, 76199 Karlsruhe, GERMANY

Erkki, OH2BF, is active as 4W/OH2BF and is currently working for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Dili for a few months. He has been active on 17 and 12 meters CW between 1130 and 1500z. However, we have not seen any QSNs since the tragedy of Pero, 9A4SP (see "Sad Note" below). QSL via OH2IC.

Also, according "The Daily DX", Jose, CT1FKN, who has been in Dili since August 15th working in the Portuguese Army for the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET), is expected to be active soon as 4W6FK. He is expected to be there until February 2001.
ADDED NOTE: The 4W/K7BV Web site for the upcoming operation has been updated:


Abubaker, 5A1A, reports that during the month of September he will be active with the special callsign 5A31 on the air on all bands. This special is to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the Lybian revolution. QSL via a registered mail, Abubaker Alzway, Box 74421, Tripoli, Libya.

9G, GHANA (5V, Togo?)
Andy, G4ZVJ, will be in Ghana and Togo between September 9-21st. Expect some CW activity from 9G5VJ and *possibly* from 5V7VJ. QSL via G4ZVJ: Andy Chadwick, Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK, HG4 1UA. His Web site is:


Tex, 9M2TO, informs OPDX that he will now be active in the RTTY contest as a Single OP/All band entry on 40 meters (7040 +/-) and 20-10 meters (+/- 105 kHz up from band edge). QSLs will be sent out automatically 100% through the JARL bureau.

The Clipperton DX Club DXpedition is active as A52FH until September 14th. Most of their activity has been on 20 meters CW/SSB with activity also on 30/17/15/10 meters. QSL via F8RZ. ADDED NOTE: "QRZ DX" reports that Peter, ON6TT, will be joining the team in Thimphu. There was no indication when and how long.

C9, MOZAMBIQUE (possibly, 3DA and V5)
The "DX News Letter" reports that Reinhard, DL6DQW, will be active again as C91RF from Maputo now through September 23rd. He will also try to be activate a new IOTA from September 15-18th from Ile Mocambique (AF-new). He will be running an IC-706 MKII with a wire antenna and a 6 element 6m yagi on all bands. He is still trying to get a 3DA licence for September 23-28th and will then be active from Namibia until October 8th. QSLs via bureau to DL6DQW or direct with SAE and 2 USDs or 2 IRCs.

Rob, PA5ET, reports that the Low Land DX-pedition Team (LLDXT) returned tired back in Holland on the afternoon of September 5th, from the Caribbean Tour 2000. He mentions that their operation was a great success with a total of 31915 QSOs made from Anguilla, 1351 QSOs from Montserrat (which was an unplanned activity of 1-5 days) and 31108 QSOs from Barbados which makes a grand total of 64,374 QSOs in almost 4 weeks time. They were active 24 hours a day with 2 stations, which was a hard job with 4 people. The Tour's Web-site was visited 5000 times during the tour and contains on-line logs, a tour diary and even real audio files of pile-ups, pictures of the islands, locations and many more details. More information will be added the coming days at:

They will have 3 full color QSLs printed and sent out as soon as possible. For the QSL Manager's databases: V26EA, V26ET, V26FM, V26WP, VP2MPA, 8P9JR, 8P9JS, 8P9JT and 8P9JU all are via PA5ET's address: Rob Snieder, Van Leeuwenstraat 137, 2273 VS Voorburg, Holland.

The Five Star DXers Association, closely linked to CDXC (Chiltern DX Club) and the UK DX Foundation, are pleased to announce a three week DXpedition as D68C between February 6-26th using a Titanex Vertical and RX antennas for 160 meters. This will be an all mode and all band operation with 6 stations active. The multi-national group is looking for sponsors to help cover the high cost of this operation. More details are forthcoming. For more information, contact Don Field, G3XTT via E-mail at: g3xtt@lineone.net OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive the complete press release as an additional bulletin.

Ten Japanese operators led by Yoshi, JA1UT, are planning a goodwill trip to Gaza, Palestine, from September 21st. If they are fortunate to be granted a licence, they plan to operate up to Sunday, September 24th, mainly on RTTY, 30m CW and 6m (50.115MHz) beacon). Their callsigns will be assigned by E44 plus individual callsigns. QSLs will be handled by each operator.

By the time you read this, James, K9KUZ, should be active as FO0KUZ from Bora Bora (IOTA OC-067) until September 13th before he moves on to Moorea Island (IOTA OC-046), September 14-15th. Suggested frequencies are: 14200, 21250, and 28400 kHz.

The Kingman Reef DXpedition needs a medical professional on the team. The team anticipates the usual bumps and coral scrapes, heat exhaustion and tropical fungi, but the possibility of an accident, requiring more than basic first aid makes inclusion of a medical person a necessity for them. They will consider physicians, emergency medical technicians (paramedics), and registered nurses. Good interpersonal skills are critical; good operating skills--on one or more modes--will be a plus. The succesful applicant must commit to the October 15th to November 5th DXpedition timeframe, travel to and from Honolulu at his or her own expense, and contribute 2500 USD for his or her personal participation in the adventure. The payback will be participation in a major DXpedition to a rare and difficult DXCC counter. Please reply to Garry, NI6T via E-mail at: ni6t@intuitive.com

NA-NEW. With the recent reorganization of the IOTA Directory, the Appledore Island, one of the Isles of Shoals in the New Hampshire Group, qualifies as a NEW ONE. Tony/WF1N and Lou/W1DIG will be on the island September 15th, starting around 1900z Friday and ending about 1200z Monday. Operations will be on 20, 17, 15 and 10 meters on/near the usual IOTA frequencies +/-, SSB, with a tribander and amp. They will also be on 40 meters (7260+/-) at the top of the hour as long as necessary each hour for close in ops. QSL direct (SASE, PSE) or Bureau via home calls. Appledore Island is 3 points for the IOTA 2000. Any questions, E-mail Tony at: megahertz260@mindspring.com

OC-185/OC-198. Stuart, VK8NSB, informs OPDX that he is about to start planning for 2 more IOTA DXpeditions on 2 rare VK8 Islands for early 2001, but he would first like to know if any amateurs intend to activate OC-185 and OC-198 IOTA Reference Numbers. Stuart states, "My reason for asking is, two amateurs in 1999 went to one of my planned DXpeditions a few months before my team did even after I had invited them 6 months before the activation to join the Team. They knew that we had planned & spent $$ for the DXpedition ... I do not want to spend thousands of dollars and months of planning and getting special permits just to stay on these rare islands to have others go to these 2 rare IOTA Groups one month before my Team does. If you plan on doing a Dxpedition to one or both of these groups within the next 12 months could you please inform me ASAP .... If I start to plan these two rare IOTAs and Amateurs know that these islands are going to be activated by my Team but decide to go one month before us anyway, both DXpeditions will be cancelled ...." Stuart's E-mail address is: vk8nsb@octa4.net.au

OC-234. Browse Island Update. Alan, VK4AAR, informed OPDX late Sunday that he "regrets to announce that the 'Timor Sea DX Group' (VK6BM) were unable to refloat the catamaran "Tearaway" on either of the two tides to date. It now seems certain that it will not be possible to go to Cassini either unless some miracle happens. They are waiting for me to make further arrangements with the West Australian Water Police and the Royal Australian Navy vessel HMAS "Geelong" that is in the vicinity. The guys are well and have sufficient food and water for quite a while. They may even continue making QSOs from Browse rather than twiddle their thumbs. Now is that not true dedication under the circum- stances? I'll keep you posted." No other releases have been received since Sunday.

By the time you read this, Jay, W8JAY, should have started his short operation as JT1FCB which will last until September 14th. Activity will be on RTTY and possibly PSK31. QSL direct via W8JAY.

Hidetoshi, JH8KYU, plans to operate as KH0/JH8KYU again from Saipan Island. He had operated there in the last CQ WPX SSB Contest. His next operation will be on September 23-24th. The main purpose of the next visit is to take part in the CQ/RJ WW RTTY Contest from Saipan. He will enter in the low power all band category. The location will be the rental shack managed by Yaesu at Mariana Resort Hotel. The equipment will be FT1000MP with a home brew modem into Force12 C4 beam.

Hiro/JF1OCQ and Takeshi/JE1RXJ will be active as W1VX/KH4 and NB6A/KH4, respectively, from September 22-24th. They will be active on 80-6 meters using CW and SSB. They plan to oparate a beacon on 50.115 MHz all times. QSL to W1VX/KH4 via JF1OCQ, NB6A/KH4 via JE1RXJ.

Ted, NH6YK, will be active again as NH4/NH6YK starting next weekend between September 17-21st. Although he has to do some work on the island, it looks like he will have some spare time to operate from the station there. The station is currently running a 100 watts into a G5RV, Force 12 C3, Long dipole and Vertical antennas as needed. Due to the quickness/shortness of the trip, it will be a phone operation potentially from 160-6 meters depending on the propagation. He states that he will take a printout of RS12/13 passes for Mode K. Ted will be looking par- ticularly for: South Dakota (his last for WAS), stations to fill up the DXCC count, anyone on 6 meters and everybody else (Europe when there is an opening, etc.). QSL via the bureau or direct.

PACIFIC TOUR (YJ/Vanuatu and A35/Tonga)
Babs/DL7AFS and Lothar/DJ7ZG will be active as YJ0AYL and YJ0AZG, respectively, from Vanuatu, September 30th through October 19th. They will then go to Tonga after October 21st (length of stay was not mentioned) and be active. Their bands of activity were not mentioned but they plan to be active on SSB/RTTY/PSK31 and some CW. QSL via DL7AFS. For more information, go to the Web page:


The Saint Peter and Saint Paul Rocks, PS0S, log is now avaiable for searching for QSOs at:


The log search feature of the SV9/K7BV website apparently has not been operating for some time. Dennis, K7BV, apologizes; it is again up and functional at:


During August 21-28th, the Radio Club Kennermerland, PI4RCK, was active with the special event callsign PA6Y. This station was to celebrate the sail 2000 event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. If you have worked PA6Y, and you like awards, you can get this special full color "Sail 2000 IJmuiden Award" by sending 5 USDs or 7 IRC's to: Radio Club Kennemerland PI4RCK, Westerduinweg 9, NL 1976 BV IJmuiden, The Netherlands.

NOT THE MANAGER! OPDX has been informed that OH7XM is not the QSL Manager for TU2MA. Send your cards direct to TU2MA; he will QSL 100% at: Michel Toure Vakaba, Box 520, Abidjan 01, Ivory Coast. However, if you have problems getting cards from TU2MA; Arno, OH7XM, may be able to help you (CQWWDXCW-91 for TU2MA QSL via now OH3JF).

It is with great sadness to report that amateur radio operator Pero Simundza, 9A4SP (aka 4W6SP, T98P, ZA/9A4SP), was one of three UNHCR workers that were brutally killed on September 5th in, Atambua, West Timor, Indonesia. Pero worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) since 1992. He was very active with the UNHCR. According to his friends/colleagues he was "based in Metkovic, Croatia, during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina helping with humanitarian aid efforts. He was later based at the UNHCR office in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and worked there with the Bosnian callsign T98P. Before he joined UNHCR in West Timor earlier this year, Pero spent few months in Albania helping UNHCR Operations during the Kosovo crisis." He was also one of the first operators to be active from East Timor and gave a new one for some of you as 4W6SP. At this time, OPDX would like to send out our condolences to his family and friends. Also, during these hard moments for his family, all working colleagues and friends are asking you to enter a few words in an online condolence book available at:

(which later will be handed to his family). More information will be sent to all OPDX InterNet Subscribers as an additional bulletin.

Special event station from Poland, 3Z0MM, is again active until November 30th, to celebrate the millennium of the historical meeting of Polish King Chrobry with German Emperor Otton III in Szprotawa. QSL via bureau or direct to SP3JHY: Jerzy Ryks, os.B.Chrobrego 3/IV/7, 67-300 Szprotawa, Poland.

"The 59(9) DX Report" states to look for GBQV, F6BQV, F5TFP and possibly others to be active from here September 22-30th. No callsigns were given.

Alan's, VK0MM, Web page states that the supply vessel "Polar Bird" is due at Macquarie Island on November 7th for the annual resupply of the station and departs for Casey Station (Wilkes Land, Antarctica) on November 12th. The ANARE 2000 and ANARE 2001 crews will change over during this time. Ths ship is due back in Hobart, Australia prior to Christmas. Therefore, VK0MM will be permanently QRT as of November 12th. There is no licenced operator in the Macquarie Island Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition (ANARE) 2001 crew. Alan does mention that there may be a minor operation as VK0LD from the Casey Station. His Web page also mentions that he will mainly operate on CW on 30 and 20 meters. There MAY be some SSB. For up-to-date information and Alan's schedule, check the Web page:


Bob, G3ZEM, is now active from here mainly on CW 20/15/10 meters, but has been heard on SSB. There will also be some 30 meters operation when Bob has a chance to fix the vertical at Andy's, ZD9BV, QTH were he is operating from. On a sad note for low banders, the Titanex vertical didn't get unloaded from the ship. However, Bob states that he will use a 100 ft. tower at the nearby ZD9 Coastal Station and will try to set up something this past weekend for the low bands. He will be here until September 24th. QSL via K4CIA. Logs are available on log at:



OPDX WORLD-WIDE WEB HOME (provided by John, K8YSE):


Excerpts and distribution of The OPDX Bulletin are granted as long as KB8NW/OPDX/BARF80 receive credit. To contribute DX info, call BARF-80 BBS online at 440-237-8208 28.8k/14400/9600/2400/1200 and leave a message with the Sysop or send via InterNet Mail to:

- OR -
Use the VOICE or FAX answering machine at 440-237-8208
which shares the same phone line as BARF-80 BBS using a data/fax/phone switch. To access: 1) Dial Number. 2) Wait for first ring (the second ring should be a false ring from the fax/data switch box) and then dial four quick ones ("1111"). (NOTE: Some FAX machines that send single "BEEPS" every second will not have to do this step.) 3) The phone will pick up and after the "BEEP" leave your voice message or FAX.

Additional Bulletins for OPDX InterNet Subscribers

From: "Don Field" {g3xtt@lineone.net}
To: "OPDX Bulletin" {kb8nw@barf80.nshore.org}
Subject: Five Star DXers Association - DXpedition Announcement
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 21:56:06 +0100
MIME-Version: 1.0

Hello all

The Five Star DXers Association, closely linked to CDXC (Chiltern DX = Club), the UK DX Foundation, are pleased to announce a DXpedition to = D68. This is a follow-on to our successful 1998 DXpedition to the = Spratly Islands (9M0C). Please see the attached announcement.

73 Don G3XTT

The Five Star DXers Association, closely linked to CDXC (Chiltern DX Club), the UK DX Foundation, was formed from the core group who organised the very successful 9M0C DXpedition to the Spratly Islands in February 1998.

The Association will undertake a major expedition to the Comoros, D68, next February. The callsign D68C has already been assigned, and the plan is for an operation encompassing almost three weeks' of operation, including three weekends. The first members of the team will arrive in D68 on Tuesday 6th February, and expect to spend the first two to three days installing antennas and equipment. Operations will commence before the weekend. Station breakdown will start on Monday 26th February, though operations may continue for a further day or two after that.

There are two main objectives:
* To provide the possibility for every amateur radio station in the world - even those running QRP or very simple antennas - to make at least one contact with D68.
* To enable top DXers to put D68C in their logs on as many bands and modes as possible. It should be possible for top DXers active on all bands and on all three modes to work D68C on close to 20 band / mode slots. We expect to substantially exceed our 9M0C score of 65,524 QSOs.

The Comoros stand at number 59 in the DX Magazine's 1999 world-wide listing of 'Most-Wanted' DXCC entities (up from 72 the previous year). However, many of the countries ranking higher on the list - including Bhutan, Tromelin Island, Clipperton Island, Tristan da Cunha, Palmyra Island, Palestine, Agalega and St Brandon, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and Libya - have been very active since the survey was carried out, so in reality the standing of the Comoros is much higher. In any case, the Comoros rank much higher - at number 36 - in the USA Central zone in the same survey.

The D68C operation will build on the experiences gained during the 9M0C operation (and distilled into the successful book "DXpeditioning Behind the Scenes" - see below), to give both seasoned DXers and "Little Pistols" a wide range of opportunities to work the Comoros on many bands and modes. The date of the DXpedition has been chosen with propagation forecasts in mind, and should coincide closely with the expected sunspot peak. Good propagation to all major areas is expected on all bands from LF through 10 metres.

D68C will have six high-power HF stations active simultaneously when band conditions allow. Activities will encompass SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK31 and, as appropriate, FM. Stacked monoband antennas will be used for 10m and single monobanders will be used for each of the remaining HF bands. On LF we will use full-size four-square arrays for both 80 and 40m. 160m operation will utilise the well-known Titanex verticals, with various loops and Beverages for receive. Full details of the equipment and antennas will be given in a subsequent bulletin. Some 3 tonnes of equipment will be sea-freighted by container to D68 ahead of the DXpedition to allow the team to put on an operation of this scale.

By operating over three weekends, the team expects to be able to work through the demand for the Comoros to the point where even the most modestly equipped stations will have a good chance of contacts on several bands. The extended period of operation also opens up the opportunity for a D68C entry in the ARRL CW Contest and, perhaps, other contest events taking place during that period.

The multinational team is still being formed, but already includes many well-known callsigns, as well as some up-and-coming DXpedition operators. So far, members include 5B4AGC (George), 5B4WN (Marios), 9H1EL (Jeff), G0OPB (Tony), G3NUG (Neville), G3OZF (Don), G3SED (Mike), G3VMW (Steve), G3WGV (John), G3XTT (Don), G4JVG (Steve), G4KIU (Nigel), G4TSH (Justin), GU4YOX(Bob), JA1RJU(Kazu), JA3AER (Taizo), M0BJL (Shaun), M0DXR (Mark), SM5AQD (Hawk), W3EF (Maury) and W3WL (Wes). Many of these callsigns will be familiar from other DXpeditions, but we are especially delighted to have along Mark M0DXR, who is UK Young Amateur of the Year for 1999-2000.

We will be seeking contributions from sponsors to cover the very significant logistics costs of this DXpedition. Details of our bank accounts in the UK and US will be announced shortly.

Between now and February further bulletins will be issued, and a web-site is currently under construction. This will, of course, carry full details of the operation and, in due course, will include propagation predictions, photographs, log checking, etc. Phil G3SWH has kindly agreed to be our QSL manager and QSLing will be via the bureau, direct or by e-mail. Phil's address is 21 Dickensons Grove, Congresbury, Bristol, BS19 5HQ, England. Pilot stations will be appointed for the major geographical regions, and details will be announced later.

Don Field G3XTT, NK1G (g3xtt@lineone.net) 4th September 2000
(D68C Publicity Officer)

"DXpeditioning Behind the Scenes", edited by Neville Cheadle G3NUG and Steve Telenius-Lowe G4JVG offers, in the words of Wayne Mills N7NG, "A comprehensive view of virtually all aspects of a major expedition for the traveler and DXer alike. From early planning through QSLing, this book offers a variety of thoughts and suggestions on every facet of the DXpedition. It is by far the most complete 'how to' reference available". The book is available in the USA for $28 plus $3 shipping from IREF Inc, 118 Oak Ridge Drive, New Braunfels, Tx 78132. E-mail: ad5a@sat.net Elsewhere the book can be obtained for £16.95 plus postage from Nevada (www.nevada.co.uk/book-DX.html), Unit 1, Fitzherbert Spur, Farlington, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 1TT, England (Tel: +44 23 9231 3090). Ordering can be by credit card. All surpluses from the sale of the book will be used to sponsor future DXpeditions.

The following was posted and sent out on the InterNet by Egbert/ON4CAS (UBA Award Manager) and Bernie/W3UR from "The Daily DX".......

The following is from Peter, ON6TT


It is with profound sadness and anger I heard today that Pero Simundza - 9A4SP/3W4SP - a UN colleague and fellow ham, was amongst the three UN staff who were killed during a militia assault on the UNHCR office in Attambua, West-Timor yesterday.

The UNHCR office in Attambua was attacked by a vicious militia mob who overrun and trashed the premises and vehicles, stabbed three UNHCR relief workers who were working in the office at that moment to death. They then dragged the bodies onto the street and put them on fire. Pero was one of them.

Pero worked for UNHCR in Atambua as an international radio operator. He joined UNHCR years ago, in Sarajevo. Later on, he moved on mission to Albania, where I met him in June last year. He was then on the air as ZA/9A4SP. We spent a most enjoyable evening together, ending with me operating from his station. He stroke me as a young, very enthusiastic and true DX pashioned ham, and a great person.

Since then, we kept regular contacts, sending eachother news from where we were, and where we operated from.

After returning from Albania,to work in Sarajevo for a few months, he was appointed to Atambua, West Timor. He was real happy with his international assignment, close to the East Timor border. He regularly crossed the border to be active from the other side as 3W4SP, in a small house where he had arranged his shack. He sent me pictures by Email of his shack and antenna.

I looked forward to meet him during my current Asia tour, which included West and East Timor. Unfortunately, I had to reschedule my visit to Kupang and Attambua by a few days at the last moment, so Pero and I missed each other by 2 days. He was on R&R when I had meetings in his office in Attambua two weeks ago and I walked passed the radioroom he worked in. Last week we exchanged Emails again saying 'there will always be a next time, people like us always meet again, one side of the earth or another'.

Unfortunately, Pero, I will not be able to keep my promiss. You parted us way too soon, in a senseless death. We all know the risks we face while working in emergency relief activities, but your departure due to inhumane and totally absurd violence shocked many of us.

Farewell, my friend, we will all miss you. Our thoughts go to your family remaining behind.

vy 73


From: "Robert D. Peterson" {w7ut@infowest.com}
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 07:26:31 -0600
To: n7jw@infowest.com, k7ca@infowest.com, k7xe@infowest.com,
wa7lnw@infowest.com, w8eqa@msn.com
Subject: FYI

Alpha / Power to Close Engineering and Manufacturing
from Alpha/Power Press Release
Website: www.alpha-power-inc.com <http://www.alpha-power-inc.com/> on September 8, 2000
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Longmont, Colorado - 7 September 2000

A message to all ALPHA customers, fans and friends...

As you know, we sold Ehrhorn Technological Operations, Inc. several years ago. I subsequently repurchased the ALPHA amateur radio amplifier line that long had been ETO's raison d'tre, and incorporated it as Alpha/Power, Inc. Although I had devoted 25 years to ETO/ALPHA and wanted to pursue other interests long postponed, I also strongly wanted the ALPHA tradition to be carried on.

Fortunately, almost three years ago I was able to persuade John Brosnahan, W0UN, to become president and technical director of Alpha/Power. Under John’s leadership, Alpha/Power's worldwide reputation for delivering the most advanced and finest HF power amplifiers and customer service in amateur radio has been enhanced even more. But a combination of health issues and family obligations now makes it impossible for John to continue devoting all or most of his time to ALPHA operations.

We've had a great run of more than three decades "on top" ... I'm not willing to risk that ALPHA legacy. Nor am I aware of any person or entity with the desire, the proven ability, the commitment, and the resources to acquire ALPHA and perpetuate the standards to which we've been dedicated for thirty-one years. In the event such interest does exist, however, we remain open to serious discussions. In the meantime...

When the current run of ALPHA 87A and ALPHA 99 amplifiers is completed, we will terminate engineering and manufacturing operations. Warranty and post-warranty service will continue to be available at ALPHA/POWER in Longmont, Colorado - at its current street and e-mail addresses, phone and FAX numbers. Every warranty will be honored in full. And, of course, this final batch of new amplifiers will carry ALPHA’s standard 4-year, non-prorated limited warranty.

This very likely is the last chance to buy a factory-new, fully warranted ALPHA 87A or ALPHA 99. We suggest acting quickly to avoid missing it. ALPHA amplifier specs and photos are on our web site www.alpha-power-inc.com <http://www.alpha-power-inc.com/> . For delivery information and to order, call Scott or Dianne at (970) 535-4173.

73 ... and may The Power be with you!
Dick Ehrhorn, W0ID/W4ETO John Brosnahan, W0UN Chairman & founder President & Technical Director

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