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OPDX 482.1 October 26, 2000

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The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 482.1
BID: $OPDX.482.1
October 26, 2000
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, Dave/4L1DA, Alex/AI2Q, Juan/CO8TW, Andy/ES2NA, Mike/KA2AEV, and John/K8YSE for the following special DX information. Also a special thanks to Bill, NG3K, for the "CQWW Announced Operations" chart.


Look for 4L0Gto be active in the CQWW DX SSB Contest. The operaors will be 4L1DA/David, 4L2M/Mamuka, DL7BO/Thomas and 4L4CR/Micke. QSL via 4L1DA: David Devdariani, Shartava st.7, 380122 Tbilisi Georgia.

Look for Juan, CO8TW, to be active in CQWW DX SSB Contest as a Single Op/Low Power/Single Band (28 Mhz) entry. QSL via direct to: Juan Carlos Veranes Ferrer, PO Box 8, Santiago de Cuba, CP 90100, Cuba. The log will be available after the contest on:


A serious Multi-Multi operation is planned from Estonia in the upcoming CQWW Contets. Arvo, ES5MC, Chairman of the ERAU, reports that this effort will be done mainly by the team of ES5Q and ES2X, but a surprise "guest star" should/will also participate... The contest site is located in South-Estonia (QTH of ES5Q). Some new antenna systems were just recently put up in preparation of the contest. The callsign for this operation will be ES9C. The prefix ES9 is not too common and is exclusively used in connection with the Estonian Radioamateurs Union (ERAU). This operation was put together with a lot of teamwork and also has international participation.

FP, SAINT PIERRE ISLAND (QRP operation, Not a contest Op)
Hank, K8DD, left Toronto Monday morning and was expected to be here in the afternoon. He states to look for QRP contacts around, or below 7040 kHz:
(Eastern Time zone) October 26 from about 8 PM till 10 PM
(UTC) October 27 from about 0000 till 0200
We will try to keep it on one frequency (not much of a RIT and no split). The radio will be 5 watts into a dipole or a vertical. The weather is expected to be cold, wet and foggy.

Walter, IN3XUG, reports that he will be active in the contest as IR3Z as a Multi-Single entry. QSL via IN3XUG. A special thanks and QSL for QSOs on 4 bands or more! (Walter's E-mail address: mfronch@tin.it )

V26B - TEAM ANTIGUA Y2K OPERATION (Edited Press Release)
Team Antigua will once again activate V26B on the Beautiful Island Nation of Antigua and Barbuda in the Y2K running of the CQWW SSB Contest on October 28th & 29th 2000. Their plans are to enter the Multioperator/Multi-transmitter category. For a complete station description, complete with photographs and rate charts of "The Team Antigua, V26B, Superstation, please visit their Web page at:

(Click on the Dxpeditions page and then the Team Antigua, V26B Link!) Their Grid Square is FK-97 and IOTA Number is NA-100. The Special Collectors Edition (Worked 5 Band & 6 Band) Certificate Program from V26B is continuing this year. In the past there have been quite a few certificates mailed. Therefore, due to the extreme cost of mailing, they are now requesting everyone who has worked them on all 5 & 6 bands, and would like a certificate, to please send them send them a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (Business Size) along with $1 or IRC equalivant (to assist with printing costs) with your Log Information to W2UDT for processing.


Congratulations to Bill Hider, N3RR on winning the 1999 V26B Top Gun Plaque! The team is sure that he will be defending his title for the Y2K Event! Starting on October 28th through the end of the 2000 CQWW SSB Contest, a "Special Plaque" is available to the FIRST operator to work V26B on all 6 Bands during the Contest. This Plaque is being sponsored by their very own Mr. Douglas Priest, W3CF/V26DX. So Ladies and Gentlemen, the very first person to work V26B on all 6 bands during the CQWW SSB will have this beautiful plaque awarded to them by Doug and the members of "Team Antigua".

Members of "Team Antigua" will also make special attempts to be active on RTTY, PSK31, 160 meters and the WARC Bands a few days both before and after the contest. There is also a possibility of some 6 meter and Satellite operations with conditions permitting! Most likely their operators will make their presence felt on all bands starting on or about October 25th until about November 1st. The members of "Team Antigua: and their Callsigns are as follows:

     V26A      Dale,    N3BNA        QSL Via  WB3DNA
     V26AK     Tony,    N2TK         QSL Via  N2TK
     V26AU     Carsten, DL6LAU       QSL Via  DL6LAU
     V26B      Sam,     WT3Q         QSL Via  WT3Q
     V26EW     Ed,      N2ED         QSL Via  N2ED
     V26J      Jay,     WX0B         QSL Via  W3LT
     V26O      Bob,     N5NJ         QSL Via  N5NJ
     V26OC     Brian,   N3OC         QSL Via  N3OC
     V26SZ     Sharon,  N5CK         QSL Via  N5CK
     V26TZ     Tom,     ZP5AZL       QSL Via  W3HNK
     V26U      Bill,    W2UDT        QSL Via  W2UDT
     V26YR     John,    W2YR         QSL Via  W2YR

CQWW SSB 2000 Announced Operations (Final Version)

The following list of announced operations for the CQWW SSB 2000 Contest was derived from the NG3K "CQWW SSB Announced Operations" Web page. For updates and fuller details (including many QSL addresses and operational specifics) refer to:


Call      DXCC           CQZ Class    QSL

4M5X      Venezuela       09 SOSB/20  W4SO
4X4ZK     Israel          20 SOSB/10  4X4ZK
4U1VIC    Austria         15 M/S      OE Buro or Vienna International ARC
7S2E      Sweden          14 SOSB/10  SM2DMU
9K9X      Kuwait          21 SOAB     9K2HN
9M6AAC    E. Malaysia     28 M/S      N2OO
A5?       Bhutan          22          JH1NBN
A61AJ     U.A. Emirates   21 SOAB     W3UR
AH2R      Guam            27 M/S      JH7QXJ
B1Z       China           24 M/S      JA4HCK
B4R       China           24 M/S      Jiangsu Dx Club
B7K       China           24 M/S      BD7NQ
C6AGS     Bahamas         08          KI6T
CN8WW     Morocco         33 M/M      DL6FBL
CO8LY     Cuba            08 SOAB     EA7ADH direct only
CO8TW     Cuba            08 SOSB/10  CO8TW direct 
CS7EWA    Portugal        14          CT1EWA
CX9AU     Uruguay         13 SOAB     KA5TUF
D4A       Cape Verde      35 SOAB     I2MQP
E30TA     Eritrea         37          DL5NAM
EM3J      Ukraine         16 SOAB     KG6AR
EN5J      Ukraine         16 M/S      KG6AR
ER6A      Moldova         16          ER6A direct
ES9C      Estonia         15 M/M      ES5RY
EY2A      Tajikstan       17 M/M      K6VNX
F5KBA     France          14 M/S      Buro
F6BEE     France          14 M/S      F6BEE via Buro
FG5BG     Guadeloupe      08 M/S      KR4DA
FK8HC     New Caledonia   32 SOSB/80  VK4FW
FM5BH     Martinique      08 M/S      W3HNK
FO0FRA    Fr Polynesia    32          CT1EAT
FP/N8KR   St Pierre Miq   32          N8KR
FS/AH8DX  St Martin       08 SOAB     AH8DX
FS/K4ZA   St Martin       08 SOAB     K4ZA
GD6IA     Isle of Man     14 
GJ1Y      Jersey          14 M/S      N0KV
GM0B      Scotland        14 M/M      GM0EGI
GZ7V      Scotland        14 M/M      ZS5BBO
HB0/DK7ZL Liechtenstein   14 M/M      DK7ZL
HB2H      Switzerland     14 M/S      HB9CXZ
HC1JQ     Ecuador         10 SOSB/10  HC1JQ
HP1BYS    Panama          07 SOSB/20  HP1BYS
HS0AC     Thailand        26 M/M      HS0/G3NOM or HS Buro
IG9A      Italy           33 M/M      I2MQP
IH9P      Italy           33 M/M      KR7X
IQ0A      Italy           15 SOSB/10  IK0XBX
IQ6T      Italy           15 SOAB     IK6SNQ
IQ8A      Italy           15 SOAB     IK8NWK-Buro
IR0F      Italy           15 SOAB     IK0ZME
IU2D      Italy           15 M/M      IK2EKY
J3A?      Grenada         08 M/M      WA1S
J43J      Greece          20 
J80WW     St Vincent      08 M/M      W2EN 
JA3YBK    Japan           25 M/M      Buro 
JE4VVM    Japan           25 M/S      Buro 
JW5E      Svalbard        40 M/S      LA5NM 
KG4VL     Guantanamo      08          N5VL 
KH7R      Hawaii          31 SOAB     W3HNK 
KL7Y      Alaska          01 M/M      N2AU 
KP4WW     Puerto Rico     08 SOSB/15  W4DN 
LU7YS     Argentia        13 SOSB/20  Buro 
LX/DL4SDX Luxembourg      14 M/S      DL8SCG 
LX2AJ     Luxembourg      14 SOAB     LX2AJ 
LX9SW     Luxembourg      14 M/S      US: K7PT or LX1RQ; Others: LX1RQ 
LY40BA    Lithuania       15 SOAB     LY3BA
LY40KB    Lithuania       15 SOAB     LY3KB
LY40ZZ    Lithuania       15 M/S      LY2ZZ
LY5W      Lithuania       15 SOAB     LY1DR
LZ7G      Bulgaria        20 SOSB/20  LZ1NK direct
M6T       England         14 M/M      G4PIQ
MJ/N0KV   Jersey          14 M/S?     N0KV
MM0LEO    Scotland        14          W3LEO
NP3QE     Puerto Rico     08 SOSB/10  NP3QE
OE5T      Austria         15 M/S      OE5XVL via Buro
OH0B      Aland Islands   15 SOAB     OH2BH
OH0V      Aland Islands   15 SOSB/10  OH6LI
OH0Z      Aland Islands   15 SOAB     OH1EH
OH1F      Finland         15 SOAB     Buro
OH2BH     Finland         15 SOAB     OH2BH
OH3MMM    Finland         15 SOSB/10  OH1VR
OH6NIO    Finland         15 SOAB     Buro
OH6RX     Finland         15 SOAB     OH6RX
OM8A      Slovakia        15 SOAB     OM3RM
OT0A      Belgium         14 M/M      ON7LR
OZ5W      Denmark         14 M/M      OZ1KRF
OZ5WQ     Denmark         14 M/M      OZ5WQ
P40W      Aruba           09 SOAB     N2MM
P43E      Aruba           09 SOAB     P43E
PJ8/K7ZUM Sint Maarten    08 SOAB     K7ZUM
PJ8/N4ZC  Sint Maarten    08 SOAB     N4ZC
RU1A      Russia (Europe) 16 M/S      RU1AE via Buro
RW3RQ     Russia (Europe) 16 SOAB     RN3RQ
SN4T      Poland          15 SOSB/15  SP4TKR
SV8CS     Greece          20 SOSB/160 SV8CS
SV9/OH4FR Crete           20 SOSB/10  DJ8FR
T88WX     Belau           27 SOAB     JA1WSX
TA3D      Turkey          20 SOSB/10  TA3D
TA3J      Turkey          20 SOSB/40  TA3J
TA3YJ     Turkey          20 SOSB/15  TA3YJ
TI5WFM    Costa Rica      07 M/S      JA6WFM
UA0SJ     Russia (Asia)   17 SOAB     UA0SJ direct
UK0A      Uzbekistan      17 SOAB     UK9AA
UT7UW     Ukraine         16 SOAB     UT7UW direct
UU7J      Ukraine         16 M/S      UU8JK
V26B      Antigua         08 M/M      WT3Q
V47KP     St Kitts        08          K2SB
V6T1      Micronesia      27 M/S      JA7AO
VB2R      Canada          02 M/M      VE3BY
VC5C      Canada          04 M/S      VE5SF
VE2CSI    Canada          02 M/S      K1MY
VP2ER     Anguilla        08 M/M      W8ILC
VP5DX     Turks & Caicos  08          NU4Y
VP5L      Turks & Caicos  08 M/S      LA5KO
VP5T      Turks & Caicos  08 M/M      N2VW
WP2Z      Virgin Islands  08 SOAB     KU9C
XE3/W0AH  Mexico          06 SOAB     W2GR
XU?       Cambodia        26 SOSB/10  JA1ELY
ZB2X      Gibraltar       14 M/S      OH2KI
ZF2MC     Cayman Islands  08 SOSB/80
ZF2RV     Cayman Islands  08 SOSB/10
ZK1NDK?   North Cook      32          JR2KDN 
ZW8U      Brazil          11          PY8AZT


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