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OPDX 493 January 8, 2001

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The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 493
BID: $OPDX.493
January 8, 2001
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1

The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster DX Bulletin No. 493 BID: $OPDX.493 January 8, 2001 Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1 Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, KA1GJ, NC1L & DXCC, N7NG/1, KF2TI, WB2YQH/WB2RAJ & The 599 DX Report, W3UR & The Daily DX, K4AVQ, N4AA & QRZ DX, WA4FFW, N5FG, WF5E, K8NA, K8YSE, KE9KD, CE6TBN, EA3BT, EI6FR, ER1LW, HP1AC, I1JQJ/IK1ADH & 425 DX News, IN3QBR, JA3MZB, JH6RTO, LA5HE, PS7AB, PY7ZY, YS1RR and ZS5BBO for the following DX information.

3D, CONWAY REEF (Update)
According to Raymundo, YS1RR, the planning for the Conway Reef DXpedition is progressing on a "fast track". Operators YT1AD, YU1RL, YU1NR, YU1FW, YU7AV, YU6AO (YZ7AA), YS1RR, Z32AU and Z32ZM are expected to operate from here (refer to OPDX.482/488) from February 19-28th. Their callsign will be announced on February 18th. They have announced the following suggested modes and frequencies: CW - 1825, 3505, 7003, 10104, 14020, 18020, 21020, 24896, 28020, 50105
SSB - 1835, 3795, 7075, 14195, 18145, 21295, 24945, 28495, 50125
Digital - 1835, 3575, 7035, 14075, 21075, 28075
SSTV - 3723, 7035, 14230, 21340, 28680 kHz
* ADDED NOTE: Receiving frequencies will be 5 to 30 kHz higher than transmitting frequencies. Additional information will be given during operation time. QSL via YT1AD: Hrane Milosevic, 36206 Vitanovac, Yugoslavia. Raymundo reports that as in all DXpeditions, they are short of funds and your donations will be very helpful to make this operation a great success and any small or big donations are welcome. Donations can be sent to YS1RR: Raymundo Rodriguez, P.O. Box 32, San Salvador, El Salvador or to VIPSAL 682, P.O. Box 02-5364, Miami, FL 33102-5364, USA. Please visit the Conway 2001 Web Page at:

This is under construction and will be updated frequently.

From the Conway Reef update press release above, the operators will operate from here as 3D2AD, 3D2AU and possibly other individual callsigns after their operation on Conway between March 1-6th.

3E500, PANAMA (Attention Prefix Hunters!)
Cam, HP1AC, informs OPDX that the "Radio Club de Panama" has obtained a special permit from the Panama Government Radio Dept. Office so any amateur radio operator in Panama during the month of March 2001 will be able to use the special prefix 3E500 (Three Echo Five Zero Zero). This special prefix is to commemorate the 500th year anniversary of the Discovery of the "Isthmus of Panama" in March 1501 by Don Rodrigo de Bastidas. An example is Cam's callsign (HP1AC), he will be using 3E500AC (Three Echo Fivehundred Alfa Charlie). A special QSL will be issued to confirm all QSOs during the month of March 2001. QSL Manager will be HP1RCP, Radio Club de Panama, P.O.Box 10745, Panama 4, PANAMA.

3G, JUAN FERNANDEZ (Attention Prefix Hunters!)
Look for Pat, CE1VLY, to be on the air from Juan Fernandez (SA-005) as 3G0Z the last week of January 2001. Activity will only be on 10 meters. QSL via home callsign.

Tom, 3W7CW, was active over the weekend on 30/20 meters CW. Check around 14006 kHz between 1530-1630z and 10103 kHz 1630-1800z. QSL via SP5JTF.

Chuck, 3Y0C, was heard over the weekend on 40 meters SSB for about an hour on 7052 and 7062 kHz between 0400 and 0515z. He was also heard on 20 meters SSB Saturday and Sunday, as well as 12 meters on Friday. His activity may seem short, but this is due to his work schedule which is very demanding, and on most days he can only squeeze 10 minutes in at a time during his breaks to get on the radio. So please be patient with him Chuck understands the high demand for Bouvet, and remember, he is only a one man operation. The following press release below will explain it more.

QSL Manager Mac, WA4FFW, reports that he spoke with 3Y0C on 01/06/01. Chuck has been off the air the past few days because a storm blew down antennas again. Time and weather allowed him to get the beam up 25 feet today. He has the vertical repaired, but because of a storm closing in, he will not put it up until after the storm clears. They have developed an oil leak in the generator, and attempted repairs have not been successful. They can use it but only for 2 hours a day which is sufficient to charge the batteries. He is unable to use the linear without the use of the generator. Chuck will be on as many bands as possible and explains that one of the reasons for such short runs sometimes is that he is trying to work a few stations between other duties to provide as many contacts as possible. He wants to remind the DX fraternity that he is aware of the need for Bouvet Worldwide. However, he is on an official scientific expedition, with specific duties, not a DXpedition. He is trying to give the world as many contacts as the situations there will allow. Because he is on at various times, he has been available to all parts of the world. What must be recognized is the fact that he is not on the same time each day, nor is he always on the same length of time because of his duties.

Mac, WA4FFW, also announced that the QSL address for the 3Y0C QSL cards is as follows: Mark McIntyre, WA4FFW, 2903 Maple Ave., Burlington, NC. 27215 USA. Mac advises that some cards have already arrived. He asked earlier that they not be sent until "this announcement". None have been opened, but he states that he hopes those already received have sufficient postage based on the new postal rates, otherwise they will be returned via bureau. He also would like to inform the international community that the cost to mail a QSL to a foreign country has increased as well effective January 8, 2001. Mac reports he will not have logs until Chuck returns in March, so no QSLs can go out until he has arrived back stateside. Mac said that the delay in announcing the address was to allow the implementation of the new US postal rates. This was done so everyone would have the correct return postage preventing their direct card being shipped via the bureau. He said the reason was based on the postal increase and not that he was moving. He would like to inform all that he has no plans to relocate his antenna farm by moving as he read on the internet was the reason.

Look for Harry, G0JMU, to be active as 7Q7HB during the month of February. His activity is planned for SSTV, PSK31 and operations on the WARC bands.

Mohammed, 7X4AN, has been active on 10 meters CW/SSB between 1330-1600z. Watch around 28010 kHz and between 28400 and 28500 kHz. Also, watch around 7001 kHz after 2130z. This past weekend Sadek, 7X4LS, was spotted around 28475 between 1530 and 1600z.

Barry/ZS1FJ and Gerald/ZS1GRM are planning to be active from here starting around 1800z, Sunday, January 14th and continuing until late Saturday the 20th. They have requested the callsign A24DX, however, they are having difficulties with the authorities who want them to use the callsign A24/homecall. Activity will be on all bands, mostly SSB on frequencies which will not interfere with the 3Y0C operation. Therefore, suggested frequencies are 28450, 21270 and 14270 kHz at the appropriate times for propagation. On 40 meters they will transmit at 7080 kHz and receive split between 0300-0400z, listening to stateside stations for advice on what frequency to use to suits them. The same will be applied to 80 meters. Barry states that if there should be a demand, they will be active on the WARC bands (18145 and 24950 kHz). They will use an A3S and G5RV antenna with the max power output. They plan to be on from 0300z until, probably, 2200z. QSLs to ZS1FJ.

Very few QSNs were reported on the Johnson family over the past weekend. Activity by Glenn/A52GJ and son Mark/A52MJ was almost nill. However, Glenn's daughter Melissa/N0MAJ was issued the callsign A52YL and was spotted in the RTTY contest. QSNs report very few takers. According to "The Daily DX" Melissa (16 yrs. old) is the very first YL license from Bhutan. Glenn's wife, Vivien, also has a license, A52VJ, and his other son Paul is A52PJ.

D6, COMOROS (Update)
Josep/EA3BT and Nuria/EA3WL have informed OPDX they have only a few days left before they travel to here to be active as D68BT and D68WL (Please refer to OPDX.486). Activity is expected to be between Janaury 13-28th. They state the following: ".... we are really working hard packaging everything and trying not to leave anything. Due to the great demand in 50 MHz, Santa has brought us an antenna for 6 meters. You can see it in the Picture album at our web page ( http://www.qsl.net/ea3bt ), where you'll be able to find some more pictures of the preparation. Before leaving, we'll send a new E-mail with all the operating frequencies, and about the pilot to whom you'll be able to send all requests and information interesting for us. If nothing wrong happens, the logs will be also available daily at our page....."

DXCC is pleased to announce the addition of a 17 Meter Single Band DXCC award. Applications for this award will be accepted beginning January 2, 2001. 17 Meter DXCC certificates will be dated but not numbered. 17 meter credits will also count toward the DeSoto Cup competition for the year 2001. If you do not know what credits you have on 17 meters, you may contact DXCC for an update prior to applying. This will help avoid duplicates and additional costs. If you have web access and can handle ADOBE (.pdf) files, contact DXCC at dxcc@arrl.org for a copy of your record. If you do not have web access, please send a note to DXCC along with 1.50 USD for postage or an SASE with 1.50 USD in postage. For further information, please contact DXCC at: dxcc@arrl.org

Last week we reported that a petition was filed for the possible removal of this DXCC entity. OPDX has learned that plans are on their way to prevent the Macao removal situation. Reports indicate that the national Amateur Radio Society on Macao is applying to Region III for IARU membership status. For this reason, DXCC will continue the grace period for Macao until a firm direction is established, either an ITU resolution of the prefix problem, or the likelihood IARU membership. Theoretically, if the DXCC were to remove Macao and then add it again to the list, everyone would have to work it again. STAY TUNED!

DX-CENTRAL (New Look!)
Kelly, KE9KD, reports that after a long overdue redesign, he has finally managed to get the new DX-Central Website online. You will find some of the same features as the old site with improved functionality, and you will find some new features as well. He still has several enhancements to put in place, it's just a matter of finding a little time. For those of you that have links, software or other things that used pieces of the DX-Central website, you will want to update your code. If you have not been to the site in a while, feel free to drop in. The address is:


AS-056. Masa, JA6GXK, will be active from Danjo Archipelago (Meshima Island) between Janaury 8-14th. This is not a DXpedition and he will be active in his spare time. His planned operating schedule is as follows:
January 8th - 0100-0800z and 1000-1100z
January 9th - 1000-1400z
January 11th - 1000-1100z
Janaury 12th - 1000-1400z
January 13th - 0100-0230z
January 14th - 0100-0800z
Suggested frequencies are: 14260 or 21260 ( both +/- 10 kHz).
QSL via only the Bureau.

NA-213. (CORRECTION). Last week it was reported that the "Magnolia DX Association" was going to be active from Dauphin Island in late February. We states that Dauphin Island was in Alaska, this is incorrect. It is a part of Alabama.

Rag, LA5HE, informs OPDX that he will once again be active as JW5HE in early February. Look for him to be active on the lower bands and the WARC bands. QSL via CBA.

Start looking for Alan, K4AVQ, next weekend as P40AV. He will be there Janaury 13-21st. He states that he will start on 10 meters, if open, and then work the lower bands. Suggested frequencies are: 28500, 28495, 21300, 14155, 14205, 14255, 7150, 3535-45 and 1825. Alan will also try to accommodate special requests for CW and Phone on any band needed when the traffic is low. He will also listen for QRP and Mobile stations. QSL via: Alan B Caplan, 14020 140th Court, Apple Valley, MN 55124-9422 USA.

"QRZ DX" reports that a group of Brazilian DXers from Recife, have received permission to operate from here beginning February 7th and operate until approximately February 15th. The dates may vary due to the long voyage. Operators will be Jim/PY7XC (team leader), Fred/PY7ZZ and Cicero/PY7ZY. The team of operators are providing their own transportation, and there will be no limitations on their operating times. Activity will be on 160-10 meters CW, SSB and with the possiblity of RTTY and 6 meters. The callsign and QSL Manager will be announced later along with further details. The team is looking for donations from clubs and individuals. Contributions can be sent to: Bill Smith W9VA, 1345 Linden Ave., Deerfield, IL 60015, USA. Bill is the acting coordinater for this operation on behalf of the Recife DX Group and can be contacted via E-mail at: w9va@aol.com In event the operation is cancelled, all contributions will be returned.

Declan, EI6FR, reports that those awaiting QSLs for the Westnet/Saltee Dogs Groups EJ7NET operation from Inis Meain (Aran Islands EU-006), which took place in June 2000, is glad to say all QSL cards for all stations appearing in the log have been dispatched to the bureau. QSL cards for those stations in countries without bureaus have been mailed directly to the callbook address where available. All direct requests have also been answered. He apologizes for the delay and is looking forward to working you again from another EI/GI island this coming summer.

Slawa, ER1LW, active as ER2000L during the period of December 1-31st (2000), requests0 to have QSL cards sent to the following address: Lysy Wiacheslav, P.O.Box 112, Chisinau, MD-2012, Moldova.

Claudio, ET3VSC (IV3VSC, ex-DJ0PN), reports that he has confirmed all QSLs for all QSOs through October 21st (2000). All have been sent via the different QSL Bureaus (Most through DARC or the USA Bureaus).

Seiji, JH6RTO, informs OPDX that, for all operations performed by him in 2000, the log search Web page is now available at:

This includes his MJ5AJA (Jersey) and M0RAA(/TF/PJ7/VP9) operations. Go directly to this page because its top is written in Japanese, unfortunately. According to his QSL/Web manager, Masanori/JH6VLF, all the direct QSLs have been replied to. Seiji will return to Japan this February to restart his operations in Japan and in Marianas as JH6RTO and AH0R, respectively.

Ciro, PY7ZY, reports that all direct QSLs received for his operations on Itamarac Island (PY7ZY/7 - SA-046), Itaparica Island (PY7ZY/6 - SA-023) and Tinhare Island (PY7ZY/6 - SA-080) were sent. If by chance you sent a direct QSL and didn't receive a card, it is because Ciro didn't receive your QSL. He states it is OK to send an E-mail with the details of QSO, for a log check to: py7zy@qsl.net

Stig, S21YJ, was heard this past weekend on 14190 kHz around and after 0200z. QSL via SM4AIO.

Look for ZV3F and ZW3F to be active from Fort Dom Pedro II (DFH RS-03) January 20-21st and from Fort Duque de Caxias (DFH RS-01) March 24-25th. Both are valid for the "Historical Fortifications Award" (DFH). Activity from both will be on all HF bands, SSB and CW. QSL Manager is PY3UR.

Look for ZX7R and ZX7CW to be active from Reis Magos Fort (Natal/RN), January 26-28th. Activity will be on 160-6 meters, SSB/CW/RTTY. QSL via PS7HF: Fabio Hoelz, Rua Serra Formosa NR 8054-E, Natal/RN, 59068-140, Brazil.

Be looking for the special Spanish callsigns EF2XXI and ED2XXI to be active to celebrate the new 21st century. Activity is expected to last until January 15th and will be on all bands and modes. QSL to EA2RCF via the bureau or direct. QSL only RTTY/PSK31 QSOs via direct to EC2ADR: Roberto Garcia, P.O. Box 647, C.P. 01080, Vitoria-Alava, Spain.

SU3AM was heard this past weekend on 12 meters on 24950 kHz between 1300 and 1400z. QSL via DL1FCM. Said, SU1SK, was active on 21280 kHz from about 1345z to 1520z.

"The 599 DX Report" reports to look for the special event station TD0G to be active January 26-28th, from the ancient Maya town of Yasha. Activity will be on 80-15 meters. There was no QSL route given.

Jeff, KA1GJ, will be operating from here as V73GJ, Janaury 16-26th. He states that he will be on business, so operations will be limited to a few hours per day. He plans to be active mostly on CW. QSL via his home callsign, KA1GJ.

Mauro, IN3QBR, informed your editor that he and Fabry, IN3ZNR, continue to be active as XW3QBR and XW3ZNR until January 12th. Last Monday he wrote that they are active for more than 15 hours at day on all bands (exl. 160m). He also states that they have had a some contact with U.S. East Coast stations on 80 meters. Their goal is to make more than 15000 QSOs, however, he does state that their time is limited during the evening hours. Over the past weekend a lot of time seemed to be spent on 10 meters CW/SSB and 80 meters.

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Additional Bulletins for OPDX InterNet Subscribers

From Veikko.Komppa@vtt.fi Fri Jan 5 05:56:40 2001
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2001 12:54:19 +0200
To: kb8nw@barf80.nshore.org
From: Veikko Komppa {Veikko.Komppa@vtt.fi}
Subject: Press Release by OH2MCN
Mime-Version: 1.0

Dear Radio Amateur Fellows,

PRESS RELEASE TO DX Newsletters and DX editors,

January 2001

World Wide Licensing Information available Free-of-Charge on the Internet It is now five years ago when I started creating my Web pages dedicated to radio amateurs who want to find information about getting visitor's license in order to combine traveling and DXing together. In the beginning the work was mainly about getting information from various sources to have enough start-up material from as many countries as possible. In relatively short time the number of countries was more than one hundred (DXCC) and I considered it as a big and major achievement. To day it 230 and the pages are voluminous.

The licensing web pages contain all the necessary information and contacts needed when you apply a visitor's license. There are application forms and traveling formation and also local hints like addresses, contacts, accomodation and touristic links and similar helping to guide you to and on the DX spot. The standard structure of country subpages is the following: address, telephone and fax number of PTT, paperwork needed, the best way to get a license, license fee, special call signs, how long does it take before you can operate, license restrictions, customs, useful local contacts, places to operate from, and notes.

Early 1997 the ARRL got interested in my pages and they soon started their own service partly linked to mine. Since the early beginning we have been collaborating together and the updating responsibilities of World Wide Licensing Web pages are shared between ARRL and myself. For over two years the number of countries (license administrators) has been 230 of which there exists information on my Web pages. In the DXCC sense the number of entities is much bigger because many DXCC countries have one and same the administrator. A good examples of this is Australia which covers altogether 9 separate DXCC entities and the same licensing system applies in principle to all of them. (In principle because some of them need also landing permission!) Summer 1999 US started implementing the CEPT system and that made everything much easier for US hams in Europe and it also gave a possibility for European radio amateurs to visit US Pacific Islands with the CEPT license. That explanes some of the recent DXpeditions to KH* countries by Europeans!

My greatest work has been in continuous updating of the World Wide Licensing Web pages. The amount of information on the pages is enormous and if numbers can tell something here they are: 165 separate files having a total volume of plain text 1080 kBytes (no picture files). To manage it, keep it in some kind of an order, change the server from one place to another etc. and to update it, is a major project. Because all is taken from my free time and evening hours it may sometimes take a few weeks until I have possibility to update the subpages. Nevertheless I have managed quite well and when the panic has been the greatest the mental support from the users and ARRL has given enough encouragement to continue the work. A free-willing service like this takes its time and if I cannot do the updates immediately then they will be done later on.

The number of visitors in a year has been about ten thousand over the past three years, i.e. 200 visitors per week, which is pretty good figure but could also be larger if wanted. Many, many DX-peditions have used the pages to get initial information for their DX trips. Many are the individual radio amateurs who have helped me and ARRL in getting the new and latest information, experiences and feedback from the DX spots. Altogether the number of contributors to my pages is 165 radio amateurs from all parts of the world who have helped me in updating, improving or correcting the information. For some countries it is very difficult to get any reliable information at all. Here a good example is the Former Soviet Union or Russia and there is simply at the moment no single source which could be pointed and told to be reliable.

My long term plan is to get as many national leagues or radio socities interested about putting up their own licensing pages on their Web server so that the updating work would be nationally handled. So far it has succeeded in quite many cases but it is very hard for those countries where the national society hardly exists or is having serious financing problems and lack of writing English and maybe limited access to the Internet. My wish and plee to the national societies is that they try to do their own visitor's pages to help other radio amateurs, and also to facilitate their own Society's work in the form of less enquiries about application forms and instructions etc. that can be downloaded from the Web. If we can get this work started I wish that within a few years the situation has improved quite much.

The second and most important wish that I have, is that please send your feedback after your DX trip to me. Every single piece of information is important in this respect.

With these wishes I hope the DX year 2001 to be better and higher in DX traveling activity than ever before!

73's Veke OH2MCN

Information on licensing abroad for radio amateurs by OH2MCN may be found at the URL:


and the ARRL licensing Web pages are at URL:


Veikko Komppa "Veke" OH2MCN


Veikko Komppa "Veke"

Collecting licensing information on the Internet
Internet: OH2MCN@sral.fi or OH2MCN@qsl.net or Veikko.Komppa@vtt.fi

QTH: Pääskynkuja 7, FIN-03100, Nummela, Finland tel +358 9 2222 448

JOB: P.O.Box 1400, FIN-02044 VTT, Finland tel +358 9 456 5260 fax +358 9 456 7026

From caratran@ais.mq Sat Jan 6 08:16:35 2001
From: "Denis CLEMENT" {caratran@ais.mq}
To: "OPDX" {kb8nw@barf80.nshore.org}
Subject: Information
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 09:13:23 -0400
MIME-Version: 1.0

Hello the Amateur Radio community!

I would like to remind that my QSL manager is Steve, KU9C. Please route your QSLs to him, because every day I receive at my address in Martinique lots of QSL cards that I can't reply rapidly and efficiently

Most of the informations currently required by many of you are on my Web site http://www.qsl.net/fm5gu :description of the stations FM5GU and FM5GU/I , operation schedule, contests, antenna efficiency discussion and.... a very good recipe !

I take the opportunity to wish to all hams in the world a 2001 year full of DX thrills and pile ups flooded with adrenaline! Good DXcitement to everybody !


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