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OPDX 504 March 26, 2001

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The Ohio/Penn Dx 9acketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 504
BID: $OPDX.504
March 26, 2001
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters Network, K2FRD, N2OO, W3UR & The Daily DX, N4AA & QRZ DX, K4VUD, N4GN, K7ZZ, K8YSE, KB9YXM, A35RK, CX6VM, DL1EK & DX News Letter, EU1EU, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, G3PJT, HK5MQZ, I2MOV, IW5BZQ, LU4FM, ON4AAC, PA3AXU, PS7JN, VK4AAR, YS1RR and YV5EED for the following DX information.

According to the AR-Cluster Network for the week of Sunday, 18/Mar, through Sunday, 25/Mar there were 235 countries active. Countries available: 3A, 3B8, 3B9, 3D2, 3V, 3W, 4J, 4L, 4S, 4X, 5A, 5B, 5H, 5N, 5R, 5U, 5W, 5X, 5Z, 6W, 6Y, 7P, 7X, 8P, 8Q, 8R, 9A, 9G, 9H, 9J, 9K, 9L, 9M2, 9M6, 9N, 9Q, 9V, 9Y, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A9, AP, BV, BY, C3, C6, CE, CE0A, CE0Z, CE9, CM, CN, CP, CT, CT3, CU, CX, D2, D4, D6, DL, DU, EA, EA6, EA8, EA9, EI, EK, EL, EP, ER, ES, ET, EU, EX, EY, EZ, F, FG, FH, FJ, FK, FM, FO, FR, FW, FY, G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW, H4, H40, HA, HB, HB0, HC, HC8, HH, HI, HK, HK0/a, HL, HP, HR, HS, HV, HZ, I, IS, J2, J3, J6, J7, J8, JA, JD/m, JT, JW, JX, JY, K, KG4, KH0, KH2, KH6, KH8, KL, KP2, KP4, LA, LU, LX, LY, LZ, OA, OD, OE, OH, OH0, OK, OM, ON, OX, OY, OZ, P2, P4, PA, PJ2, PJ7, PY, PY0F, PZ, R1FJ, S2, S5, S7, SM, SP, SU, SV, SV5, T30, T7, T8, T9, TA, TF, TG, TI, TK, TR, TU, TZ, UA, UA2, UA9, UK, UN, UR, V3, V4, V5, V6, V7, V8, VE, VK, VK9N, VP2E, VP2M, VP2V, VP5, VP6, VP8, VP8/h, VP9, VQ9, VR, VU, XE, XT, XU, XW, XX9, YB, YI, YJ, YK, YL, YN, YO, YS, YU, YV, Z2, Z3, ZA, ZB, ZC4, ZD7, ZD8, ZD9, ZF, ZK1/s, ZL, ZP, ZS

There were 39 CQ Zones available during the past week. CQ Zone that were not active are: 2
There were 50 ITU Zones available during the past week. ITU Zones that were not active are:
3,4,9,15,21,22,23,24,25,26,31, 34,35,43,58,59,69, 70,71,72,74,90

PLEASE NOTE: The report "could" contain "Pirate/SLIM" operations. As always, you never know - "Work First Worry Later" (WFWL). OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive an additional bulletin (due to its size) with a complete breakdown and "DXCC/Entities Chart of Activity".

A group of Italian operators will be active for 3 days from here (grid JN33RR) during June 1-3rd. They will mainly concentrate their activity on 6 meters, but they will also be active on HF and 2 meters. Look for the following callsigns (operators) to be active: 3A/IK5GQK (Fabrizio), 3A/IK5YOJ (Giuseppe), 3A/IW5BZQ (Stefano) and 3A/IW5EDQ (Virginio). Their activity on 6 meters is as follows: 50.210 SSB, 50.600 RTTY and 50.620 MHz PSK31 (using an Icom IC-706MKIIG with 6 element yagi and HQ50 Halo Loop). Their 2 meters activity will be on 144.290 MHz SSB (using an Icom IC-706 with 9 element yagi). Their HF activity will be on SSB, RTTY, PSK31 and SSTV (using two Yaesu FT-100 and vertical antennas). You can send E-mail for skeds to: 3a@mannelli.com They mentioned that while they are on air they will check their E-mail every hour at the top of the hour. For the latest news, check their Web page at:

Direct QSL (SASE) for VHF QSOs (6/2 meters) via: Stefano Mannelli (IW5BZQ), P.O. Box 569, 50123 Firenze Centro, ITALY. QSL HF QSOs to: Fabrizio Vannini (IK5GQK), via Forlanini 68, 50127 Firenze, ITALY.

Look for Key/JE6JYT, Chip/N6CA, Jack/N6XQ and Roman/XE2EED to be active from the Isla Robinson Crusoe (IOTA SA-005) between March 27th and April 3rd signing 3G0Z. They will have two stations active to cover many directions: one in San Juan Bautista village, the other on a nearby hilltop operating part-time. Activity will be mainly on 6 meters, transmitting on 50102 kHz and receiving on 50140 kHz. Their pilot stations, N6RV and KB6NAN, will be on 28885 kHz. QSL via N6XQ. For more details, check/watch the Web page:


Stations 5R8FL, 5R8FU and 5R8GO have been active over the past week. Claude, 5R8GO, has been active on 20 and 10 meters. He was also active SSTV on 28680 kHz around 1245z. Ake, 5R8FU, has been active mainly on 15/12 meters CW. Check 12 meters around 0915z and 15 meters around 1815z. QSL via SM5DJZ. Andre, 5R8FL, has been active on 20 meters (14206 kHz) around 0430z and 10 meters (28496 kHz) around 1445z. QSL via F5TBA.

The "LNDX" reports tha Yannick, F6FYD, will be here for the next 2 months starting very soon (mi-March). There was no callsign or bands of operation mentioned. However, Mohammad, 7X4AN, has been very active lately on 10 and 15 meters, mostly SSB. Activity has been between 1700 and 2200z.

Joe, W5FJG, is expected to be active about April 15th from Jeddah as 7Z1AC. He will be working as a technician for the U.S. Consulate and is expected to be here for two years. According to his Web page, Joe works both CW/SSB, but will spend 60% of his operating on SSB. He likes and probably will spend most of his time on 20 meters. He will have equipment and antennas for 20/17/15/12/10 meters and expects 30/40/80 meters may come later. His operating time will be Saturday through Wednesday after 1530z and on Thrusday and Friday (his weekend) anytime. He does have equipment for the digital modes, so expect to possibly see him on Packet/RTTY/SSTV. QSL via WA4JT. More details can be found on his homepage:

Joe mentions on his Web page that the American Embassy in Riyadh has received permission to restart amateur radio operations using the callsign 7Z1AB. Look for them soon to be on the air.

Derek, 9G5MD, has been very active on 15/10 meters, generally between 1200-1800z. Check around 28500 and 21250 (and above). QSL via F5VCR.

Bob, AP2JZB, continues to be active on 12 meters, as well as 10 meters. Check these bands between 1430 and 1530z around 28492 or 24946 kHz.

Charly, K4VUD, reports that he has purchased his airline tickets to Asia for the period of early May through mid-August, 2001. He plans to operate as HS0ZCW again and will apply for India (VU) and Laos (XW) licenses. He states that it will be not likely for him to be active as/from 9N7UD nor A52UD this trip.

Abdullah, EP2FM, is a nice find on RTTY on 20 meters after 0330z. You can catch him on SSB on 20 meters generally after 1430z and again around 2000z.

EV21, BELARUS (Arctic Expedition, "POLAR RING")
There is currently an expedition going on in the Arctic and is being helped by the members of the "Activity Group of Belarus" (AGB). The expedition/operation started February 1st in Minsks and will travel the southern part of the Arctic and the Polar Area. The expedition will pass through Yama (R9K/), Taimyr (R0B), Yakutia (R0Q) and Chukot (R0K). Currently, R0B/EV21ABG is now on from Taimyr. Igor, EU1EU (AGB#001 - President of AGB), informs OPDX that there is usually traffic being passed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on 14120 kHz at 0500z. However, most of the information is in Russian. The operators are Yuri (AGB#124) and Vladimir (AGB#123, Leader of expedition). There is an award available for working this station. Some information can be found on the club's Web page at:

A special link for the English language can be found at:
In a week the group plans to be active from Yakutia and sign R0Q/EV21AGB. Any questions/messages can be sent to either/or:
Igor, EU1EU, at: eu1eu@qsl.net
Vladimir, EU1CQ, at: eu1cq@usa.net

Gerard, FM/F2JD, has closed down his station from here and he will be back in France sometime this week. He made 11,200 QSOs (6600 CW, 1000 RTTY, 3600 SSB).

Ron, ZL1AMO, now active as H40RW, has been very active on 15 and 10 meters CW.

It has been reported that Jairo/HK5MQZ and Hiro/HK5QGX will be embarking off to Buenaventura on April 6th arriving on Malpelo Island April 8th in the late evening. They will disembark April 9th and expect to start operation April 10th until April 21st. They will operate on all bands 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10 and 6 meters. They will carry a Hygain TH3-MK3 Tri-Bander and home brew 3 element monobands for 17 and 12 meters. For 80/40/30 meters they will use wire dipoles. The group will also use a Yaesu FL-2100B linear amplifier and two HF transceivers: One Icom model IC-706-MK2 and another Kenwood TS-430S. Jairo will be active as HK5MQZ/0 only on SSB. QSL direct ONLY, via HK5MQZ (Jairo Vargas, P.O. Box 10862, Cali, Colombia). Hiro will be active as HK5QGX/0 and will operate on CW only. QSL his contacts via his QSL Manager JA0MGR (direct ONLY).

EU-065. Didier, F5BWJ, will be active as TM2A from Noirmoutier Island from March 31st to April 7th. QSL via F5BWJ.

EU-126. Lawrence, KB9YXM, reports that the Finnish Club station, OH8TA, is planning an IOTA DXpedition to the Island of Hailuto in the Gulf of Bothnia off of the Finnish coast near Oulu. They will be operating for three days from the University of Oulu's marine research station on the island. They will be operating on HF, VHF and UHF. The frequency for 6 meters will be 50110 kHz. For other bands and frequencies please send an E-mail message to:

Operating conditions for 6 meters will be a Cushcraft 3 element Yagi, Yaesu ATAS-100 with GP and counterpoise, Yaesu FT-100 at 100-500Watts. The Yagi and ATAS-100 will be mounted atop the lighthouse station at 30-35 meters above sea-leval. The dates will be April 6-8th. KB9YXM is a U.S. operator currently living in Finland and very active on 50 Mhz and above. QSL to KB9YXM will be 100% via OH8TA.

EU-174. Eddy/ON6HE, Dirk/ON5CT and Frank/ON4AAX will be active from Thasos Island between May 27th and June 3rd. Their activity will be on all HF bands, CW and SSB. They will try to have a special callsign. QSL via the bureau or direct to ON4AAC: Frank Pletinck, Potaardestraat 72, B-9190 Stekene, Belgium.

OC-087. Tom, K7ZZ, informs OPDX that plans for the expedition to Enewetak (part of the Marshall Island group) on April 19-26th are going smoothly. An antenna mast will be loaned from Force 12. Support has been obtained from the makers of Mountain House freeze dried foods. And a donation to cover part of their QSL expenses is expected from the Island Radio Expedition Foundation. The only real snag has been the failure of a second amplifier to material- ize. The two Stateside team members will depart the West Coast on about April 10th to join the rest of the team on Kwajalein. From there they will fly on to Enewetak. Although only one station will have an amplifier, two additional tranceivers will be included. Antennas are a small tri-bander, a log for 10-6 meters, and a R-7000 vertical plus a wire dipole for the low bands. Propogation predictions show a slim chance of a 10 meter opening to Europe, but lots of chances on 15 meters. All other areas should have lots of openings. The callsign V73E has been issued/assigned. QSL cards go to WF5T.

SA-035. Dr. Rick, NE8Z/HC1MD, will be active as YV5/NE8Z from Los Roques roughly between March 31st-April 2nd. He will be using a TS50 + dipole mainly on 28.460 SSB. If propagation is poor on 10 meters, he will operate on 21260 or 14260 kHz SSB. No CW this trip. QSL via NE8Z: Rick Dorsch, Box 616, Hamburg, MI 48139 USA

Per, LA3FL, is currently active in his spare time from Hopen Island (EU-063) as JW3FL. He is the only radio operator on this little island with many polar bears. He will be here until June 2001. He was recently heard on CW on 21025 kHz at 0915z and 1833 kHz between 0045 and 0330z. QSL via LA3FL.

Gerard, PA3AXU, has announced another DX trip into the South Pacific. This time during September 2001, he will be heading to T30, C21 and 3D (Fiji). He reports that like his last trips, this will not be a holiday but work on the radio. He also hopes to give everyone a new one on SSB/CW/RTTY/SSTV and/or PSK31. Gerard will start his activity on Tarawa, West Kiribati, as T30XU, beginning September 4th. He will then travel to Nauru and sign C21XU beginning September 11th. Gerard will end his activity in Fiji signing as 3D2XU, from September 20-28th. For more details and up-to-date information, check the Web site at:

Gerard requests to please submit any comments/remarks/suggestions on his 2001 Pacific trip in the guestbook on his Web site.

3D2CI Update. Hrane, YT1AD, in Belgrade, reports that the logs are going to be on the Web site soon (they may be there!). They are currently having problem recovering some QSOs from a damaged hard disk, but they hope in a few days all will be consolidated into one log on the Web site. There are some photos of the Conway Reef operation on the Web site. Check them out at:

Hrane is going to be at the Dayton HamVention with a 1 hour video of Conway Reef.

LAST MINUTE CHANGE: The Hillview Gardens ARC (9M6AAC) was assigned the special callsign 9M6A for this past weekend's CQWW WPX SSB Contest with Peter G4MJS as the operator. Please QSL 9M6A via N2OO: Bob Schenck, PO BOX 345, TUCKERTON, NJ 08087 USA.

Paul, A35RK, would like to remind everyone that the Kingdom of Tonga (licensing authority - Tonga Communication Commission) has no national amateur radio society, no radio club of any sort, and NO QSL BUREAU. At present, it is a waste of time and money to send "bureau" cards to Tonga. Currently licensed A3 operators are certainly not receiving any "bureau" cards, and therefore they are unable to reply. In his own case, "QSL A35RK via W7TSQ" is the only possible route. The postal address for A35RK, in any database that he has seen is incorrect: "via direct", using that incorrect information, will most certainly result in a "dead letter" and no response.

Gerard, F2VX, can confirm the contact made with A51AA ONLY for the contacts made in September 2000, NOT for the new operator that was newly autorized.

Charly, K4VUD (aka A52UD), reports that all direct mail requests for A52UD QSLs have been answered to date. The bureau QSL will be done next fall.

QSL CW6V, which was active in last weekend's contest, to W3HNK.

Yannick, F6FYD, informs us that all direct and bureau requests for his operation as 5T5YD and 5T5YD/P are on the way.

HI9/DL7AFS and HI9/DJ7ZG QSL and Log. Babs, DL7AFS, informs OPDX that as of the early morning of March 23rd, the duo have arrived back in Germany. They thank the many for the interest in their Dxpedition. They made 16340 QSOs and plan to begin printing the QSLs next week. The log search is now available at:


L40F was active in the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest as a Multi/Multi category. The LU4FM team was: LU1FAK, LU1FAM, LU1FGE, LU1FGZ, LU1FZR, LU2FT, LU2FP, LU2JCW, LU3FCK, LU4FPZ, LU5FA, LU6FEC, LU8FCM, LU8FPT and LU8FQQ. QSL Manager is LU4FM: Radio Club Rosario, Zeballos 811/817, (2000) Rosario, Republica Argentina.

The Finnish Army Signals School is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year with their station OI3AY that was activated during the CQ WPX Contest. Also, Martti Laine, OH2BH, was one of the operators from the OI3AY station during the contest. A special QSL card will be issued for this special event. The QSL Manager is Teuvo Kaistila, OH1BV, Ahventie 5B1, 25410 Suomusjarvi, FINLAND.

Alan, VK4AAR, announced that all QSL requests for VK0MM cards received through March 20th have now been processed. There were some "not-in-log" replies sent out, but please be assured, that they were not sent out without a thorough check. Alan states, "My wife opened and checked the incoming card against the computer log. If she found any sort of problem she gave it to me to look for obvious typos etc etc.. If I could still not resolve the situation I would E-mail Alan, VK0MM, who would then search his own master log and get back to me. Therefore, it is useless to contact me for further checks.... I have already done all that is possible. Donations for Camp Quality (a charity supporting children who are dying of cancer etc..) are coming in regularly though some still expect a card when they don't even send reply postage and SAE. But a donation will NOT "buy" a card for a QSO that is not in the log. To those who have not yet sent their card to me..... be warned .... DO NOT PUT AUSTRALIAN STAMPS ON YOUR REPLY ENVELOPE. It is most likely that you do not have the correct series of international stamps. Most are putting the wrong amount on their SASEs, too. Let me do the stamps. Just send SAE and USD or IRCs (dollars are preferred as the surplus can go to the charity...IRCs only buy stamps). Those that have the wrong stamps on will be mailed back to you but I don't guarantee if you will receive them. Finally, and for the umpteenth time, **DO NOT** SEND REQUESTS FOR VK0LD OR AX0LD CARDS TO ME. I HAVE NO AUTHORITY ON THOSE AT ALL !!!"

The Grupo DX Caracas which participated in the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest this past weekend as YW4M gets QSLed via W4SO.

ZL4CC QSLs for the March 2001 operation. Bob, G3PJT, informs OPDX that the correct direct QSL route for this operation is to Bob Whelan, G3PJT, 36 Green End, Comberton, Cambridge CB3 7DY UK. Bob states, "Do not send cards to any other address which may appear in old callbooks as the call was reissued to me for this operation. Bureau cards are OK via G3PJT and the RSGB QSL bureau. An E-mail log request is OK for a bureau card." Bob's E-mail address is: Bob_g3pjt@compuserve.com

Jacky, F2CW, is now active as TX5CW. Look for him mainly on CW. His activity this past week was on 30/20/17/15 meters. QSL via F2CW.

Fred, K2FRD, reports that he is planning a DXpedition to Labrador; not a DXCC Entity, but an uncommon contact nevertheless. He will be operating from about June 6th through August 31st, as VO2/K2FRD from a tent. His QTH is about 90km WSW of Churchill Falls, Labrador, Province of Newfoundland, Canada. His activity will be mainly 10, 15 and 20 meters in that order. Suggested frequencies are: 28415, 28515, 21315, 21415, 14215 and 14295 kHz. He does plan to be active on some nets. For more details on bands, frequencies, schedules, QSL info, etc...., check the Web page at:


The UK team is now active from here as ZD8K until March 28th. They will move onto St. Helena and sign ZD7K and be active until April 12th. QSL via GW0ANA.

Joaquim, PS7JN, reports that he will be active from "Sao Pedro and Sao Paulo Archipelago" beginning April 1st through April 15th, as ZY0SAT during his free times (afternoons and evenings). His primary objective there is Geochemical of Sao Pedro and Sao Paulo Archipelago. He will be active on HF and the satellites. His suggested operating frequencies are:
HF - 3780, 7085, 14180, 21280, and 28450
SAT - AO-10 (145.9), UO-14 (435.07), FO_20 (435.850) and FO-29 (435.850)
His equipment will be a FT-480R, 20dB amp., XY 7+7 element, 4800 Standard, 20W PA, XY 15+15 element and a HF Atlas 210 with inverted V all band. QSL Manager is PS7JN: Joaquim "Kim" das Virgens, Rua Carlos Serrano, 1969, CEP: 59076-740, Natal-RN, Brasil (Send 2 IRC and a SASE. Any contribution will be welcomed).

SPECIAL NOTE BY EDITOR: If you are having a problem receiving bounced mail by sending mail to me via " kb8nw@barf80.nshore.org ", please send mail to me via " kb8nw@arrl.net "...... TNX de Tedd KB8NW


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Additional Bulletins for OPDX InterNet Subscribers

Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 17:30:47 +0900
From: Mitsu Sugawara {sugawara@jarl.or.jp}
Organization: The Japan Amateur Radio League, Inc.
MIME-Version: 1.0
To: kb8nw@arrl.net
Subject: The 42nd All Asian DX Contest- 2001

Dear Sirs/Madams,

JARL would like to offer the following contest information for your publications.

1. The 42nd All Asian DX Contest- 2001 Supported by the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications, Japan. (former MPT)

Contest Period
(1) CW
From June 16th, 00:00 to June 17th 24:00 UTC (48 hours)
(2) Phone
From Sept. 1st 00:00 to Sept. 2nd 24:00 UTC (48 hours)

Please refer to JARL's web site for more detailed information.


Note: Please note carefully that there are some rule changes.

2. The Results of the 41st All Asian DX Contest - 2000
The results appeared on JARL's web site:


Thank you very much for your attention.


International Section
The Japan Amateur Radio League, Inc.

From: "Leszek Przybylak" {sp6cik@op.onet.pl}
To: {kb8nw@barf80.nshore.org}
Subject: Invitation to SP DX Contest 2001
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 21:48:36 +0100
MIME-Version: 1.0

Hello Tedd,
We would like to invite you to our SP DX Contest.
We enclose the rules. Please, pas it on to your readers and friends.
Mni tnx & vy 73!
SP DX Contest 2001 Committee Chairman
Leszek Przybylak SP6CIK

   SP DX  CONTEST 2001

1.  Contest  organizers:  The  PZK - Polski  Zawiazek  Krotkofalowcow
  (Polish Amateur Radio Union) and the SP DX Club have the honour  to
  invite  radio  amateurs and SWLs all over the world to  participate
  in  the  SPDX  Contest.

2. Date: Every year - the first full weekend of April (April 7 - 8 in
  2001) from 15:00 UTC on Saturday to 15:00 UTC on Sunday.

3.  Contest  subject: To make the highest possible number of contacts
  among  Polish  HAMs  and  non-polish   HAMs.      Remember:  Polish
  stations  can  work  only other countries;  stations  from  outside
  Poland can work only Polish stations in the contest.

4. Bands: From 1,8 to 28 MHz (without WARC bands).

5.  Modes:  CW  and/or SSB. It is possible to work the  same  station
  twice  a band but on different modes. No crossmode contacts. It  is
  necessary to observe IARU band plan during the contest.

6.  Contest  CQ:  Foreign  stations: "CQ SP";  Polish  stations:  "CQ
  CONTEST" on SSB or "CQ TEST" on CW.

7. Exchange numbers:
  * Foreign  stations send a five or six  figure number consisting  of
    RST  or  RS report + serial number, for example 599001 on  CW  or
    59001 on SSB.
  * Polish  stations  give a two or three  figure number  representing
    the  RST  or  RS  report  + one letter denoting  the  WOJEWODZTWO
    (province) abbreviation, for example 599G on CW or 59G on SSB.
  * Possible  abbreviations  of  Polish provinces  (max.  16  on  one
    band): B, C, D, F, G, R, J, K, L, M, O, P, S, U, W, Z.

8. Points:
  * Foreign stations: 3 points for each QSO with Polish station.
  * Polish  stations: DX QSO: 3 points; QSO with EU station: 1 point;
    QSO with another SP station: 0 points.

9. Multiplier:
  For   foreign  stations:  each  different  WOJEWODZTWO   (province)
  denoted  by  the one letter abbreviation counts for one  multiplier
  (counted  only  once  per  band).  The  maximal  multiplier  is  16
  provinces x 6 bands
  For  Polish  stations: DXCC countries (counted only  one  time  per
  10.  Final score: The sum of QSO - points from all bands multiplied
  by  the  sum of provinces from all bands (or from a band in  Single
  Band entries).
11. Categories:
  * SO MB Mixed Mode,
  * SO SB Mixed Mode,
  * MO MB Mixed Mode,
  * SO MB SSB,
  * SO SB SSB,
  * SWL's Mixed Mode,
  * SO MB CW,
  * SO SB CW.
  **  Note  1: Using DX nests, DXclusters will qualify a station  for
  Multi Operator category.
  ** Note 2: Club (MO MB) stations should notify all operators.

  12. SWL stations:
  * Foreign  SWL  must copy the call-sign of the Polish  station  and
     its contest report and the call-sign of the foreign station
  * Polish SWL must copy the foreign station call and contest report and
     call-sign of the Polish station.
  * Scoring is the same as for stations in transmitting section.  The
     same  Polish  station and foreign station can  be  listened  only
     once on the same band/mode.
13.  Final  scores:Score  tables will be  held  separately  for  each
  country and then for all categories for one country.
14.  Awards: For first places in all categories. The number of awards
  in  one  category  is the thing of the Contest Committee  decision.
  Foreign  winners  can  also  receive special  plates  sponsored  by
  Polish HAMs.
15. Contest logs:
  Logs   must   contain  date,  time  in  UTC,  correspondent   call,
  exchanges,  indicated  multipliers  and  points.  A  summary  sheet
  should  contain  all  scoring information:  category,  contestant's
  name  and  adress and a signed declaration that all  contest  rules
  and  regulations for amateur radio in the country of operation have
  been  observed.  Logs  must be checked for  duplicate  contacts.  A
  multiplier  check list should be enclosed. Log can  be  sent  on  a
  floppy  disc  as a file (MS-DOS ASCII). The deadline  for  logs  is
  April 30, 2001. Logs should be sent to the following addresss:
     Polski Zwiazek Krotkofalowcow,
     SPDX Contest Committee,
     P. O. Box 320,
     00-950 WARSZAWA,

  Logs  can  be  sent  also  via  e-mail  (ASCII  file)  to:
  It is recommended to use e-mail or disc logs  if possible.

16. Disqualification: Violation of the rules of the contest or taking
  credit  for  incorrect  or  multipliers or  duplicate  contacts  in
  excess  3%  of  total made will be deemed as sufficient  cause  for
  disqualification. The decisions of the SPDX Contest  Committee  are
  final and not contestable.
17.  Additional information 1: SP DX Contest is fully supported by  a
  demo  version  of  Super Duper - contest log by EI5DI.  It  can  be
  downloaded from author's WWW site at: <http://www.ei5di.com>.

18. Additional information 2: It is possible to apply for some Polish
  awards  with  no need to handle QSL cards from Polish  stations  if
  contacts  are  made during the SP DX Contest in 2001. Please  check
  visit         SP         DX         Contest         Page         at
  <http://dendro.sggw.waw.pl/sp5zcc/spdxc/spdxc.htm>      for     all

If  you have any questions about the contest, please write to  SP  DX
Contest     2001     Committee     Chairman     -     Leszek SP6CIK

AB5K AR-Cluster Network DXCC/Entities Chart of Activity For the week of Sunday, 18/Mar - Saturday, 24/Mar Nmbr Nmbr Band of Days of DXCC Stations Spots Activity the Week Modes ---- ------- ----- ----------------------------- ------------- ---------- 3A 4 10 . M.T.W.T. .S CW.SSB.RTTY 3B8 6 24 .30.20. .15.12.10. M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 3B9 2 24 . .10. M.T. .T. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 3D2/r 7 94 .40. .20. . M.T.W.T. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 3D2 2 11 .20. .15. .W. .SSB. 3V 7 110 160.80.40. . M. .W.T.F.S. CW.SSB.RTTY 3W 10 117 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 3Y/b 2 3 .10. .S .SSB. 4J 7 53 160. .20. .15. .10. M.T.W.T.F. .S CW.SSB.RTTY 4L 13 55 . .15.12.10. M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 4S 8 38 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 4X 47 107 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 5A 6 13 .15. .10. .W.T.F.S. CW.SSB.RTTY 5B 39 464 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 5H 2 20 160. .30.20. M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW. .RTTY 5N 4 10 .20.17. .10. M.T.W.T.F. .SSB. 5R 7 26 .80. .20. .15.12.10. M.T.W.T. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 5U 3 8 .15. .6 .T.W.T. .S CW.SSB.RTTY 5W 2 24 .40.30. . M.T.W. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 5X 3 8 .10.6 .T.F.S.S .SSB. 5Z 1 3 .10. .S.S .SSB. 6W 3 11 .40. .17. .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 6Y 10 59 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 7P 1 1 .10. .T. CW. .RTTY 7Q 5 55 .6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 7X 7 35 .40.30.20. .15.12.10. M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 8P 5 33 .40. .20. .15. .10. M. .W.T. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 8Q 1 73 .20. .10. M.T.W.T.F. .S .SSB. 8R 7 79 .40.30.20. .15.12.10. M.T.W.T.F.S. CW.SSB.RTTY 9A 52 220 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 9G 6 74 .20. .15. .10. .W.T.F.S.S .SSB. 9H 16 74 160. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 9J 1 11 .30.20. .15.12.10. M.T. .F.S. CW. .RTTY 9K 6 104 .40. .20. .15. .10. M.T. .T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 9L 2 2 .12. .S CW. .RTTY 9M2 7 51 .40.30.20. .15. .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 9M6 6 100 .20.17.15. .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 9N 2 23 .10.6 .T. .S CW.SSB.RTTY 9Q 1 1 .20. .T. .SSB. 9V 11 93 160. .40.30.20. .15. .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY 9Y 6 12 .20. .12.10.6 .T.F.S.S .SSB. A2 2 12 .20. .10. .T. .SSB. A3 1 1 .20. .T. .SSB. A4 9 102 .80. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY A5 6 100 .80.40. .20. .15. .10. M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY A6 12 357 160.80.40. .20. .15. .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY A7 1 1 .20. .F. .SSB. A9 3 8 .20.17. .10. M.T. .T. .S. CW.SSB.RTTY AP 4 21 .20. . M.T.W.T.F. .S .SSB. BV 23 149 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY BY 45 144 .40.30.20. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY C3 6 14 .40. .20. .15.12. M.T.W. .S CW.SSB.RTTY C6 4 16 .40. .20. .15. .10. .W. .F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY CE 36 143 .80.40. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY CE0A 3 162 .T. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY CE0Z 1 5 .15. .10. .W. CW. .RTTY CE9 6 98 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY CM 40 134 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY CN 16 111 .80.40. .20. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY CP 7 26 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY CT 26 66 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY CT3 16 127 .40.30.20. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY CU 11 42 .30.20. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY CX 33 110 .80.40. .20.17.15. .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY D2 2 7 .20. .10. .T. .T.F. .S CW.SSB.RTTY D4 1 1 .20. .S. D6 1 2 .12. .S .SSB. DL 155 328 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY DU 31 128 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY EA 170 404 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY EA6 15 48 M.T. .T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY EA8 35 172 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY EA9 10 66 .40. . M. .W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY EI 18 41 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY EK 8 37 .80. .20.17.15. M. .W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY EL 2 3 .30. .15. .W. .F. .S CW.SSB.RTTY EP 8 45 .40. .20. .15. .10. M.T.W.T.F. .S CW.SSB.RTTY ER 12 46 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY ES 15 53 160.80.40. .20. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY ET 6 56 .17. .12. .6 M. .W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY EU 26 45 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY EX 16 92 .80.40. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY EY 5 65 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY EZ 7 27 . .10. M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY F 118 355 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY FG 5 15 .20. .15. .10. M. .W. .F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY FH 1 12 .20. .10. .W.T.F. .SSB. FJ 4 28 .40. .20.17. .12. M. .W.T.F.S.S .SSB. FK 11 126 .80.40. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY FM 21 346 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY FO 6 33 . M.T.W.T.F.S. CW.SSB.RTTY FR 8 75 .40. .20. . M.T.W.T. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY FW 1 40 .40. .20. .15. .10.6 M.T.W.T.F. .S CW.SSB.RTTY FY 8 58 .20. .15. .10.6 M.T.W. .F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY G 107 210 .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY GD 5 12 . M.T.W.T. .S CW.SSB.RTTY GI 12 21 .80.40. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY GJ 11 122 . M.T.W. .F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY GM 36 123 160.80. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY GU 8 24 160. .40. . M.T.W.T. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY GW 27 54 . .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY H4 4 26 .20.17. .10.6 .T.W.T.F.S. CW.SSB.RTTY H40 3 108 .20.17.15. .10. .W.T.F.S.S CW. .RTTY HA 36 109 .15. .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY HB 28 55 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY HB0 4 15 . .15.12.10. .F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY HC 9 66 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY HC8 3 116 160.80.40. .20. .15. .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY HH 3 8 .15. .10. M. .S .SSB. HI 18 222 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY HK 32 77 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY HK0/a 3 16 . .10. M.T.W.T.F. .S CW.SSB.RTTY HL 50 123 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY HP 12 95 .40. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY HR 8 56 160.80.40. .20. .15. .10.6 M. .W.T. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY HS 13 63 .20. .15. .10. M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY HV 1 1 .20. .T. CW. .RTTY HZ 2 8 .20. .15. .W.T.F. .SSB. I 185 500 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY IS 7 10 . .15.12. M.T.W.T.F. .S CW.SSB.RTTY J2 8 35 .20. .15. .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY J3 4 32 .20. .15. .10. M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY J6 1 1 .10. .W. .SSB. J7 2 4 .30.20. .T.W. .S. CW.SSB.RTTY J8 1 5 .40.30. .T. .S CW. .RTTY JA 318 610 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY JD/m 2 12 .80. .15. M. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY JT 6 54 .40. . M.T.W.T. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY JW 11 67 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY JX 1 28 . M. .W.T. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY JY 6 95 . .10. M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY K 467 1158 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY KG4 12 416 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY KH0 14 143 160. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY KH2 9 86 .40. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY KH6 32 150 160.80.40. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY KH8 2 18 .20. .15. .10. .T. .S .SSB. KH9 0 0 KL 24 184 .40. .20.17.15. .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY KP2 10 41 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY KP4 36 120 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY LA 44 87 160. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY LU 144 573 .80.40. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY LX 22 84 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY LY 27 103 . M.T. .T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY LZ 36 73 .15.12.10. M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY OA 8 58 .20. .15. .10. M. .T.F.S. CW.SSB.RTTY OD 10 68 . M. .W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY OE 36 109 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY OH 55 135 .10.6 M.T. .T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY OH0 3 7 .40. .17.15. .W. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY OK 82 193 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY OM 29 92 160.80.40. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY ON 43 191 160.80.40. . M.T.W. .F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY OX 8 17 .30. .15.12. .6 M.T. .S CW.SSB.RTTY OY 7 50 . .T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY OZ 42 109 160.80.40. .20. . M.T. .T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY P2 4 20 .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY P4 10 180 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY PA 46 78 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY PJ2 7 95 .80.40. .20.17.15. .10. M. .W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY PJ7 6 31 .40.30.20. .15.12.10. M. .W.T.F.S. CW.SSB.RTTY PY 137 526 160.80.40. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY PY0F 5 255 .80.40. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY PZ 5 31 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY R1FJ 1 38 .40. .20.17. .T. .T. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY S2 2 3 .15. .F.S. .SSB. S5 51 243 160.80.40. .20. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY S7 2 83 .40.30. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY SM 75 169 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY SP 61 153 .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY SU 12 121 160.80.40. . M.T. .T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY SV 27 120 160.80.40. .20. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY SV5 2 4 .20.17.15. .10. .T. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY T30 2 81 . M.T.W.T. .S CW.SSB.RTTY T7 5 22 160.80. .30.20. .15.12.10. M. .W. .F.S. CW.SSB.RTTY T8 4 10 .30. .17.15. .F. .S CW. .RTTY T9 15 36 160.80.40. .20. .15. .10. M.T. .T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY TA 16 81 . .15.12.10. M. .W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY TF 9 45 .40. .20. .15. .10. .W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY TG 9 41 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY TI 20 243 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY TI9 2 2 .40. .10. .T. .S CW.SSB.RTTY TK 9 49 . M.T.W. .F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY TR 9 58 .20.17.15. .10.6 M.T.W. .F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY TT 1 4 .6 M. .W. CW.SSB.RTTY TU 3 3 .20. .10. .W. .F. .S CW. .RTTY TX0 1 1 .20. .W. CW. .RTTY TZ 1 1 .17. .S CW. .RTTY UA 240 606 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY UA2 15 52 160.80.40. .20.17. .12.10. M.T. .T. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY UA9 216 599 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY UK 11 37 160. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY UN 36 121 .80.40. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY UR 90 237 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY V3 2 2 .10. M. .S CW.SSB.RTTY V4 4 60 .80. .20. .15.12.10. .T. .T.F.S.S .SSB. V5 10 126 .30.20. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY V6 7 127 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY V7 8 51 .30. .15. .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY V8 1 2 .10. .T. .SSB. VE 118 359 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY VK 134 326 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY VK9N 9 119 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY VP2E 6 8 .80. . .10. M. .T. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY VP2M 1 1 .80. .W. .SSB. VP2V 3 5 .30.20. .12. .W. .F. CW.SSB.RTTY VP5 7 149 160. .40. . .W.T.F.S. CW.SSB.RTTY VP6 1 1 .10. .S. .SSB. VP8 4 6 .20. .10. M.T.W.T. .S. CW.SSB.RTTY VP8/h 1 1 .20. .S CW. .RTTY VP8/s 0 0 VP9 2 3 .15.12. M. .S .SSB. VQ9 5 38 160. .40. .20. .15.12.10. .T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY VR 16 77 . .15. .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY VU 39 156 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY XE 34 87 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY XF4 1 1 .17. .S CW. .RTTY XT 2 8 .15. .10. .T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY XU 4 9 .20. .15. .10. .T.W.T.F.S. CW. .RTTY XW 1 1 .15. .S. CW. .RTTY XX9 1 2 .15. .T. .SSB. YB 55 218 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY YI 1 1 .20. .F. .SSB. YJ 6 163 . M.T.W.T.F.S. CW.SSB.RTTY YK 2 3 .20. .15. .10. .T. .S. CW.SSB.RTTY YL 22 68 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY YN 2 5 .15. .F. .S .SSB. YO 17 26 160.80. .30.20. .15. .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY YS 5 32 .80. . M.T. .T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY YU 59 229 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY YV 25 127 . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY Z2 4 40 .15. .10.6 M.T. .S.S CW.SSB.RTTY Z3 12 84 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY ZA 6 16 . .10. M.T.W.T.F.S. CW. .RTTY ZB 4 10 .40. .20. .15.12. .6 .T. .F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY ZC4 5 64 .20.17.15. .10. .W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY ZD7 6 42 .40. .20. .15. .10.6 M. .W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY ZD8 6 292 160. . M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY ZD9 1 1 .15. .S. CW. .RTTY ZF 4 5 .40. .20. .10.6 .W.T.F. .S CW.SSB.RTTY ZK1/s 7 31 .20.17. .12.10. M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY ZL 54 139 .10.6 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY ZP 15 56 .40. .20.17.15. .10.6 M. .W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY ZS 63 353 M.T.W.T.F.S.S CW.SSB.RTTY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tot Stations: 5559 Tot Spots: 22826 Spotter of the week: W2GO (343 spots)

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