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OPDX 520 July 16, 2001

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The Ohio/Penn Dx 9acketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 520
BID: $OPDX.520
July 16, 2001
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters Network, WC1X, K2JXW, W3UR & The Daily DX, K4VUD, KJ4UY, WD4NGB, AC6V, NI6T, K8YSE, WB8YJF, 9A5K, 9A6AA, 9V1YC, E21EIC, DJ4ZB, DL1EK & DX News Letter, F5NQL, F5TYY, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, HK3CW, I1JQJ & IK1ADH and 425 DX News, ON5FP, PA5ET, RA3SL, SM3CVM, VA3PL, VK3DYL, XE1KK, YO4ATW and YV5EED for the following DX information.

According to the AR-Cluster Network for the week of Sunday, 8/July, through Sunday, 15/July there were 215 countries active. Countries available: 3A, 3B8, 3B9, 3C, 3D2, 3V, 3W, 4J, 4L, 4S, 4W, 4X, 5A, 5B, 5H, 5N, 5R, 5Z, 6W, 6Y, 7Q, 7X, 8P, 8R, 9A, 9H, 9J, 9K, 9M2, 9M6, 9N, 9Q, 9V, 9X, 9Y, A2, A4, A6, A7, A9, AP, BV, BY, C3, C6, C9, CE, CE0Z, CE9, CM, CN, CP, CT, CT3, CU, CX, D2, D4, D6, DL, DU, EA, EA6, EA8, EA9, EI, EK, EL, EP, ER, ES, ET, EU, EX, EY, EZ, F, FG, FH, FK, FM, FO, FP, FR, FW, FY, G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW, H40, HA, HB, HB0, HC, HH, HI, HK, HK0/a, HL, HP, HR, HS, HV, HZ, I, IS, J3, J7, JA, JT, JW, JY, K, KG4, KH0, KH2, KH6, KH8, KL, KP2, KP4, LA, LU, LX, LY, LZ, OA, OD, OE, OH, OH0, OJ0, OK, OM, ON, OX, OY, OZ, P2, P4, PA, PJ2, PJ7, PY, PY0F, PZ, S2, S5, SM, SP, ST, SU, SV, SV5, SV9, T32, T7, T8, T9, TA, TF, TG, TI, TK, TL, TR, TT, TU, TZ, UA, UA2, UA9, UK, UN, UR, V4, V5, V7, V8, VE, VK, VK9X, VP2V, VP8, VP9, VQ9, VR, VU, XE, XU, XW, XZ, YB, YI, YK, YL, YO, YS, YU, YV, Z2, Z3, ZA, ZB, ZC4, ZD7, ZF, ZK1/s, ZL, ZP, ZS

* PLEASE NOTE: The report "could" contain "Pirate/SLIM" operations. As always, you never know - "Work First Worry Later" (WFWL). OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive an additional bulletin (due to its size) with a complete breakdown and "DXCC/Entities Chart of Activity".

3D2, FIJI (Still Going Strong!)
The "425 DX News" reports that well known DXer Ron, ZL1AMO, should be active again as 3D2RW from the Fiji Islands as of July 12th. OPDX still has not seen QSN reports as of July 15th. They also state that he will operate from Nadi Island (OC-016) for a few days, around July 16th. He will then move to the Lau Group (OC-095) for a couple of weeks. QSL via ZL1AMO.

Yannick, F6FYD, has left from Alegria, and he is now in Tunisia. He is expected to operate from 3V8BB.

4Z8, ISRAEL (Attention Prefix Hunters!)
Marc, WC1X, is a U.S. ham operating in Israel with a rare prefix. He will be there until June of 2002, using the callsign 4Z8BB. There is only one other licensed operator that shares the "4Z8" prefix. Although Marc states, "I know Israel is certainly not a rare country but the prefix '4Z8' is." Marc has worked many stations on 20/15 meters SSB (mostly North Americans). He informs OPDX that he would like the readers to know he can also be found on RTTY on 20 meters. His schedule is: 0330-0430z on 14082 +/- QRM, 7 days a week. QSL manager is WC1X.

9A, CROATIAN ISLAND HOPPING TOUR 2001 (Also Lighthouse Activity)
Marc/ON5FP and Jose/ON4CJK will be island hopping in Croatia from July 16-31st. Their base QTH will be the lighthouse of "Veli Rat" (CRO-183) on the island of Dugi Otok (EU-170 and CI-018). They will have a motorboat at their disposal and plan to visit 3 more nearby small Croatian islands (not specified yet) in the same IOTA group. Their planned schedule of activities include:
Rab Island (EU-136 and CI-096) - July 20th
Brac Island (EU-016 and CI-010) - July 21st
Pasman Island (EU-170 and CI-085) - July 22nd
Pag Island (EU-170 and CI-082) - July 27th
Vir Island (EU-170 and CI-141) - July 27th
Porer Island (EU-110 and CI-090) - July 31st

Their aim is to transmit from as many lighthouses as possible. ON4CJK will be an entry in the IOTA contest from their "Veli Rat" lighthouse QTH. QSL all QSOs to ON4ADN via the UBA bureau or direct to: Geert Decru, St. Laurentiusstraat 18, B- 8710 Wielsbeke, Belgium.

Operators 9A2GK/Miljenko, 9A3LD/Branko, 9A6JWF/Zeljko, 9A2BD/Zlatko, 9A4LT/Vlado, 9A7DAQ/Branko and 9A3PG/Laci who were active this past week as 9A1C/p from IOTA EU-170, will be visiting more Croatian islands in the coming weeks: Katina (CI-037), Sestrice (CI-103), Silo (CI-121), Mana (CI-064), Levrnaka (CI-054) and Rasip (CI-098). Operations will be on 40-20 meters (IOTA freq). QSL via 9A4BL.

Members of the Radio Club 9A1HBC (Operators: Zlatko/9A2EU, Dino/9A2NO, Mario/9A5MR and Josip/9A7JLJ) will be active as 9A7T/p from EU-170 (The Island of Zut, CI-154) on July 27-29th, especially during the IOTA contest. They will be use 9A/homecall before and after IOTA contest. Operations will be on 80/40/20/15/10 meters. QSL 9A7T/p via 9A2EU. An additional list of Islands for the IOCA Award is at:


CARIBBEAN TOUR 2001 (Updated)
In addition to previous announcements, the Low Land DX-pedition Team (LLDXT) have received 2 special callsigns J3PA and J8PA which will be used on Topband to avoid dupes and for several Contests. No individual callsigns will be used on 160 meter. All licenses and import permissions for the equipment are pre-arranged. The LLDXT's 6th Caribbean tour will take them to the island of Carriacou (Grenada) IOTA NA-147 (2nd - 15th August) and the island Bequia (St. Vincent) IOTA NA-025 (16th - 27th August). The team members will be Bouke/PA0ZH, Ronald/PA3EWP, Rob/PA5ET and Dennis/PA7FM. The callsigns will be J3/homecall, J8/homecall, J3PA and J8PA. The last 2 callsigns will be used on Topband and during contests. They will use 2 x FT1000MP's with amplifiers and will be active around the clock on 160-10 meters on the modes CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31. Titanex sponsored a V160E vertical to give them a good low-band signal. As in other years, they have a Tour Web-Site which will be updated daily with the latest information, on-line logs, tour diary, digital photo's, propagation forecasts and digital pile-up recordings. The Guestbook can already be signed. The LLDXT home-page is ready for the tour and can be found at:

All QSLs will be managed again by PA5ET, Rob Snieder, Van Leeuwenstraat 137, 2273 VS Voorburg, The Netherlands.

EU-064. Yves, F5TYY, will be active on Noirmoutier's Island during the IOTA Contest from July 27-29th. He plans to operate on 80/40/20/15/10 meters SSB using the callsign F5TYY/p. His QSL qsl is assured via the Bureau.

NA-067. Jon, WB8YJF, will be active from Ocracoke Island, NC, from July 22-29th. His activity will include an entry in the RSGB IOTA Contest as WB8YJF/NA67. He will be active on CW, RTTY, and SSB. Jon will be taking a TA33-Mini and will have it mounted at 25-30 ft. next to a saltwater pond. He might try antennas for 30 and 40 meters and possible 80 (He has a shortened 80m rotatable dipole). QSL (direct is MUCH faster) via his home QTH: Jon Severt/WB8YJF, 5586 Babbitt Rd., New Albany, OH 43054.

NA-090. Masa/XE1ZOI and Ramon/XE1KK will be active from Cozumel Island, Grid EL60, from July 27-29th, including the IOTA Contest. They expect to be using the callsigns 4A3ZOI on mostly CW, and 6H3KK on mostly SSB. Outside of the contest, they will be active on HF including the WARC bands, 50 MHz and FM satellites. QSL via their home callsigns.

Andy, VA3PL, is planning a little IOTA expedition to Assateague Island (Worcester County, Maryland, MD001S and NA-139).. If he can't get a camping site there, he will then go to his alternate site on the Virginia side of the same island called Chincoteague (Accomack County, VA002S and NA-083). Andy will be active from July 26-30th, and will be operating on, or near the usual IOTA frequencies (SSB/CW). He will be using a TS-450 (100 watts) and a G5RV antenna. Andy will also be operating during the IOTA contest from his campsite location. QSL via home call - SASE/SAE + GS/IRC appreciated.

SA-NEW. Ramon, YV5EED, Events Coordinator for the Grupo DX Caracas, informs OPDX that the Association of Radioamateurs of Venezuela (ARV) and the Grupo DX Caracas are pleased to announce the Venezuelan Navy Day 2001 celebration with an IOTA DXpedition to Falcon State Islands on July 20 to 24, 2001. Since it is a new IOTA island group, a number will be assigned after their operation according to the new IOTA Directory. The callsign YW1F will be used on the regular DX HF frequencies and 6 meters. A plaque will be given to the DX station that works them on most bands and modes. QSL via W4SO (mail drop) and via bureau ONLY via YV ARV QSL Bureau, P.O. Box 3636, Caracas 1010-A, Venezuela.

ISLAND NEWS. Marc/F6HQP and Pierre/F5NGB will operate from some islands in Brittany for the DIFM and IOTA award between July 29th to August 12th. No other details were provided.

Over the last few years, more and more DXers have been taking an interest in lighthouses/lightships activity. This week we received a message from Jim Weidner, K2JWX, President of the "Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society" ARLHS. He states the following: "The ARLHS is the world's largest amateur radio society devoted exclusively to ham radio and lighthouses. Less than a year old, our membership already totals several hundred worldwide, with an average of 2 new members being added every day. In addition to sponsoring expeditions to lighthouses and lightships around the world on a weekly basis, we also sponsor four operating events throughout the year. The next events are the immensely popular NLLW and ILLW annual operating events. (The latter event is in co-sponsorship with GM4SUC.) We offer an extensive lighthouse awards program and maintain perhaps the internet's largest and most complete list of the lighthouses and lightships of the world.............. Full details can be found on our main web pages at:

Our main web site contains our stated purposes in sponsoring expeditions to remote lighthouses as well as details about our worldwide organization, the largest ham radio society devoted to lighthouse/lightship operations. Membership details and FAQs are also accessible from this main page."

(1) National Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend (NLLW) - August 4-5th. Guidelines are on the web page at:

For the first time awards and prizes are offered for this event. The prize drawing is an exquisitely detailed miniature collectible lighthouse, signed limited edition, donated by one of their sponsors, Harbour Lights.

(2) International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend (ILLW) - August 18-19th. Guidelines are on the web page at:


Just a reminder that a new lighthouse will be activated for the "World Lighthouse Award" next weekend for one day, July 22nd. Look for 9A5KV/P, 9A3VM/P, 9A3DU/P and 9A5V/P to be active from the Croatian lighthouse "Otocic Lirica" (LH 0381). QSL via 9A5KV: PO Box 286, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia.

OPDX was informed that a new DX publication is available for DXers, "The Amateur Radio DX Reference Guide - DX101X By AC6V". This guide includes information on DX Equipment, Propagation, Operating Aids, Working DX, QSLing, DX Secrets,14 Appendices... etc. This 226 page book took a year to write and features the DXing advice of several noted DXers and technical gurus. For an outline and samples of this guide, vist the Web page:


9A0HQ active this past weekend during the IARU HF Championship, should be QSLed via the bureau or directly to 9A5K via the following adresses:
Kresimir Kovarik, Zagorska 14, HR-49210 Zabok, CROATIA
Kresimir Kovarik, M.Sufflaya 15, HR-43000 Bjelovar, CROATIA

Victor/9V1BH and James/9V1YC operated as 9V9HQ, representing the IARU HQ station of The Singapore Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (SARTS), in the IARU Contest this past weekend. QSL via AA5BT.

C21TA QSLs. Peter's QSL Manager, Gwen VK3DYL, apologizes for the unavoidable delay in answering direct QSL cards. Since C21 stamps are greatly sought after by philatelists, Peter intends posting the cards from Nauru on his next trip.

Jose, EA5KB, is now the the QSL Manager of Claus, CP4BT. He can check QSL requests dating back to January 1st, 1998. His address: Jose Ardid Arlandis, Appartado 5013 , E-46080 Valencia, SPAIN .

The HS0AC club station of Radio Amateur Soceity of Thailand (RAST HQ) was active in the IARU 2001 Contest this past weekend. Ops were: HS1CKC, HS0GBI, HS6NDK and E21EIC. QSL via G3NOM.

FK8GM was active in last weekend's IARU Contest as a Single Op/ Multi-band/SSB only entry. The QSL Manager is WB2RAJ.

Tom, N4XP (K4TSJ), reports that 85% of QSL requests for K5K, the Kingman Reef DXpedition, have been answered. Cards are generally answered in the sequence in which they were received. Tom is on a major push to complete this task---over 30,000 cards have been received.

NOT THE QSL MANAGER. Leonid, UA6CW, informs that he is not or has never been the QSL Manager for UJ8H, active during September 2000.

YR0HQ was active in the 2001 IARU HF World Campionship from the Romanian HQ, should be QSLed via YO3FRI.

OPDX InterNet Subscribers using QSL.NET as their InterNet Mail Address will no longer receive the OPDX Bulletin. This will affect some 42 subscribers. OPDX has been having trouble sending the bulletin over the last few weeks to these subscribers of QSL.NET. Apparently, (as we are told) it has something to do with a SPAM control on QSL.NET. We recommend that these subscribers PLEASE unsubscribe from the OPDX mailing List to prevent continued message bounces and resubscribe from another address. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Look for John, KX7YT, to be active as S21YV from Dhaka now through August 5th. He will operate on 20/15 meters SSB/PSK31 between the hours of 1400-1800z.

A special event station will be on the air from now through the end of August to conmemorate the "Copa America 2001" soccer football tournament that will be held in Colombia. The Copa America is the most important football tournament in South America. All South American national teams will compete for this prestigious cup. The special callsign to be used is 5K3CA which will be on the air 80-10 meters, CW, RTTY, PSK31 and SSB. Operators are: HK3DDD, HK3WGQ, HK1APN/3, HK3PDX, HK3LGO, HK3CW, HJ3ISB, and HJ3JSF. QSL via HK3DDD, Beto. QSL direct or via the bureau. The QSL will be a beautiful color photo depicting the highlights of the tournament.

In connection with the celebration of "The King Chulalongkorn Days" in Utanede, Sweden, special event station SI9AM will have "open house" between 0800-1800z, Thursday, July 19th through Sunday, July 22nd. They will allow a 2 hour slot for each operator during the operating hours of 0800-1800z daily. Whoever happens to be in the area/vicinity and would like to operate with this unusual callsign SI9AM, please contact them via E-mail at " si9am@qsl.net " for booking of time slots. The suggested frequencies are:
CW - 3517, 7017, 14017, 21017 and 28017
SSB - 3760, 7060, 14210, 21310 and 28510 kHz
QSL via SM3CVM via the SM bureau or CBA. For more information about SI9AM, check the Web site:


Bruce, WD4NGB, informed OPDX that: "Due to the recent DXpedition to T5 reducing the need, and the increase in hostilities in the country, the planned trip to Somalia this fall is cancelled. Any other group that may wish to go, I would be glad to change what I have done for a web page so far for their use. Sorry to those that were expecting us to be there... 73/DX, Bruce"

TK, CORSICA (Lighthouse Activity)
From July 20th to August 10th, Claude, F5MCC, has planned a South Corsica ham radio tour (IOTA EU-014 and DIFM TK-001). Claude will be active from the land lighthouses, valid for the French Phares et Balises du littoral (DPLF Award) and numbered: PB-169, 170, 171, 172, 173, 188 and 288. He will go to the IIe du Toro (IOTA EU-164 and DIFM TK-031), with TK5XN on a weekend (dates unknown at the moment, and this depends on the weather and the boat possibilities). The stay there is planned for at least one day. Claude will enter the IOTA Contest with TK/F5MCC/EU014 for some hours. Claude will also be active from several Castles and Genovese Towers numbered from TK/2A002 to TK/2A013 which are valid for the French Forts and Castles award (DFCF). All activity will be on 40/20/15/10 meters SSB, CW on request, except for the IOTA contest and Ile du Toro activity where it will be CW only. The QSL for any of these activities go to F5MCC's direct CBA or via the French bureau to F3GJ.

Larry, KJ4UY, will be traveling back here on July 19th. He will be operating from V44NK's QTH on Nevis as V47UY from July 20th through July 31st and will also operate during the IOTA contest. Activity will be 160-6 meters with the primary bands being 10 meters through 20 meters, operating CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31. He should be joined by RB, WB4FNH, on July 25th and his proposed/requested callsign should be V47FNH. Please QSL V47UY via KJ4UY and V47FNH via WB4FNH with SASE for USA stations and SAE plus IRC or USD for return postage. They will be returning to the USA on August the 1st.

Charly, K4VUD (also HS0ZCW, 9N7UD, V26V and A52UD), is now here and has just received recently his India callsign VU3CHE for HF operation. However, no QSNs were spotted by Charly on the cluster networks. A "BIG" disappointed Charly announced this week: "I am now sitting in Port Blair, Andaman Islands, India... that's VU4 land, guys... and I hold a new VU callsign... VU3CHE...but it is good only for operations in one location in New Delhi, India. !!!! close and yet so far!!!, I will file a full report on the test trip to VU4 land later. Very pretty place... trying snorkling today. Sked not not possible for VU3CHE. Back to HS-land soon."

Charly, K4VUD, also mentioned this past week that the Laos Frequencies Manager is still working on his XW operating permit application.

Steve, ZC4BS, informs/updates OPDX that Steve/ZC4BS and Dez/ZC4DW, and the club station ZC4ESB are fully active "on-the-air" on all bands from 160-6 meters, including the WARC bands, and on all modes. Steve/ZC4BS is also operating SSTV (possibly the only ZC4 ever on this mode!). Their antennas range from coaxial dipoles to a 200ft doublet (basic but impressive ... worked 204 countries in 5 months on a dipole !!!). Steve mentions that once it cools down a little they will be building a few quad antennas for 15/10 meters. They are both active in most contests; usually one active on all bands, the other on a single band or even different modes to allow a better chance of catching a ZC4. Steve states that over 25,000 QSOs between them so far suggest their signals are getting out "OK", so check the cluster because they will be listening for you (ZC4BS is also an avid county hunter !!). Check out these interesting home pages about Steve:

Homepage #1: http://pages.zdnet.com/yzf1000r1_99/stevesplace/index.html
Homepage #2: http://www.fortunecity.com/marina/customhouse/206/

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Additional Bulletins for OPDX InterNet Subscribers

                       AB5K AR-Cluster Network
                   DXCC/Entities Chart of Activity
             For the week of Sunday, 8/Jul - Saturday, 14/Jul

        Nmbr   Nmbr              Band of                Days of
DXCC  Stations Spots            Activity               the Week       Modes
----  -------  -----  -----------------------------  -------------  ----------
3A         4     39            .     .6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
3B8        4     25               .20.  .15.12.      M.T.W.T. .S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
3B9        1     10               .20.17.15.          .T. .T.   .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
3C         2     16               .20.  .15.     .6   .T.     .S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
3D2        1      1                     .15.         M.               .SSB.
3V         3     89               .   M.T.W.T.       CW.SSB.RTTY
3W         5     30               .20.17.15.     .6     .W.T.F.S.   CW.SSB.RTTY
4J         3     10               .20.  .15.         M. .W.     .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
4L        10     38         .40.  .20.17.15.          .T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
4S         7     15            .         M. .W.T. .S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
4W         2     36         .40.  .20.  .15.  .10.6  M.T.     .S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
4X        32    124         .40.  .20.17.15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
5A         1     30               .20.17.15.         M.T.   .F.     CW.SSB.RTTY
5B        19    127   160.80.40.  .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
5H         2     16   160.80.           .15.          .T. .T.F. .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
5N         7     13               .20.  .15.         M.T.W.     .S    .SSB.
5R         5     13               .20.  .  M.T.W. .F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
5Z         1      1                  .17.             .T.           CW.   .RTTY
6W         3      5                     .15.  .10.   M.T.   .F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
6Y         1      2                  .17.15.              .T.F.     CW.SSB.RTTY
7Q         7     16                     .15.     .6   .T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
7X        11     49               .   M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
8P         1      1            .30.                     .W.         CW.   .RTTY
8R         5     52               .20.  .15.  .10.6  M.T.W. .F.S.S    .SSB.
9A        88    389  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
9H        25    178  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
9J         2      7               .20.17.  .12.           .T. .S.S  CW.   .RTTY
9K         9     54               .      M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
9M2        8     40            .     .6  M.T.W.T. .S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
9M6        3      6         .40.  .20.  .15.            .W.   .S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
9N         3     11               .20.  .15.  .10.    .T. .T.F.     CW.SSB.RTTY
9Q         6     76   160.  .    .T.   .F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
9V        13     73         .  .10.   M.T.W. .F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
9X         1      1               .20.               M.               .SSB.
9Y         5     11               .20.  .15.  .10.6  M.     .F.S.S    .SSB.
A2         1      4                     .15.         M.         .S    .SSB.
A4         5     29               .20.17.15.         M.T.W.T.F.S.S    .SSB.
A6         3     10               .20.  .15.          .T.   .F.S.   CW.SSB.RTTY
A7         2     16               .20.17.15.  .10.   M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
A9         5     16         .40.  .20.  .15.         M.T.W. .F.S.   CW.SSB.RTTY
AP         6     18                  .17.15.         M.T.W.T. .S.     .SSB.
BV        16     60               .20.17.15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
BY        34    124      .80.40.  .20.17.15.     .6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
C3         4      7               .20.        .10.   M.         .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
C6         4      6                  .17.15.     .6   .T.     .S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
C9         6     47               .   M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
CE        15     29         .40.  .20.  .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
CE0Z       1      6                     .15.              .T.         .SSB.
CE9        2     37               .20.17.15.         M.T.W.T.F. .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
CM        22     64   160.  .40.  .20.17.15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
CN        12     77         .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
CP         6     17      .80.40.  .20.17.15.         M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
CT        42    161   160.  .40.  .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
CT3        9     61      .  .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
CU        10     37            .     .6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
CX        14     32   160.80.40.  .20.  .15.  .10.   M.T. .T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
D2         1      1                           .10.              .S    .SSB.
D4         1      9               .20.               M.T.W.   .S.S    .SSB.
D6         3      5                     .15.  .10.   M.     .F.S.   CW.SSB.RTTY
DL       259    597  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
DU        24     57         .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
EA       194    313      .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
EA6       20     39         .     .6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
EA8       35     86         .  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
EA9        9     31         .40.  .   M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
EI        17     43      .80.40.  .20.17.15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
EK         6     32      .80.     .20.17.15.     .6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
EL         1     10                     .15.         M. .W. .F.       .SSB.
EP         7     19               .20.  .15.         M.T.W.T.F.     CW.SSB.RTTY
ER         5     39  .10.6   .T. .T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
ES        19     33               .20.17.15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T. .S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
ET         3      9         .40.        .15.12.  .6   .T.   .F. .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
EU        16     31         .40.  .20.17.15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
EX        12     70            .     .6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
EY         2      6               .20.  .15.         M.T.   .F.     CW.SSB.RTTY
EZ         4      6                     .15.12.10.   M.T.   .F. .S    .SSB.
F        156    309      .  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
FG         8     32               .20.17.15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F. .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
FH         2     12               .20.17.15.         M.T.     .S.S    .SSB.
FK         6     15               .20.17.15.         M.     .F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
FM         3      3         .40.                     M.   .T. .S.   CW.   .RTTY
FO         8     24               .20.17.15.         M.T. .T. .S.S    .SSB.
FP         7    214      .   M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.   .RTTY
FR        11     58            .  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
FW         1     13         .40.  .20.  .15.         M.   .T. .S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
FY         6     45         .40.  .20.17.15.  .10.   M.T.W.   .S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
G        121    204   160.80.40.  .20.17.15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
GD         8     58      .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
GI         9     20                  .17.15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
GJ         3      3                  .17.                     .S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
GM        34    127      .80.40.  .20.17.15.     .6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
GU         7     23                  .17.15.12.  .6  M.T.W.T. .S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
GW        20     26   160.        .20.17.15.  .10.6   .T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
HA        62    154         .40.30.20.  .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
HB        45     82         .  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
HB0        3      3               .20.           .6       .T.F.S.   CW.SSB.RTTY
HC         5     23         .         M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
HC8        1      3                              .6     .W.T.       CW.   .RTTY
HH         1      1                     .15.                .F.     CW.   .RTTY
HI         3     13               .20.  .15.     .6  M. .W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
HK        22     69         .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
HK0/a      1      5            .30.                       .T.F.     CW.   .RTTY
HL        52    122         .40.  .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
HP         6     13               .20.  .15.  .10.6       .T.F.S.   CW.SSB.RTTY
HR         5     12               .20.           .6   .T.W.T.F. .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
HS        16     59               .20.  .15.  .10.6  M. .W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
HV         2      2                  .17.        .6  M.   .T.       CW.SSB.RTTY
HZ         5     53                  .17.15.     .6  M.T.W. .F.S.   CW.SSB.RTTY
I        290    686  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
IS        21     52         .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
J3         3      8                     .15.              .T. .S.     .SSB.
J7         5    223      .   M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
JA       132    210      .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
JT         2      5               .20.  .15.              .T.   .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
JW         4     36         .40.  .20.17.15.     .6  M.T.W.T.F.S.   CW.SSB.RTTY
JX         0      0
JY         7     45            .30.20.  .15.  .10.6  M.T.W. .F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
K        638   1238  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
KG4        8     38         .40.  .20.17.15.     .6  M.T.W.T. .S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
KH0        7     15               .20.  .15.  .10.   M.     .F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
KH2        4     27            .      M.   .T.F.S.   CW.SSB.RTTY
KH6       14     27      .80.     .20.17.15.  .10.6  M.T.W. .F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
KH8        3     18               .20.17.  .12.       .T.   .F. .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
KL        20     38            .     .6  M.T. .T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
KP2       11     57         .40.30.  .  M. .W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
KP4       26     69      .80.     .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
LA        31     87   160.80.  .     .6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
LU        68    144   160.80.40.  .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
LX        21     74      .     .6  M.T. .T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
LY        28     78      .80.40.  .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
LZ        55    152         .40.  .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
OA         7     28      .80.40.  .20.17.15.  .10.          .F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
OD         6     38               .20.  .15.     .6  M.T.W.T.F. .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
OE        53     97         .     .6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
OH        60    128   160.80.40.  .20.17.15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
OH0       17    203   160.  .   M.T. .T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
OJ0       23    242  .10.6       .T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
OK        96    222  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
OM        24    144      .  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
ON        45    107      .     .6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
OX         6     29            .30.  .17.15.     .6  M.T.W.T. .S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
OY         6     16            .30.20.               M.T.W.T. .S.   CW.SSB.RTTY
OZ        48    169      .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
P2         5     35      .80.     .20.  .  M.   .T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
P4         3     28               .20.  .15.  .10.          .F.S.   CW.SSB.RTTY
PA        72    178   160.80.40.  .20.17.15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
PJ2        6     36         .40.  .20.  .15.         M.T. .T.F.S.   CW.SSB.RTTY
PJ7        1     11               .20.  .15.          .T.W.T.F.       .SSB.
PY        79    224  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
PY0F       2      5                     .15.         M.       .S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
PZ         6     31            .  .6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
S2         2      2                     .15.          .T.             .SSB.
S5        59    199      .  .15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
SM        89    268      .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
SP        90    266   160.80.40.  .20.17.15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
ST         2      2               .20.                      .F. .S    .SSB.
SU         6     51         .40.  .   .T.W. .F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
SV        52    145            .  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
SV5        9     68         .40.  .20.17.15.     .6   .T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
SV9       11     60            .     .6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
T32        1      8                     .15.  .10.    .T.     .S.S  CW.   .RTTY
T7         3      3         .40.  .20.17.             .T.       .S  CW.   .RTTY
T8         2     37            .   M.T.W. .F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
T9        20     79         .40.  .20.  .15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
TA        29    112         .40.  .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
TF        16     46         .     .6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
TG         5      7               .20.17.15.         M.   .T.   .S    .SSB.
TI        10     17         .40.  .20.17.15.  .10.6  M.T.   .F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
TK         8     29            .   M.T. .T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
TL         2      5                     .15.12.10.   M.   .T.   .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
TR         4      8                     .15.  .10.   M.T.   .F.S.S    .SSB.
TT         3     32         .40.30.20.  .15.     .6  M.T.W.T.F. .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
TU         8     14               .20.  .15.          .T.W. .F. .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
TZ         1      1                     .15.         M.               .SSB.
UA       125    342   160.80.40.  .20.17.15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
UA2        5     20         .40.  .20.  .15.  .10.6  M.     .F.S.   CW.SSB.RTTY
UA9       86    172      .80.  .  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
UK         6     18               .      M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.   .RTTY
UN        13     28               .  .6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
UR       133    587  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
V4         4     13                  .17.15.          .T.       .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
V5         7     52         .40.  .   M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
V7         1      3               .20.               M.             CW.   .RTTY
V8         1      1               .20.                  .W.           .SSB.
VE       115    288  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
VK        81    137  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
VK9X       1      1               .20.                        .S.     .SSB.
VP2V       5     29               .  M.T. .T.F. .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
VP5        1      1                              .6             .S    .SSB.
VP8        1      1               .20.                      .F.       .SSB.
VP9        1      3                           .10.              .S    .SSB.
VQ9        2     10                  .17.  .12.10.   M.       .S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
VR        10     34               .20.  .  M.T.W. .F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
VU        22     59               .   M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
XE        22     85            .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
XU         2      4               .20.  .15.         M. .W. .F. .S  CW.SSB.RTTY
XW         1      1               .20.                .T.           CW.   .RTTY
XZ         1      1               .20.                      .F.       .SSB.
YB        42    130      .80.40.  .20.17.15.  .10.   M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
YI         4      6               .20.  .15.         M.     .F.       .SSB.
YK         2      2               .20.           .6   .T.   .F.     CW.SSB.RTTY
YL        19     91  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
YN         1      5                              .6       .T.         .SSB.
YO        61    240   160.80.40.  .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
YS         3     11                     .15.     .6   .T.W.T.         .SSB.
YU        56    187  .15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
YV        19     30               .20.17.15.  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
Z2         3     13               .20.  .15.  .10.6   .T.W. .F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
Z3        12     49         .40.  .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
ZA         5     13         .40.  .  .6     .W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
ZB         3      7               .20.  .15.     .6  M.T.W.         CW.SSB.RTTY
ZC4        2     21               .20.  .15.          .T. .T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
ZD7        3     11               .20.17.15.         M.T.   .F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
ZF         4     21            .     .6  M. .W.T. .S.   CW.SSB.RTTY
ZK1/s      2      9               .20.        .10.   M.   .T.   .S    .SSB.
ZL        31     62      .  .10.6  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
ZP        10     45      .80.40.  .20.  .15.12.10.   M.T. .T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
ZS        32     68         .  M.T.W.T.F.S.S  CW.SSB.RTTY
Tot Stations: 5171  Tot Spots: 15401  Spotter of the week: K8CH (123 spots)

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