OPDX Bulletin Update - December 14, 2002

OPDX Bulletin Update #3, December 14th, 2002

Tedd came home from the hospital on Wednesday as scheduled. He is reading the many emails and cards that all of you have sent and he is sincerely touched and appreciative of them. He can't get over how many friends he has around the world. There is still some pain and he is frustrated that his liquid intake has been restricted. Today he went grocery shopping with Linda so he is getting his exercise.

There is a correction on the details of the surgery. An artery was blocked in four places rather than the two reported earlier. Tedd has reported hearing from many heart bypass surgery survivors and appreciates all of the advice. It will take some time to get through the email. He can only read so many at a time.

There will be no OPDX Bulletin this week and probably next week. Tedd needs time to heal.

OPDX Bulletin Update #2, December 9th, 2002

Tedd continues to improve but the pain is still there. All of the tubes are disconnected so he can move around freely now. He says that he gets tired easily and has to watch his intake of fluids. He is on schedule for going home from the hospital as early as Wednesday. He will be at home recuperating for several weeks. Tedd sends along his thanks for all of the messages and get well wishes.

OPDX Bulletin Update #1, December 8th, 2002

Most of you have already heard the news that our OPDX editor, Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW, underwent heart bypass surgery on Saturday morning, December 7th. Tedd had a stress test and the results showed there were some problems that required further investigation.

Tests were performed to see if surgery would be required. He had one artery that was partially blocked in two places and the solution was to replace those sections. Tedd never had any pain so this was a big surprise that no one expected.

As of Sunday afternoon, Tedd was recovering as expected but in a lot of pain. He is in good spirits and looking forward to returning home as early as Wednesday.

Tedd edits the OPDX Bulletin every week all by himself. His wife Linda proofreads it, but Tedd does all the writing. As such, there will be no OPDX Bulletin until Tedd feels well enough to start doing it again. I'm sure that he would want everyone to continue to send DX information, but you may want to hold off for a week or so. I'm sure that he would enjoy receiving emails of encouragement. The best address to use is: kb8nw@arrl.net

We all wish Tedd a speedy recovery. Please keep him in your prayers.

John K8YSE
OPDX Webmaster

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