OPDX Bulletin 688 December 6, 2004

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 688
BID: $OPDX.688
December 6, 2004
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters Network, K1XN & GoList, NC1L, K2UO, NG3K, W3UR & The Daily DX, K4VUD, N4AA & QRZ DX, K5LBU, AC7DX, K7ZD, KL7JR, K8DD, K8YSE, 4X1VF, DL1EK & The DX News Letter, F5CWU & La Gazette du DX, F5NQL & UFT, HG4I, I1JQJ/IK1ADH & 425 DX News, I1HYW, IZ8BRI, JI6KVR & JA-IOTA Islands News, LA5YJ, RA3XR, SM6WET and WAP Bulletin for the following DX information.

According to the AR-Cluster Network for the week of Sunday, 28th/November, through Sunday, 5th/December there were 234 countries active. Countries available: 3A, 3B8, 3B9, 3D2, 3DA, 3V, 3W, 4J, 4L, 4S, 4U1I, 4U1U, 4X, 5B, 5H, 5N, 5R, 5T, 5U, 5V, 5X, 5Z, 6W, 6Y, 7Q, 7X, 8P, 8Q, 8R, 9A, 9G, 9H, 9J, 9K, 9M2, 9M6, 9N, 9Q, 9V, 9Y, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A9, AP, BV, BY, C3, C5, C6, C9, CE, CE9, CM, CN, CP, CT, CT3, CU, CX, D2, D4, DL, DU, EA, EA6, EA8, EA9, EI, EK, EL, EP, ER, ES, ET, EU, EX, EY, EZ, F, FG, FK, FM, FO, FR, FY, G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW, HA, HB, HB0, HC, HC8, HI, HK, HL, HP, HR, HS, HZ, I, IS, J3, J5, J6, J7, J8, JA, JD/o, JT, JW, JY, K, KG4, KH0, KH2, KH6, KH8, KL, KP2, KP4, LA, LU, LX, LY, LZ, OA, OD, OE, OH, OH0, OK, OM, ON, OX, OY, OZ, P2, P4, PA, PJ2, PY, PY0S, PZ, S2, S5, S7, S9, SM, SP, ST, SU, SV, SV/A, SV5, SV9, T5, T7, T9, TA, TF, TG, TI, TK, TN, TR, TT, TU, TZ, UA, UA2, UA9, UK, UN, UR, V2, V3, V4, V5, V7, V8, VE, VK, VK9C, VK9L, VK9N, VK9X, VP2E, VP2M, VP2V, VP5, VP8, VP8/h, VP9, VQ9, VR, VU, VU4, XE, XT, XU, XW, XX9, XZ, YA, YB, YI, YK, YL, YN, YO, YS, YU, YV, Z2, Z3, ZA, ZB, ZC4, ZD7, ZF, ZK1/s, ZK2, ZL, ZP, ZS

* PLEASE NOTE: The report "could" contain "Pirate/SLIM" operations or more likely a "BUSTED CALLSIGN". As always, you never know - "Work First Worry Later" (WFWL).

A group of operators from Norway and one operator from Denmark (former S9LA-team of 2002) will be active from here January 8-18th in 2005. The callsigns for the operation will be 3G0YP (SSB) and 3G0YM (CW/Digi-modes). Activity will be on 160-10 meters. Look for more info to be posted on the LA-DX Group's Web page at:


3W, VIETNAM (IOTA Activity)
Masa, JA7GAX, is expected to be active here this week and will activate several Vietnamese islands over the next few weeks. His activity will begin as 3W2GAX from Ho Chi Minh City starting December 7th. On December 9th, he will be active as 3W2GAX/C from Con Son Island (AS-130). He'll head back to Ho Chi Minh City on December 16th. On December 19th, look for him to be active as 3W2GAX/4 or possibly 3W2GAX/p from Phu Quoc (AS-128). Masa will return back to Ho Chi Minh City to be active one more time between December 27-29th. QSL via JA7GAX, direct only.

4X0, ISRAEL (Castle Activity)
Jan/4X1VF, Ilya/4Z1UF, Shalom/4Z4BS, Mark/4Z4KX, Ruben/4Z5FI, Ruslan/4Z5LA and Yuli/4X6HP will operate for the first time after 16 years from the famous historical site - "Masada Castle" near the Dead Sea, with the special callsign 4X0MS. Activity will start 1000z Friday, December 24th until 1000z Sunday, December 26th. They will be on the air with two complete stations on CW/SSB 80-10 meters. Also, the square for the "Holy Land Program" is L22BS. QSL Manager is Shalom, 4Z4BS. To read more information about this historical site, please visit:


It has been announced that the Italian group, which is going to Somalia in February 3-17th (see OPDX.683), now has a survey (for needs and wants on bands/modes) on their Web page. You are encourage to fill out the survey (especially the Topbanders). The Web page can be found at:


AFRICAN TRIP (Operators Needed!)
Frosty, K5LBU, is planning to go back to Africa again for 2005. He states he would like to go to Botswana (A2) or back to Mozambique (C9). This time he would like to have some other operators join him. Frosty would like to have at least 3 other operators or more. Operators need to plan on at least 8 days but more likely 10 days from the time of arrival until leaving. He states, "If all else fails I will go back to 3DA0 Swaziland." Frosty's E-mail address is: frosty1@pdq.net

Dr. Mario Pillon, I0QHM, (along with 2nd operator Danilo) continue to be active as I0QHM/KC4 from the Mario Zucchelli Station (WAP ITA-01). After the operators establish family connections on the air, they will then make an efforts to make contacts with everybody else. They state that they will check-in regularly on 14180 kHz from 1830-1900z. However, due to limited time, Mario can only stay on the air for 30 minutes a day.

You have less than a month to work Finn, VK4LL (OZ2QK), as VK0DX from the ANARE Davis Base Station (AUS-03). His activity has been mainly on 20 meters CW/SSB. There has been a few QSNs on 17/15 meters. Look for him between 0000-0530z. QSL VK0DX via: Finn Olsen, P.O.Box 1544, Brisbane 4001, Australia. His Web page is at:


Bill Moore, NC1L, ARRL DXCC Manager, informs OPDX that the following operation is approved for DXCC credit:

TN3S - Congo; Current operation effective May 15, 2002

HG05, HUNGARY (Special Prefix)
Just a reminder that Tibor, HG4I, will be using the special callsign HG05HNY between December 10th and January 31st. The special event callsign, HG05HNY, stands for: The 05 as a call area is the last two numbers of newcoming year and the HNY suffix is the abbreviation of the phrase "Happy New Year". Activity will be on all HF bands (including the WARC bands) on the following modes: CW, RTTY, BPSK, SSB. He will try to take a part in all HF contests during the activity period. The stations are valid as a separate multiplier in the HA-HNY activity contest. See the rules on SM3CER's contest sevice Web site:

QSL via only direct (SASE) to HG4I: Mr Tibor Szabo, A.R.S. HG4I, H-2465 Rackeresztur, Budai u. 6., Hungary.

AS-076. Look for JN4MBO/5, JA5BEX/5 and JF0BPT/5 to operate from Wasa Island, Nabe Island, Koyo Island and Yoshi Island from December 23-26th. Activity is scheduled for a one day to a half a day to operate, respectively. QSL via the bureau or direct to their home callsigns.

AS-079. Operators JL2LRO and JK2HVD will sign homecall/6 from Miyako Island (JIIA AS-079-005), December 11-13th. QSL via the bureau or direct to their home callsigns.

NA-102. Members of "THE RADIO CLUB A.C.R.A GUADELOUPE" are organizing a DXpedition to the Island of La Desirade (DIFO FG004, LOTA GUA 005), December 18-19th. They hope to activate the callsign TO7DSR. The A.C.R.A Club's goal is the revival of radio amateur activities on the island. Activity will be on all bands (HF/VHF) and 6 meters CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK31. QSL via RADIO CLUB A.C.R.A GUADELOUPE, BP 126, Messagerie, Pointe-A-Pitre, Cedex 97110, Guadeloupe. Visit their Web page at:


John, KP2/KL7JR, informs OPDX that he has been active from St. Croix, USVI (NA-106), since late October on most HF bands. He will continue his operations through the end of April 2005. He will be concentrating on 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20 meters (40 and 75 meters too). He mentions that he checks into the 14.247 DX Net most days after 2100z. His E-mail for skeds can be sent to: KL7JR@aol.com QSL direct via his CBA w/SASE.

Operators David/G3NKC, Martin/G4XUM and Tim/M0BEW will be active as MD4K during the CQ WW 160m CW Contest (January 29-30th) as a Multi-Op entry. QSL via G3NKC.

Gary, K7ZD, will handle QSL duties for Tony's (W4OI), 5K5Z, operation from last weekend's CQWW DX CW Contest and future operations from there. He states, "Please be patient as I don't have the printed cards or logs in hand yet. I'll see Tony sometime in the next 2 weeks and we'll get things set up." QSL via the Bureau or direct with SAE & return postage is OK. Cards received with the "old" IRCs will be returned via the bureau. Stateside stations please consider sending a SASE rather than using the bureau - thanks! The logs may possibly be entered into the LoTW in the future, it has not been discussed yet with W4OI. Gary's address is: Gary McClellan, 3422 E Altadena Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85028-2010 USA.

QSL A61AV/p via ON5NT: Ghis Penny, P.O. Box 93, BE-9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium. Activity was from Sirat Al Khawr (AS-124), and the operators were Mohammed/A61AV and Ghis/ON5NT.

A61AJ QSL UPDATE: George, K2UO, reports that he has received all contest logs for the CQWW SSB and CW Contests, and all QSLs received direct (with an SASE) have been answered. Incoming cards are being answered the same day as received. Cards received without SASE or via the bureau are answered via the bureau when there are enough to warrant the postage, so please be patient if you do not send return postage. QSL A61AJ as follows:
North/South/Central America, Caribbean, U.S. possessions via K2UO
The rest of the world via DJ2MX.
ADDED NOTE: George mentions, "A box of over 1,000 cards sent directly to the UA bureau over one year ago was returned to me with no explanation, it was VERY beat up! I have resent these cards, this time via the ARRL outgoing bureau, hopefully they will be more successful at getting them delivered to the UA bureau."

QSL VO2AAA (November 24-28th) ONLY to K8DD's callbook address: P.O. Box 88, Attica, MI 48412-9312.

NOT THE QSL MANAGER. Vlad, UA0ACG, is not the QSL Manager for JT1JA. He can answer QSLs for JT1JA "only" for activity for September 8-9th (2002). All other requests go direct to JT1JA in Mongolia.

NOT THE QSL MANAGER. Ron, AC7DX, reports that he has been receiving many requests for KH9/AH8H. He IS NOT nor has he ever been the QSL Manager for this station.

OPDX was informed that the story and pictures of the recent V6O operation from Pulap Island (OC-155) can be found on the Web at:


Wade, VE9WGS, is now active as VC9COAL between now and December 31st. Activity is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the naming of Minto, New Brunswick, for the arrival of the railroad in 1904. Activity so far as been on 20 meters SSB betwen 1630-1700z. QSL via VE9WGS: Wade Smith, 96 Immigrant Rd, New Brunswick E4A 1B7, Canada.

ST, SUDAN (Update)
Hugo, LA5YJ, informed OPDX last weekend that he was issued the callsign ST2YJ. He also mentioned that he has found a nice apartment were he can put up antennas (veritcals and or dipoles). He will be active as work permits. This past week he was very active on 17 and 30 meters CW. Watch on/around 18068 kHz between 0700-0930z (also watch after 1530z). Watch on/around 10105 kHz between 1545-1845z (also as early as 0425z). QSL via LA4YW.

Reports indicate that Baldur's, DJ6SI, next stop is here, and he will be active as TN6X until December 12th (possibly the 14th). Activity will be CW ONLY on 160-10 meters. QSL via his home callsign.

Thomas, KC0W, will be active as TO0O from January 27th to February 13th. Look for him to be active in the CQ WW 160m CW Contest (January 29-30th) as a Single-Op/High-Power entry. QSL direct to KC0W (w/SASE or 1 USD).

Operators Mike/N9NS (VP2MNS), Pete/N0FW (VP2MW), Charlie/W6KK (VP2MKK) and John/N7CQQ (VP2MQQ) will be active from here until December 13th. The group participated in the ARRL 160 Meter CW Contest this past weekend as VP2MW and will also be in next weekend's ARRL 10 Meter Contest (December 11-12th) using the same callsign. Look for them to be active outside of the contest on all bands. QSL via all callsigns via W8QID. For more information and online logs which will be updated nightly, please visit the Web page at:


VU4NRO and VU4RBI are now active. It was announced this past week that the National Institute of Amateur Radio will be the QSL Manager for this operation. QSLs should be sent to VU2NRO: National Institute of Amateur Radio, Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad 500082, India. Activity will last through December 31st. Reports indicate that the five operator team is operating three stations from three different locations. According to "The Daily DX", VU2MY, VU2NRO/JOS, VU2MYL and PY7ZZ were the first stations to work VU4RBI. Also reported is that "NO CW" operations have been made by the VU4 operators as this was being typed (1900z, Sunday). It seems the team is not sticking to the frequency suggestions on their Web page. Over past weekend activity was mostly on 20/15 meters SSB. However, there were QSNs on 17 meters. It was also reported that they do have plans to put their logs online, but specific details were not provided. It is suggested to watch their Web page for details. Web page is:


Rene, DL2JRM, is expected to become active as YA7X between December 7th and January 5th. Activity will probably be on 160-10 meters CW/SSB. QSL via DL1JJI.

Magnus, SM6WET, informs OPDX that he and a team of operators will be active as ZK1WET, ZK1XMY, ZK1SDE and ZK1SDZ from North and South Cook Islands as follows:

Aitutaki Island (South Cook) - January 31st to February 17th
Manihiki Atoll (North Cook) - February 17-24th
Aitutaki Island (South Cook) - February 24th to March 3rd

The DXpedition will concentrate mostly on 17 and 20 meters, although there will be activity on 160-10 meters. Operations will be mostly SSB, but ZK1WET will be active on CW and RTTY. They will have monoband yagis for 10/17/20 meters and verticals for the other bands. Also, look for ZK1WET to be active in the CQWW RTTY WPX Contest. They plan on having a double sided QSL card printed for each station. Do not QSL via the Bureau. QSLing is preferred via M3SDE direct.

Serge, RA3XR, is now active as ZL/RA3XR until December 26th. He tells OPDX that he will be active on CW/SSB/RTTY/PSK modes on HF bands. Over the past weekend he was spotted on 40/20/15 meters CW. QSL via his home call.

Tomas, ZP5AZL, will be active as ZP0R in next weekend's ARRL 10 Meter Contest (December 11-12th) as a Single-Op entry. QSL via W3HNK.

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