OPDX Bulletin 998 February 14, 2011

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 998
BID: $OPDX.998
February 14, 2011
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, Ohio)

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters Network, AA1AC, K1XN & GoList, NJ1Q, W2VU, WO2N, W3UR & The Daily DX, NG3K & ADXO, N4AA & QRZ DX, W5FKX, KH6BZF, N6PSE, K8AQM, K8YSE, NE8Z, W8GEX (60m News), N0TG, AT International, DJ8NK, DL1SBF, DL7AOS, DL7MAE & The DX News Letter, DxCoffee.com, DX-World.Net, EA8BVP, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, G3XTT, I1JQJ/IK1ADH & 425 DX News, JR3TVH, LA9VDA, OK1DOT, OZ6OM & 50 MHz DX News, Pete's-DX-Newsdesk, RSGB IOTA Web Site, S51NM, TG9NX, VA3RJ & ICPO, VE3VHB and VHF-DX-Portal (MMMonVHF) for the following DX information.

According to the AR-Cluster Network for the week of Sunday, 6th-February, through Sunday, 13th-February there were 227 countries active. Countries available: 3A, 3B8, 3B9, 3D2, 3V, 3W, 4J, 4L, 4O, 4S, 4X, 5B, 5H, 5N, 5R, 6W, 6Y, 7Q, 7X, 8P, 8Q, 8R, 9A, 9G, 9H, 9J, 9K, 9L, 9M2, 9M6, 9N, 9Q, 9V, 9X, 9Y, A3, A4, A6, A7, A9, AP, BV, BY, C3, C5, C6, C9, CE, CE9, CM, CN, CP, CT, CT3, CU, CX, D2, D4, DL, DU, E5/s, E7, EA, EA6, EA8, EA9, EI, EK, EL, EP, ER, ES, ET, EU, EX, EY, EZ, F, FG, FK, FM, FO, FR, FY, G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW, H4, HA, HB, HC, HI, HK, HL, HP, HR, HS, HV, HZ, I, IS, J2, J3, J6, J7, J8, JA, JD/o, JT, JW, JY, K, KG4, KH0, KH2, KH6, KL, KP2, KP4, LA, LU, LX, LY, LZ, OA, OD, OE, OH, OH0, OJ0, OK, OM, ON, OX, OY, OZ, P2, P4, PA, PJ2, PJ4, PJ5, PJ7, PY, PZ, R1FJ, S5, S7, S9, SM, SP, ST, SU, SV, SV5, SV9, T2, T30, T5, T7, T8, TA, TF, TG, TI, TJ, TK, TL, TR, TT, TY, UA, UA2, UA9, UK, UN, UR, V2, V3, V4, V5, V8, VE, VK, VK0M, VK9M, VP2E, VP2V, VP5, VP6, VP8, VP8/o, VP9, VQ9, VR, VU, XE, XT, XU, XX9, YA, YB, YI, YJ, YK, YL, YN, YO, YS, YU, YV, Z2, Z3, ZA, ZB, ZC4, ZD7, ZD9, ZF, ZL, ZP, ZS, ZS8

* PLEASE NOTE: The report "could" contain "Pirate/SLIM" operations or more likely a "BUSTED CALLSIGN". As always, you never know - "Work First Worry Later" (WFWL).

Operators Stuie/VK8NSB, Franck/VK8FNCY, Steve/9M6DXX, John/9M6XRO and Oliver/MW0JRX will be operating from the coast of Timor- Leste (East Timor) between September 16-26th. The location will be Atauro Island (OC-232), 30km north of the capital Dili. The group is working closely with the Timor-Leste licensing authority and the DXpedition callsign will be announced soon. There will be three stations, two using full licensed power linear amplifiers, and a third running 100W. Antennas will mainly be quarter-wave verticals and vertical dipoles, all located within a few meters of the ocean. For 160m an inverted-L will be used. Activity will be on all bands 160-10 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. Atauro Island was chosen in order to provide a quiet location well away from the electrical noise of downtown Dili. The beach-front site will allow the group to put up vertical antennas right by the ocean, providing additional low-angle gain.

In addition, the island counts as OC-232 and is part of a very rare IOTA group having being confirmed by only 18% of active IOTA participants. This is not a "fly in, hotel, and fly out" DXpedition! Accommodation on Atauro Island is very basic and will be in beach huts with no means of electricity or running water. All power for the DXpedition will be provided using hired generators. As such, the group will be requesting donations. A Web site will be available soon, and further details will be published on the Web site. QSL via M0URX, direct (SAE plus 1 IRC/2 USDs), by the Bureau, or LoTW. Alternatively, QSLs may be requested using M0URX's OQRS form at:


Zoli, HA5PP, will once again be active as 5B/HA5PP during the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest (March 26-27th) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry. QSL via HA5PP.

5X, UGANDA (Update)
Nick, G3RWF, will once again be active as 5X1NH from Fort Portal in western Uganda, and will be there between February 19th and April 14th. Usually he is there to do voluntary work, so his activity is usually outside the work hours. He prefers to operate CW but plans to also be on the Digital modes with some SSB. Activity will be on all bands except 160m (no room for an antenna) and 6 meters is not licensed. He mentions that he will be taking a linear (thanks G3PJT) and hopes to make a better effort on 80 meters. His rig is a K3. QSL via his home callsign and LoTW.

Marco, DL4MN, is now active as 9V1/DL4MN until the end of February. He is currently operating sporadically using a dipole on CW, SSB and RTTY. He was heard this past weekend on the CQ WPX RTTY Contest. QSL via his home callsign.

Mickey, AK5Q, will be active as 9Y4/AK5Q from Port of Spain, Trinidad, during the ARRL DX CW Contest (February 19-20th) as a Single-Op/Single-Band (20m)/Low-Power entry. QSL via his home callsign, direct (w/SASE) or by the Bureau.

Richard Moseson/W2VU, Editor of CQ Amateur Radio, sent out the following press release on February 8th: "George Tranos, N2GA, Named CQ Magazine Contesting Editor -- George Tranos, N2GA, of Long Island, New York, has been named Contesting Editor of CQ Amateur Radio magazine, Editor Rich Moseson, W2VU, announced today. Tranos succeeds John Dorr, K1AR, who stepped down after writing the magazine's contesting column for nearly 22 years.

Tranos has two decades of contesting experience in a variety of station settings, and has several top scores to his credit, both as a single operator and as part of contesting teams. He has operated extensively from the Caribbean as well as from his home station in New York, and has been a referee at three World Radio Teamsport Championship competitions, in 2000, 2006 and 2010.

George is a member of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club and the New York- based Order of Boiled Owls contest club. He is also a former ARRL Section Manager and past Chairman of Ham Radio University, a day of amateur radio seminars and fellowship on Long Island.

Professionally, Tranos is president of a software and management consulting firm, vice president of a school for professional motorcycle riders, and a freelance journalist. He is married to Diane Ortiz, K2DO, an accomplished contester herself and a former columnist for CQ Contest magazine which was published in the 1990s.

CQ Editor Rich Moseson said, 'I am confident that George will uphold the high standards for this column established by K1AR and will bring his to it his own perspective. I look forward to working with him over the coming years.'

'I am honored to have been asked to contribute to CQ magazine,' said Tranos. 'The contesting column is always the first thing I read. I hope to be able to keep up the great standards and traditions that compel me and many others to look forward to each issue.'
George's first column will appear in the March 2011 issue of CQ."

Randy, N0TG, reports (edited): The team has set March 7-15th as the target schedule to activate Sable Island. We welcome, Wayne, K8LEE, who has recently joined the team replacing WA4DAN who had to withdraw due to business commitments. We will be traveling to Halifax, Canada, on March 5th to take care of final logistics details in preparation for the charter flight to Sable. The team has maximized their personal schedules to be as flexible as possible to adapt to any potential weather delays. The Web site will be updated periodically as to the status and any potential impact on the planned activation date, including while in Halifax." The CY0 Web page is at:


Bill Moore, NC1L, Awards Branch Manager, reports that the following has been approved for DXCC credit:

9X0SP - Rwanda; 2010 DXpedition
"If you had cards that were recently rejected for this operation, please send an E-mail to the ARRL DXCC Desk," Moore said. "Please note that due to extremely heavy E-mail, DXCC staff may not respond to your message. Once your record is updated, results will appear in Logbook of The World (LoTW) accounts or in the live, daily DXCC Standings."

Champ, E21EIC will be active during the ARRL DX CW Contest (February 19-20th) as a Single-Op entry. QSL via E21EIC. Visit his Web page at:


EG8, CANARY ISLANDS (Special Event)
Look for special event station EG8ISS to be on the air between February 12th and March 11th, from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (AF-004, DIE S-005, WLOTA L 0969). Activity is to celebrate/ publicize the first ARISS (International Space Station) contact with one of the "Institute for Technological Development and Innovation in Communi- cations" (IDeTIC) facilities on campus. The special event station will be on the HF bands, 40-10 meters, using CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31 and SSTV. Also, activities are planned for VHF (2m FM local and R7 repeater) and the satellites (AO-27, SO-50, AO-51 and VO-52). There is a special QSL card designed for this event that will be automatically mailed to your (QRZ.com) address. Please, keep in mind that they aren't highly skilled radio operators, so be patient if there are any pileups. More info is available on the (QRZ.com) under EG8ISS. A Twitter page is also available at:


Ted, K8AQM, is once again heading to the Pacific, but this time to Tahiti. Look for him to be active as FO/K8AQM from Morrea Island (OC-046) between February 20-25th. Activity will be holiday style with 100 watts and a vertical on 20 meters (maybe 30m if possible). QSL via his home callsign, direct, by the Bureau or LoTW.

Jeff, VA3QSL, will be active as FS/VA3QSL from St. Martin Island (NA-105, DIFO FS-001, WLOTA 0383), and as PJ7/VA3QSL from Sint Maarten Island (NA-105, WLOTA 0711) between February 23-27th. Activity will be holiday style on 40-10 meters using CW and SSB. Watch around or near the usual IOTA frequencies. QSL via his home callsign, direct or by the Bureau.

Rick, NE8Z, will once again be heading south to Ecuador and be active from two different location between February 23rd and March 12th. His activity will be mainly on the 30/17/12 meter bands from the following QTHs and using the following callsigns:

HC1MD - QTH: Tumbaco, Pichincha Province; between February 23rd and March 3rd, and again between March 9-12th. Activity will be on 80-10 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. He plans to have 500 watts and use a Cushcraft A3WS 17/12m yagi, Cushcraft R-7 vertical and a Carolina Windom antenna.

HC1MD/HC4 - QTH: Canoa, Manabi Province (NOT an IOTA) on the Equator at the Pacific Ocean; between March 4-8th. Activity will be on 40-10 meters using CW and SSB. He plans to use 100 watts and a Cushcraft R-7 vertical and Carolina Windom Mini antenna.

Rick states that he will be able to monitor the DXCluster. QSL via K8LJG: John Kroll, 3528 Craig Drive, Flint, MI 48506 USA. View and apply for the HC/Ecuador and HC8/Galapagos DX-Diplomas at:


Operators Tino/HI3CC, Franky/HI3FVA, Ezequiel/HI3EPR, Naomi/JM6EBU and Hiro/JA6WFM will be active in the ARRL DX SSB Contest as HI3CC (March 5-6th) from Lomas del Toro in Santiago (Lomadeltoro Contest Team's HI3CCP station) (NA-096, WLOTA LH-2974) as a Multi-Single/Low-Power entry. QSL via ON4IQ. Visit their contest Web page at:

Look for Naomi (NP3JA/HI3) and Hiro (NP3J/HI3) to be active before and after the contest. ADDED NOTE. Look for NP3JA and NP3J to be active from Ponce, Puerto Rico, between February 25-27th. QSL NP3JA via JM6EBU and NP3J via JA6WFM, direct or LoTW.

Members of the IU9T team will use the special callsign II9T from Sicily (EU-025) during the ARRL DX CW Contest (February 19-20th) and the CQ WPX SSB Contest (March 26-27th) as a Multi-Single entry. QSL via IT9ESW.

AF-018. Operator Raffaele, IH9YMC, will be active from Pantelleria Island (IIA TP-001, MIA MI-124, WW Loc. JM56XT), African Italy, during the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest (March 26-27th) as a Single- Op/low-Power entry. QSL via eQSL.

AF-019. (REAL EARLY ANNOUNCEMENT) Operator Luigi, IK8HCG, will be active as IG9R from Lampedusa Island, African Italy, during the next CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th). QSL via IK8HCG.

EU-125. Stefan, DL7AOS, will be using the special callsign 5P5K from Romo Island between March 20th and April 1st. Activity will be on 80-6 meters using a FT-857 with 500w into a vertical antenna near the beach. Look for 5P5K to also be operating in the CQ WPX Contest (March 26-27th) as a Single-Op/All-Band/ High-Power entry. QSL via DL7AOS, direct using the QRZ.com address or by the Bureau.

OC-239. Joni, YB9WZJ, will be active as YB9WZJ/p from Doom Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 30-31st) as a Single-Op entry. QSL only direct ti YB9WZJ.

KH2, GUAM (Update)
Take, JS6RRR, is now active as KH2/JS6RRR from Guam (OC-026) until 0300z, February 15th. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB, FM, RTTY and PSK31. QSL KH2/JS6RRR via JS6RRR, by the Bureau (E-mail requests to JS6RRR@jarl.com) or direct (SASE).


 Feb  14    AN          SOLAR REFERENCE KEYS
 Feb  15    AN          --------------------
 Feb  16    AN          BN - Below Normal
 Feb  17    AN          AN - Above Normal/Geomagnetic Level is QUIET
 Feb  18    AN          LN - Low Normal
 Feb  19    AN          HN - High Normal/Geomagnetic Level is UNSETTLED
 Feb  20    AN          DIS  - Disturbed
                        VDIS - Very Disturbed

   QUIET - The "A" index is expected to be between
           0-7 and the "K" index will be 2 or less
   UNSETTLED - The "A" index is expected to be between
           7-16 and "K" index will be 3 or less
Operators Glenn/LA8XRA and Trond/LA9VDA will be active as JW8XRA and JW9VDA, respectively from Svalbard, between February 20-25th. Activity will probably be from the JW5E club station in Longyearbyen on Spitsbergen Island (EU-026) and on all bands, CW and SSB. QSL via their home callsigns. For direct QSLs, please add 3 USDs or 1 new and stamped IRC with a SAE. Cards without this will be sent through the Bureau. A big thanks to Dave, W5BXX, for his support.

PJ2, CURACAO (Correction)
Operators Don/W5FKX, Jim/N5HZ, Dave/W5XU and Mike/W5ZPA will be active as PJ2/homecall from the Signal Point Station (PJ2T) on Curacao (SA-099, WLOTA LH-0942) between March 10-17th. Activity will be on all bands and modes. All QSLs for this should be sent via the individual operator's home callsign.

Operators Hawa/DK9KX, Dieter/DJ9ON and Jan/DJ8NK will operate from Curacao (SA-099, WLOTA LH-0942) between June 26th and July 7th. They will have a strongly emphasis on 6 meters, but the HF bands will also be used on CW, SSB and RTTY. Callsign and further info will be published soon.

The PJ7X team is pleased to announce that they will be operating from Sint Maarten (NA-105), one of the newest entities on the DXCC list, for 12 days in October and November 2011. The international team consists of the following experienced operators with 187 years of amateur radio involvement among them:

Jan Harders, DJ8NK Kan Mizoguchi, JA1BK
Paul Granger, F6EXV Rich Gelber, K2WR
They will arrive in St. Maarten on October 26th, and depart on November 9th. This time span includes the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 29-30th), which they will enter in the Multi-2 category. Their intention is to keep 2 stations on the air for 24 hours a day to the extent possible. During peak periods, they may be able to run a third station. Emphasis will be on CW and SSB, but they will also operate RTTY as much as possible. The operation will include all bands from 80-10 meters, including the 30/17/12 meter bands, but not including 60 meters. Also, they will not be operating on 160 meters due to space limitations at their operating location, nor on 6 meters. The primary callsign used will be PJ7X. Other callsigns will be PJ7NK and PJ7J. The PJ7J callsign will be reserved for use on 75 and 80 meters, and a principal goal of this operation will be to make as many QSOs as possible with Europe and Japan on this band. QSL information is:
PJ7X via F6EXV PJ7NK via DJ8NK PJ7J via JA1BK
Internet log checking, updated daily, is planned. All logs will be uploaded to "Logbook of the World" a few months after completion of the operation. Website is coming soon! They hope to fill in lots of band/modes slots for those who need them and even provide an all-time new one for some.


  QSL-INFO from DB0SDX (dated February 13th)
  6W/HA0NAR via HA0NAR          KH0/G3ZEM via M0URX       SN25KVZ via SP9KVZ
  A71/JY5FX via JY5FX           KH6/AA4V via AA4V         SN51CCB via SP7CCB
  DA0DD via DG0DCL    LM11SKI via LA4O (via Bureau only)  SN51DOS via SP7PSQ
  EM15U via UT7UA               LP2F via LU1FDU           SN51EQB via SQ7EQB
  EV25G via EW8OG               LZ170MDS via LZ-Bureau    T70DXC via IZ8IYX
  FR/F8APV via F8APV            OD5ET via EB7DX           TG9IGI via I2MQP
  GJ/PB0P via PB0P              OK/DH7WW/P via DH7WW      TM8AAW via F8DVD
  HA40KKC via HA5MA             OP2A via ON5CD            VK0KEV via JE1LET
  HP1XX via DJ0LZ (direct only) P29CW via VK2IR           VK7FLI via VK7AN
  II7ITA via IQ7DV              P49X via W0YK             VU2UR via SM3DBU
  IP1NAVY via IZ1HKE            PI35EDE via PI4EDE        WP3A via K2DER
  IR3WFF via IW3ILM             PJ2/DF7DQ via EA5GVH      XV2FPS via OK1FPS
  J6/DF2SS via DF2SS            PJ6/G4IUF via G4IUF       XV2GE via OE3GEA
  J37BO via K4LTA               PJ6/N4HH via N4NX        Z38/IZ4JMA via IZ4JMA
  JW8AJA via LA9VDA             R4YWI via RK4YYY
NEW MANAGER. Petr, OK1DOT, informs OPDX that he is the new QSL Manager for HR2DMR. ONLY QSL direct since Petr is no longer a member of the Czech Radioklub, so the Bureau QSL service is not available. Please enclose sufficient return postage (2 USDs or 2 new IRCs ) and a Self- Addressed Envelope (SAE) if you QSL direct.

QSL STATUS S59DJK, S50W AND S50PTUJ. Herman, S51NM, informs OPDX that the Radioclub Ptuj (S59DJK) has announced to all who had made QSOs with a special club callsign S50PTUJ between August 5th and November 5th, 2010, that their QSL cards are coming from the printer next week. The first batch of direct QSLs will go to the post office first, and all others (about 5600 of them) will go to the S5 (ZRS) Bureau. They also inform that since January 1st, 2011, QSOs with the club callsigns S59DJK, S50W and S50PTUJ (after Feb. 20th, 1998) have been uploaded to the LoTW. Herman states, "Thanks for the patience, to all who sent direct QSLs (mostly JA and USA), who have been waiting for an answer so long."




The Contest-Committee of EPC Russian section hopes to see your callsigns among the participants of Russian WW PSK Contest from 2100z Friday, February 18th, until 2100z Saturday, February 19th. Modes BPSK31, BPSK63 and BPSK125 will fly through all bands from 160-10 meters. They ask you to support them and take personal part as well as in team, in order to:

- represent worthy the amateurs of digital modes on air;
- define the strongest among the sportsmen in the world, on the continents, in Russia and in other countries;
- struggle for prize-winning places and receive our plaques, cups and awards;
- enlarge collections of hunters for EPC awards and get necessary points for the most complex and prestige awards, for example, PSFA (do not forget to fill up locators in the log after the contest).
If you make less than 50 QSO's and indicate in line "soapbox" of your report that it is your first PSK contest, they shall be glad to present you with the memorable award for participation after checking of this declaration and confirming of the final result.
All popular contest-programs support their contest. For users of MixW they have prepared the help file on adjustment of MixW for RUS WW PSK. They wish you great success, and they hope to work on air during Russian WW PSK Contest-2011! 73.... Contest Committee

Over the last few months many have been waiting for the final outcome of the referendum vote for the separation of the Sudan and Southern Sudan, and now the great outcome is here. With the overwhelming majority of 90% of the people voting for another independent state, the Southern Sudan will once again become independent. With the Republic of Sudan agreeing to honor the referendum, and the United States pledging to recognize the new country status in July, it would seem that the DXCC Entity List would be going up one. Currently, reports indicate that the Southern Sudan will declare its independence on July 9th. There is even talk that this new country may even change its name, possibly without the name Sudan in it. Anyway, with this separation taking place, there were two major announcements this past week (possibly more in the coming weeks) of DXpeditions to take place in the middle of 2011 to activate this one (once the DXCC makes its ruling). Here are the two press releases:
1] Excerpts from "The Daily DX" states (edited): "...a working group has been established to enable Amateur Radio to enter the scene with a professional, supportive role in the context of introducing the new country to the world of Amateur Radio. It should be noted that this potential new country is emerging with a limited administrative structure, and the first Amateur Radio activation should - prior to the operation - be accompanied with a well-thought-out plan prepared in partnership with Southern Sudan's relevant authorities, such as telecommunications, security and education.

The group of Alex/5Z4DZ/PA3DZN, Robert/S53R and Martti/OH2BH has organized such an effort in discussions with Southern Sudan's insti- tutions and other related parties in the region.

Many of Southern Sudan's current institutions are represented in Nairobi, the home base of 5Z4DZ. Nairobi makes a practical hub for the project, facilitating the conduct of negotiations and travel to Juba, the region's future capital.

S53R and his team, with several well-known hams, are based in the region and maintain the telecommunications structure for UNWFP with related professional contacts. Their regional offices are in Southern Sudan with all needed facilities and equipment.

The plan is to use OH2BH's past work and material for the establish- ment of Amateur Radio in evolving societies as a foundation for assist- ing the newborn nation to draft and utilize Amateur Radio to its full potential in a professional setting when Southern Sudan joins the inter- national family of nations.

As public interest in Southern Sudan will run high over the next several months, this group has invited Bernie, W3UR, to be its spokes- man in dealings with the Amateur Radio community. The group will also be holding discussions about the provision of potential help to South- ern Sudan's prospective Amateur Radio Service with several entities, such as NCDXF, in addition to obtaining resources from Japan.

The group wants to encourage the DX community to closely follow the rather complicated process unfolding around the emerging new nation, and hopes for a peaceful continuation of the process as the official referendum results are announced, leading up to the ultimate decla- ration of independence by the new country.

Updates will be released from time to time between now and July, and it is predicted that prospects for a new DXCC counter are some months away with preparations well underway."

2] Paul, N6PSE, reports (edited): "The 'Intrepid-DX Group' and the 'DX Friends' have combined efforts to announce our next DXpedition, to the newly created country of Southern Sudan, to take place after July 9th, 2011.

The Intrepid-DX Group is the group which brought you the 2010 YI9PSE, IRAQ DXpedition. The DX Friends have brought you the 2006 S01R DX- pedition to Western Sahara, the 2008 DXpedition to Rwanda as 9X0R, the 2009 DXpedition to Western Sahara as S04R, the 2010 DXpedition to Palestine as E4X and the 2010 DXpedition to San Marino as T70A.

Once again, ICOM America has agreed to be Global Radio Sponsor, while ACOM-K1LZ has agreed to provide the venerable ACOM amplifiers for this operation.

It is hoped that the callsign ST0DX will be issued this next week following our meeting with the Government of Southern Sudan Mission in America.

As with previous DXpeditions, this will be a major effort with a target of more than 150,000 QSOs. There will be up to ten stations on the air, using amplifiers along with high performance beams and vertical dipole arrays, 24 hours a day, for almost three weeks.

Our primary objective is to activate Southern Sudan with a view to giving as many DXers as possible a first contact with this new DXCC entity and, as a secondary objective, to give as many band-slots as possible.

We will soon be seeking contributions from sponsors to help defray the very significant logistics costs of this DXpedition. For example, there is limited electricity in Southern Sudan so generators will have to be shipped.

Details of how to donate will appear on our website which will be live very soon. PayPal donations may be made directly via the site. All donations of 10 USDs or more will be acknowledged.

The logos of all DX clubs etc which have helped to sponsor the DXpedition will be shown on the QSL card, as will the names and callsigns of those who make an individual contribution of 100 USDs or more.

This first Press Release is intended mainly to alert you to our upcoming DXpedition. More information will be available soon via our website.
Thank you,
The Intrepid-DX Group and The DX Friends."

The groups Web page are:

SV9, CRETE (EU-015)
Willi, DJ7RJ, will once again be active as SV9/DJ7RJ between February 24th and March 15th. Activity will be on 160-6 meters, using CW and SSB. He prefers the lower bands. QSL via his home callsign, direct or by the Bureau.

An international team will activate T31A from Kanton Island (OC-043) between April 17-28th. See OPDX.994 for more details. The latest update states, "We are finalizing the manifest and shipping arrangements. All equipment is to be moved from the QTH of N7CQQ to the port near Los Angeles for shipment to Apia." The T31A Web page is available at:


Franco, TG9NX, wants to inform the 160 meter DX community that he continues to receive requests for operations on the top band. However, Franco states that he is having big difficulties receiving on 160m due to noise and the fact that in Guatemala the Power Company uses the power lines to transmit. Despite this enormous inconven- ience, he has logged 300+ QSOs. He states, "Therefore, it is not a matter of working split or simplex, the main problem is copying through this very high level of noise." He mentions also that his 160m operations have NOT stopped -- due to the harsh comments and his operating skills, is totally false.

The international team composed of members of the Provins ARC (F6KOP) will continue to be active as TJ9PF from Kribi until February 20th. As of press time, the team has worked 14220 QSOs (as of 1618z on February 13th) with 6457 unique callsigns. The team has reported power problems. For more details and updates, visit the TJ9PF Web page at:


Members of the UA2 Contest Club will be active as UA2F (ex-RW2F and RK2FWA) during the ARRL DX CW Contest (February 19-20th) as a Multi-Single entry. They will also be active in the CQ 160-Meter SSB Contest (February 25-27th) as Multi-Op entry. QSL via DK4VW.

Fedor, UK9AA, will be active during the CQ 160-Meter SSB Contest (February 25-27th). He plans to use his new 5 element full size 160m yagi. QSL via UK9AA direct.

Gert, ZS6AYU, will be active as V5/ZS6AYU from various locations between March 6-16th. Activity will be holiday style on 30-15 meters CW only (usually late afternoon and/or early morning). QSL via ZS6AYU direct only. LAST UPDATE: Gert's schedule is as follows:
     March 6-7th - QTH Aus March 10-12th - QTH Swakopmund
     March 8-9th - QTH Sesriem March 13-16th - QTH Okaukuejo near Etosha

Members of the Microlight Penguins went QRT as VP8ORK from Signy Island (AN-008) on February 8th, at 0800z. The VP8ORK log shows (at 0800z, February 8th) that they have made 63643 QSOs with 17679 unique callsigns (41945/CW, 17090/SSB and 4608/RTTY). The online log can now be found at:

If you want a QSL card there are three ways available to receive one: OQRS direct (on the VP8O Web page), OQRS Bureau (on the VP8O Web page) and direct by mail via VE3XN [w/SASE/Green Stamps/IRC(s)]. For more details and updates, visit the VP8O Web page at:

Mark, AA1AC, will be operating from the Hamilton Parish, Bermuda (NA-005), as VP9/AA1AC from March 7-12th. QSL via to his home callsign, direct or by the Bureau.

It was announced that a team of members from the Amateur Radio Society of India plan to be active as VU4PB from Port Blair, between March 1531st. They will have 4 stations on the air. More details will be forthcoming.

Look for Peter, NO2R, to be active as XU7ACY from Sihanouk Ville during the ARRL DX CW Contest (February 19-20th) as a Single-Op/ All-Band/Lower-Power entry. QSL via W2EN.

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